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Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand is the product of Nike Inc. It is an activity tracker, which is used with Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device. This wrist band enables the wearers to track their daily physical activities such as steps were taken, calories burned, energy in-taken, etc… read more
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14 Nike+ FuelBand Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is an activity tracker that provides its wearers personalized and real-time information about their progress and results of their daily work out by deploying its own state-of-the-art device’s optical heart rate sensor. It also provide the wearer with the recommendations and assist them in exercising according to their own needs. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit will make it easy for you to track and monitor all of your activities from sleeping to eating and working to resting throughout the day and prepared for any fitness goal or adventure by simply using the dust and waterproof faintness tracker of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. As it is fully compatible with all devices of Samsung and even the other smartphones, you can also get the activity reports in your smart devices as well. Well, all the above-mentioned features were regarding the fitness tracking; there are still many additional features that is hard to found in other fitness trackers. These features are in the shape of getting notification of SMS, emails, calls and app in the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. You can even accept or rejects the calls as well directly from the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit and can in some cases even control your messages as well.


2. Fitbit

Keeping the health safe and remain active and attractive is the concern of every human being. A number of activity tracker products are available in the market that will enable you to keep yourself update about your weight, calorie intake and burn and remain healthy and safe. Fitbit is a company, which came with multiple fitness and performance products. There are numbers of health and fitness maintenance product available in the market but Fitbit is still doing well in all these. The products of Fitbit allow the wearers in maintaining their health and fitness. By using the Fitbit, you can easily check for the calorie that you have consumed today, how much step you have taken in the whole day and lot of other functions like that. By using the Fitbit, you can set a target for yourself and can easily meet them by using the Fitbit. By using the health and fitness products of Fitbit, you can ensure yourself for a healthier life and can live more active in any age. You can’t maintain your health if you are not fully aware of what is going into your body. Just use Fitbit and enjoy a better life and easily achieve your fitness goals.


3. Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up is a revolutionary health and fitness tracking and maintaining product that guides you every step of the way to be a better and healthier. Don’t think it is just a product, it is in fact your smart coach that helps you make healthy choices every day. Wear it all time during eating, sleeping and moving and improve the quality of your routine and health through a deeper understanding of how your diet, sleep and activities that you have chooses, affecting your health and wellbeing. Either you are training for a big event or just want to check it, you can equally use it for both purposes and can easily reach to your goals. Use this product and feel better and live better. Jawbone Up is a best way to track everything regarding your life and understand about those techniques that can enable you to get the better understanding of your life. The main function of Jawbone Up is tracking the daily activities of the wearers in shape of sleeping, eating, working and walking and at the end of the day the wearers can easily come to know about the each of the activity he has taken on the whole day and then can decided he was doing well or need improvements are there is the requirement to set another plan for that.


4. Garmin Vivofit 2

Garmin Vivofit 2 is highly strict activity and fitness tracker that motivate you to get up and get moving. No matter what is your routine life, count your all daily activities? It enables you to keep in touch with all your health matters regarding calories burned and intake, the performance of goals set, heart rate, water resistant, sleep monitoring and many more. In addition to tablets, Mac, and iPhone, its plug-in stick is also available for Windows operating systems. You are not required to check your performance via mobile devices. Activities like the step taken, distance traveled, calories burned and intake, timer and heart rate can be checked on its easy to read and night readable LED screen. You can maintain your health and fitness only if you are fully aware of your routine activities. You at your own can not make it possible to bother to count on the daily basis about how much step you have taken or who much you are eating and what was the sleeping duration last time. And doing so on the daily basis is nothing but a useless craze. Here is the Garmin Vivofit 2 that will work on your couch and in the end of the day will give you the balance sheet of each and everything.


5. Polar Loop 2

Polar Loop 2 is a digital activity tracker for those who wants to track their activity 24/7 and are interested in to reach activity goals via smart guidance. This waterproof activity tracker can be easily used while swimming. Apart from showing the results of daily activities, it also gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity. Its Polar Energy Pointer feature will enable you to keep in touch with the targets of fitness improvement. Its compatibility devices range is also very extensive as it is compatible with MS Windows, Mac and Polar Flow mobile app. In case of release of latest software by the company, you can update the software to the latest version via USB cable. This stylish activity tracker that at first glimpse will look as a watch will work as your digital couch and will track your activities on daily basis. You will be sleeping but Polar Loop 2 will be still there awakening and monitoring your sleep as well and on the next day will tell you for who much were you waking and what was the sleeping duration during last night. Either you are sleeping, walking, eating, bathing, jumping or doing any other thing the eyes of Polar Loop 2 are monitoring your entire health and fitness matters.


6. Striiv Play

Striiv Play is a sleek and smart pedometer tracker that pairs with the Striiv iPhone app. Maintain your fitness like a play. This pedometer wirelessly connects with iPhone and after that you can track your steps, distance, milestones, etc. even if your iPhone is no with you. You will be busy in your work and Striiv will be busy in doing its work. With a single touch, you have immediate access to your activity statistics. There is no issue of wearing it on your wrist, you can fastening to your belt, pocket or purse. It is among those tracker whose app is available for older version of iPhone as well. All activity tracker of the Striiv Play provides the customers with the best possible health and fitness tracking. When you will use this Striiv Play it will track all of your activities during the entire day in shape of tracking your steps, calories burned, calories taken, distance walked, active time and sleep quality. The best about is that after integrating it with your smartphone you can even receive and attend the call that is being made at your smartphone. It is not about reaching your fitness goals only; it is about making your life easier as well.


7. Mi Fit

Mi Fit is a band to monitor your health and fitness level on daily basis. Mi Fit lets its wearers to monitor the activities that they carry out the entire day. They can in real-time track their activity levels, walking distance, and calculates the quantity of calories taken and burned and all are on-demand. Mi Fit is a way to easily achieve the exercise and fitness targets that you have set for a healthier lifestyle. All of your activities will become the part of the history after the passage of a day but will never erase by the Mi Fit. You can any time make the comparison between the achievements of two months, days or any time period or duration. Just imagine how it will feel when at the screen there will be information about daily activities in shape of walking to the office 500 steps,, gym session 5,000 steps, morning run 2,000 steps, shopping with friends 3,000 steps, deep sleep four hours and likewise various other information that are basically collected by the Mi Fit after monitoring and tracking your daily activities. There is no need to activate the sleeping mode as it will be activated automatically. Smart vibration alarm is also the part of Mi Fit besides other dozens of features that are worth to explore.


8. Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band is a health tracking and monitoring application by the Microsoft by using which the person of any age can achieve his wellness and fitness goals. Microsoft Band is for monitoring and tracking all type of issues and works related to health either it is about physical or mental there is no limits and you can do what want to do, in fact, what you can do. By using this band it will be easy for you to track your heart rate, calorie burn, calories were taken, distance traveled, heart rate while resting and a lot of those others that are directly or indirectly attached to your health and mental fitness. Don’t worry about limitation. There is no scene of limitation in Microsoft Band. You will be busy in your work and the other end Microsoft Band will be doing its work. Just use Microsoft Band and get updated with your status while running, biking, driving and golfing. You can expect the high level of tracking from the Microsoft Band. The best about Microsoft Band is that it also provide the guidance to the wearers in the shape of workouts, recipes and magazines that can assist the wearers in getting the fitness goals. However, Microsoft Band integrated with the MS Windows Phone only.


9. Moov Now

Moov Now is a multipurpose and multisport fitness and health tracking device by using which they wearers can enjoy the best health and fitness. The elegant and stylish fitness devices of Moov Now has been specially designed for the purpose of tracking your health while running, cycling, biking, golfing, swimming, cardio boxing, and bodyweight workouts. The most advanced and elegant fitness wearable of Moov Now provide the willing customers with the features of amazing their performances, counting the steps were taken and a lot of other features and functions. Providing the basic health and fitness tools are the main tools that are offered by the almost all fitness tracking devices. The best about Moov Now is that it integrated the almost one dozen those workouts that are scientifically proven and can be used with the objective of either losing weight or getting the strong muscles. The Omni Motion sensor of Moov Now tracks and monitor the every activity of the wearer in real-time. Moreover, the device is water and dust proof as well. By using Moov Now, you can even talk with the coaches of Moov Now as well that will give you real tips to achieve your health and fitness goals easily.


10. Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash is a superb and economical sport and sleep monitoring device that will measure your activities and sleeps on the daily basis. Misfit Flash can be easily synchronized with the almost all smartphones and then the wearers can track his activities from the screen of their smartphones as well. By using this, you can track all kind of mental and health-related issues and activities. You can challenge yourself as well by setting health goals for yourself and at the end of the day or month can check for your performance as well about whether you were according to set plan or there is the need for any further improvement. Misfit Flash is a way to control your mental and health world. This sporty fitness tracker that basically looks like a watch can easily measure the activity of its wearer and sleeping duration as well. You can use it for knowing about calories burned, distance traveled, steps takes, sleep quality duration and lot of others on the daily basis or you can get the report of entire month activities at the end of the month as well. It is not necessary to wear it on the wrist; you can wear it at waist, sleeve, pocket, shoe, socks, shite, and keychain or anywhere where you like to clip it.


11. Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip is a wireless activity tracking device that you can easily clip to your pocket or belt in order to allow it to monitor your activities on your behalf. Fitbit Zip is a device to easily know about the regular activities in the shape of tracking activities, distance travel, steps taken, calories taken & burned, active minutes, deep sleep duration and lot of those others that are connected with the health and fitness. The best about Fitbit Zip is that you can synchronize it with any PC or mobile operating system wirelessly and there is no need to have a wire connection between Fitbit Zip and the operating system from where you can access the reports generated by the Fitbit Zip. You can get your daily stats on any operating system you want to get and it will show you the progress in easy to understandable graphs and charts. By viewing the charts and graphs, you can easily see how small changes add up to make a big impact. The other functions of Fitbit Zip are making the challenges to friends and competing in activities with them. Before going to take a meal simply scan the barcode with the camera of your mobile and then Fitbit Zip will tell you either that meal is healthy or not and how much you should take.


12. Razer Nabu X

Razer Nabu X is a social featured based health and fitness and tracking application where there is no system of getting the performance report on the screen; instead, it will be available on the smartphone that are synchronized with the Razer Nabu X. That means to wear the Razer Nabu X on your wrist like a watch the performance of your daily health and mental positions from your smartphone. Don’t go for that health and fitness maintain and tracking devices that failed in synchronizing between the smartphone and instead of providing the real-time performance to the wearers forwards the estimated reports of the daily activities. Razer Nabu X is a straightforward and affordable fitness tracker that come with discrete design and long battery like that fits comfily with the schedule of the wearers and, in the end, provide him with the full command and control over their health and fitness related issues. The other feature in favor of Razer Nabu X is that is almost weightless and unobtrusive on the wrist. It is small enough that sometimes even you will forget either you are wearing it or not. As compared to most of its competitors, Razer Nabu X is very soft and flexible.


13. NuYu Personal Activity Monitor

NuYu Personal Activity Monitor is a digital activity tracking device that will assist you in getting more active and staying active all the time by simply tracking the steps taken, calories taken & burned, distance traveled, sleeping duration and lot of those issues that are linked with your internal health. You can easily notice what is going on with your health at physical level but it will be not possible for you about knowing the internal status of your health. Here NuYu Personal Activity Monitor works by providing you the internal health status of your body as well. By synchronizing the NuYu Personal Activity Monitor with your favorite smartphone, all of the reports will be directly sent to your phone and from there you can check the data on how active you are. You can even save it permanently as well and can use it for comparison purpose with the passed days or planned fitness goals if any. Even the own screen of NuYu Personal Activity Monitor allow the wearers to view their health data throughout the data without even looking at the phone all the time. There are a lot of scientifically proven exercise models in NuYu Personal Activity Monitor that lets the wearers achieve their fitness goals easily.


14. Jaybird REIGN Fitness Tracker

Jaybird REIGN Fitness Tracker is an advanced and highly functional activity tracker that allow you to known how to get you to run maximum and control your health issues. By using this health tracker band, you can get the most of your active life, dig deep and come out swinging and do whatever games you want to do without even caring for any issues or worrying about too much about the health and fitness issues. It also measures the heart rate while workout and during rest time. This band can also be used for monitoring the sleep duration as well as it tells the wearers about their activity and sleep patterns. These requirements are often overlooked by the most of the users and the fact is that these are the crucial to keeping them in the top and assisting them to get the best achievable goal. By synchronizing the Jaybird REIGN Fitness Tracker with the smartphone you can get all of your activity repots in shape of charts and graphs on the screen of your smartphone. There is basically electronic footprint integrated in the Jaybird REIGN Fitness Tracker that monitor and track the all of the health and fitness related activities and in the end of the day provide the users with a report regarding all activities.

More About Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand is the product of Nike Inc. It is an activity tracker, which is used with Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device. This wrist band enables the wearers to track their daily physical activities such as steps were taken, calories burned, energy in-taken, etc. Moreover, a user can also set his own fitness goals and can monitor their progression as well. It will keep an eye on all your activity from your morning workout to going bed in the night. Equally designed for multiple ages, genders, and weights. Wear it on the wrist and connect it via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android device and see your progress on the LED display by pressing a button. Moreover, it also provides feedback and motivation, which you needs for your targets. Nike+ FuelBand is the best way to track your health and fitness situation in real time. Nike+ FuelBand is suitable for those who want to lose their weights and want to become slime. It is also for those as well who wants to get the strong muscles. By using the Nike+ FuelBand, both customers will get the best chance to maintain their health and fitness as they want.