ObjectDock is free to use a computer program that adds a stunning skinnable dock to your desktop. It is an alternative to Winstep Nexus and offers all the core features with some new services and tools to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience… read more
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What are best ObjectDock Alternatives?

#1 Winstep Nexus


Winstep Nexus is an amazing and highly configurable dock system that helps you designed a stunning launcher on the desktop to start your favorite software on the go. Just like the Mac dock system, it also allows you to add a range of beautiful icons and shortcuts on the bar. It also provides you a high number of customization features that will enable you to easily customize each function, icons, and complete bar without any limitation.

One of the most exciting things about this dock system is that it supports modules. These modules allow you to add mini tools such as network monitor, CPU performance, clock, and even different games.


#2 Docky


Docky is a fully-fledged feature-rich dock application that makes common opening applications and managing windows quite more comfortable and quicker. It is a fully integrated solution into the GNOME Desktop and offers all the core features that enhance your overall productivity.

The software feature four different modes. Each mode has its advantages and layout. It is an entirely customizable solution and offers a simple drag and drop interface that allow you to easily create and more own icons, folders, and files to the taskbar.

#3 XWindows Dock


XWindows Dock is an all-in-one windows organizer and program launcher that adopts a popular Mac OS X dock design for eye-candy desktop improvements. It is developed by Vladimir Likhonos and offers the features and items of the important tool that make your desktop more stunning.

The software comes with icons of My Computer, Control Panel, and Trash, and all three of these are sleek and more attractive. Just like most of the popular dock solutions, XWindows Dock also allows you to create tasks bar. With this taskbar, you can easily drag and drop folders, files, and documents.


#4 Circle Dock


Circle Dock is the most popular tool that completely changes the way shortcuts are placed on your desktop and launched a new stunning and intuitive software application. With the help of this, you can easily arrange your shortcuts, files, folders, and programs that enhance your desktop. It also allows you to enjoy each of your documents and program easily.

It is designed as an innovative way to launch programs on the go, without inspiration from the accessible start menu or classic clock utilities. Circle Dock can safely place all your shortcuts on the desktop with as many applications as you want.

#5 True Launch Bar


True Launch Bar is an advanced level launch bar that allows you to access frequently used programs quickly. It also allows you to create custom shortcuts and custom menus for them. True Launch Bar is an interactive piece of software designed to offer you the means of immediately access your work folders and files with just a single click.

As a standalone tool, no setup process is required to install. You can get started with it quickly after downloading and decompressing the archive. With the help of this, you can easily create a menu where you can access multiple items with just a single click. It also allows you to add a shortcut to a file or program, add a Separator between the unrelated items or an icon that lets you reopen Recently Accessed items.


#6 SliderDock


SliderDock is an advanced level application launcher that allows you to drag and drop icons to access them later on by double-clicking on them. It is unique where you won’t need to have to chase behind your icons to run apps, rotate your mouse wheel, and let the icons come to you.

This portable program specially designed to help you launch your favorite tool with the help of small rings placed on your computer screen that are fully configurable. It offers quite a simple way to help you organize and access your favorite apps.

#7 RK Launcher


RK Launcher is a free to use software solution that can help Windows users enjoy some Mac OS X like desktop experience. It is a dock like a program launcher that can be used by Apple in its operating system.

RK Launcher is a feature-rich solution that attracts Windows users, not only because it’s pretty beautiful but is also boosts your computer. It has a range of boosting tools that increase your computer speed. Just like dock solutions, it also comes with customization features, both the interface and the way it works.


#8 iMacros


iMacros is a commercial extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer web browser created by iOus. The extension record and replay functionality similar to that found in web testing and form filler software. iMacros is specially designed to automate the most repetitious tasks on the web.

If there’s an activity you have to do repeatedly, save it in this extension. The next time you need to do it, the entire macro will run at the click of a button. With the help of iMacros, you can quickly and easily fill out web forms, remember as passwords, and more.

#9 WinLaunch


WinLaunch is an excellent program that allows you to customize your windows theme with a fresh new Launchpad that resembles the Mac Lion interface. The program features a massive range of exciting themes that is customizable with numbers of icons and color and gestures.

Installation does not prove to be a struggle, and before you know, the program can be used freely. You need to make sure that your PC is equipped with .NET Framework. It is available for a large variety of configurations. First, you need to choose from three different interface style options that affect overall performance with option Aero transparency or disable.

#10 Mac OS X’s App Dock


Mac OS X’s App Dock is a bar of symbols that sits at the side or base of your screen. It offers a convenient place to access applications and features that you are likely to use every day. It can show more than three recently used app that is not already in the Dock and a folder for items you download from the internet.

With the help of this tool that can easily manage your desktop shortcuts, add new icons, and add and remove a range of stunning items. It offers a simple drag and drop interface that makes it quite easy to create a taskbar.

#11 RocketDock


RocketDock is a powerful, animated, alpha blended application launcher that comes with a simple, clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organizations. PolyVector and Skunkie of Punk Labs develop it on 3 September 2008 for those who want to make their PC more enjoyable.

Unlike most of the similar solutions, RocketDock also offers unlimited customization feature and allow you to add and lunch from the dock quickly. The most exciting fact about this launcher is that it enables you to add a new taskbar that minimizes your icons, folders, and files and deliver better productivity and accessibility.

More About ObjectDock

ObjectDock is free to use a computer program that adds a stunning skinnable dock to your desktop. It is an alternative to Winstep Nexus and offers all the core features with some new services and tools to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience.

The program allows you to easily organize your shortcuts, folders, files, software, and all the running tasks into an attractive and fun animated. You can easily take control of your desktop icons and shortcuts to have them when where and how they need them.

Just like most of the dock solutions, ObjectDock also offers an extensive customization system that allows you to enhance your desktop with different icons, and lots of other items. It was also is known as an animated dock that allows you to quickly access and lunch your favorite apps, file, and shortcut.

With the help of this solution, you can categorize your desktop items even further with tabbed docks for your programs, links, and documents, etc. ObjectDock also includes core features such as drag and drop, unlimited customization, special effects, personalize with downloadable skins, and much more.

ObjectDock Reviews

written on July 5, 2020

I like to mention the key feature that you can add as many docks as you like with robust customization of options. You can also drag and drop applications, and you can also create a shortcut from an animated dock. It provides multiple-access to programs, tabbed docks, and much more. This software has been a companion of mine for a long time, and I will always vote high in its regards. I enjoy the customization feature because it is just like drawing something on your desktop.

written on February 6, 2020

As far as I think, this is like a gadget for your desktop, which gives you so many utilities and shortcut tools which you click and go to the main program. It is the most manageable and configurable software you will ever find for Windows operating system. And trust me, I have used many programs like this, not one of them is nearly as intuitive as this one. The website has a remarkable design, and the interface is really easy to navigate, and it has all the basic information right on the platform. It is great, it is free, and it saves time.

written on December 22, 2019

It is a scalable dock system which converts your desktop to a stunning looking screen which is interactive and provides in different icon to go to different programs directly from your desktop. The customization feature works in a very beautiful way, and you can optimize anything regarding your desktop icons. I had many shortcuts, and the folder is right above my desktop screen. I clicked and went directly to the folder. It is a shortcut program that will save you time and provide you a little fun experience with the interface.

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