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Officer Assist is a simple yet powerful dispatch and guard tour system that enable security guards to gather all the incident details and photos while being tracked with GPS and RFID technology feature. In addition, to complete guard management and guard tracing technology, Officer Assist also incorporates automated periodic activity reporting that provides users with viability and real-time insist into the guard activity… read more
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5 Officer Assist Alternatives & Similar Software for Android

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1. Maintenance Pro Web

Maintenance Pro Web is a web-based maintenance management software solution that offers tools for asset management work order creation, maintenance and assignment as well as purchase order management, fuel tracking, and reporting, etc. It also enables you to track and manage asset and equipment using its range of characteristics including module, serial number, category, and location, etc. with the aim of speeding up the location of equipment. There is also has a scheduling solution that required data interval between task or by mater such as hours and miles. With this, you can generate and assign work orders for repair preventative maintenance tasks with technicians automatically alerted by email if they are assigned work order. Maintenance Pro Web automatically generate history report when work orders are closed, and maintenance is recorded that enable users to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of continued repairs on equipment easily. It is a feature-rich solution and offers all the core features that manage your overall tasks. Maintenance Pro Web core feature includes parts usage tracking, automatic notifications, work orders, inventory tracking, asset management, history tracking, cost tracking and repair request, etc. Overall, Maintenance Pro Web is one of the best cloud-based maintenance management solution as compared to the others.


2. Silvertrac

Silvertrac is a real-time security incident reporting and guard management solution that helps security organizations to monitor and respond to issues and events efficiently. The solution is specially designed for security providing companies and in-house operations of all sizes that are looking to streamline internet operations and ensure immediate, on-site accountability. It allows security and guard officers in the field to report incidents, receive tasks, get alerts and scan checkpoints via smartphone. Administrators, Dispatchers, and Supervisors can review reports in real-time with its issue monitor to proactively resolve all the issues as they happen. Silvertrac provides special tools for parking management and guard that lets users register vehicle, sell parking and manage all the other similar tasks. It is quite simple and easy to use, no need to learn any IT skills. Its step-by-step guide teaches you everything. Silvertrac core features include sales reports, schedule reports, reporting and statistics, menu generator, collaboration, data source connectors, asset tracking, ticketing, ad hoc reporting, and payment processing, etc. Silvertrac is a premium solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


3. SiteDocs

SiteDocs is a complete workplace safety management software solution for businesses of all sizes. The software enables businesses to manage effectively, control, maintain and improve their workflow safety programs via mobile and web applications. The software helps businesses to go paperless by allow them to access and organize their safety documentation, manuals, and certifications both online and offline. With the help of this solution, users can easily monitor in real-time whether safely documentation is being filled out and immediately respond to incidents as they happen. With accountability on supervisor and sub-trades, safety standards can be maintained company-wide. SiteDocs helps companies to improve their safety culture and move workers away from the mentality, and workplace safety is a nuisance. There is also a digital forms feature that allows users to sign the document, add images and checkboxes in just a single click. With the support of voice dictation technology, the employee can complete forms by simply speaking to the solution. SiteDocs also has a range of core features that make it better than others. Do try it, if you need a complete security workflow management solution.


4. TrackTik

TrackTik is a cloud-based security workflow management solution that combines a variety of tools for managing security operations and all the back office tasks. The software comes as the alternative to Solink and offers all the core features with some new tools. It’s guarding suite includes a live dashboard, client portal, guard tracking, reporting, trends and analytics and guarding toolbox, etc. The dashboard enables users to easily track all operations in real-time with activity feed of clock-ins and clock-outs checkpoint scans, reports and native mobile users in addition to GPS tracking and live metrics of exceptions. Guard locations can be tracked and checked with out-of-zone notifications provided to users in real-time via SMS and email. TrackTik’s client portal provides the client with secure access to site information, custom incident, analytic reports, report history, recorded video documentation and site activity. Just like most of the workflow management solution, it also has a scheduling and attendance feature that allows you to easily schedule guard with defined roles, customize recurring shift templates and matching processes. There is also has a list of core features that make it a complete solution for all size of businesses.


5. Solink

Solink is the most leading prevention and security solution that connects video recording and POS data in order to generate system insights and risk alerts. It is a cloud-based solution and comes with the aims to transform a conventional surveillance system by integrating with real-time sales data to deliver additional visibility into every transaction across several locations. The software cans stream video of an unlimited number of locations so that they can be easily monitored remotely and on any device such as iOS and Android using its native mobile applications. In order to help business to help businesses keep track of all the major events and identify any outliers, Solink enables users to assign red flags to particular moments in video footage and transactions that seem unusual. With the help of this tool, management can easily track employee behavior including staff discounts, cancelations, voids and more. Unlike most of the similar software, it also has a simple dashboard where you can easily manage its services and access it all features. Core feature includes local server option, encryption, analytics, video looping rapid creation, audit trail, risk alert, real-time reporting, POS and much more. Solink is really a feature-rich security solution as compared to the others.

More About Officer Assist

Officer Assist is a simple yet powerful dispatch and guard tour system that enable security guards to gather all the incident details and photos while being tracked with GPS and RFID technology feature. In addition, to complete guard management and guard tracing technology, Officer Assist also incorporates automated periodic activity reporting that provides users with viability and real-time insist into the guard activity. The most interesting thing about this solution is that it comes with a set of guard management tools that enable users to track employee working hours, attendance, performance metrics, and all the other similar things. GPS guard tracking, RIFD NFC tag scanning, and strategic location checkpoints enable users to track guard location at all times. Through this users can get automatically daily reports and performance metrics provide users with real-time insight into the business operations and guard performance. The client can easily access status reports as well as historical activity reports through its web portal. With its web-based system officer can easily access and track information anytime anywhere from all devices. GIS visualization, time and attendance monitoring, real-time citations, custom portal, location tracking, real-time information, and complete shift management these are core features of the solution. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this comprehensive platforms.