Onclusive is a great public relations platform that allows you to integrate your business and make a brand name for yourself and give control over user end. The main functionality of the site is to provide you PR attributes and social platform solutions that integrate with your business to boost sales performance.

The basic functionality of the system allow you to shape your business outcome with the leading PR analytical software which gives user and interface and the owner of the platform can review all the changes being done in the campaign.

The main feature of the platform includes monitoring of articles calling mattresses analyzing the impact, i.e., brand engagement, PR attribution, targeted audience amplification, and learning optimization, which include testing and learning curves.

The interface of Onclusive is easy to navigate, and the software is available for multiple platforms, but most users prefer web-based integration because they can access the software from the cloud platform, and they can easily integrate any changes which are implemented in real-time.

The contact support feature works fine, and it gave you a live agent that navigate you through the issue. Onclusive is not free and comes with a subscription plan, and it offers a trial version so the user can see and experience the software first hand.


Onclusive Alternatives

#1 BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH


BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH is a medium auditing company which gave you tons of tool and integrated your business on the platform. It allows you to check for comparative business, and it also analyses the middle literacy campaign and turns them to better campaign running results.

The main function of the system is to help you with your business in the field of media marketing, and it also builds media contact list best of best location immediate type. It also gives you up to a press release and different templates and media alerts with the system.

BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH gives you specific software and allows you to control a certain aspect of the module from the user end perspective. The core feature of the system includes reviewing monitoring response, management of the team, and social media monitoring.

It does not provide software for operating systems like MacOS and Windows but gives you a web-based system that provides access to a user from anywhere around the world. The encryption layer on the cloud system is impenetrable, and the data integration is fast.

It also gives you many modules for merging your business on a different level, and it is used in large and small Enterprises. The interface is easy to use, and the analytical reporting feature is in real-time, which is easily readable by any user.


#2 West Media Monitoring & Intelligence


West Media Monitoring & Intelligence is a media monitoring company that provides many facilities and PR engagement, and it also integrates all the functionalities and services under a single platform that uses on multiple operating systems.

The main function and the variety of the platform is to help you give media monitoring, which gives an instant view of your brand and media exposure across Global News and social media sources. West Media Monitoring & Intelligence also allow you to monitor social listing powered by notified and also track your conversation that is timely tropical and give an actionable report for user requirement.

It allows you to track customer and market response, give you a comparative monitor solution, and gain a high-level understanding of your brand social place in the market. It is the best platform for corporate communication, and it can also be used for small level agencies.

The use case examples can be viewed on the website for evaluation. The analytical reporting feature of the system is easy to understand, and it provides user control over the real-time report generation software. It can run on different operating systems and available for large Enterprises.

For small businesses, it offers web a solution that also integrates with cloud platforms. The interface of West Media Monitoring & Intelligence is fantastic, and the system gives the user-friendly layout of the software.

#3 iQ Media


iQ Media is an intelligent system that consists of many interesting features and allows you to integrate your business and your brand on the broadcasting platform. The main function of the system allows you to integrate your business and every marketer public relations advertising and broadcasting media professional with better ideas and differences for smarter media intelligence that works beyond simple media monitoring.

The main function of the iQ Media is to give a good representation so the user can recognize and see the work of the system on its campaign. The functionality of the system includes integration technique, smart user interface, user and dashboard facility, encryption module, privacy feature, contact support, and much more.

The portfolio system is a spread, and they have a worth in the market. The main services iQ Media provide is to improve the brand performance, give you a competitive intelligence, provide you historical research, benchmarking of a TV attribution, and give separate and dedicated crisis management team for any disaster reporting and recovery.

Other functionalities and features involve monitoring, getting up close to authorized personnel, boost your brand, analyzed and analytical reporting, resolving issues regarding any criteria, and a lot more. The graphical representation of data analysis is easy to use, and end-users can easily integrate iQ Media. The real-time data collection and premium content are the latest features integrated into the system.


#4 Muck Rack


Muck Rack is a dedicated public relation measurable platform which gives a special relationship between your market requirement and the comparative marketing campaign and gives you are statistical opportunity to be the most recognized company in that category.

It also provides you a standard in public relations software that integrates with any module of your business. It also allows you to create monitor news aspect, and it can also build report can be used by generalist researchers and much other authorized personnel.

The main feature of the system provides media database contact and campaign management software. Muck Rack also gives you the ability of media distribution, article author database, email distribution, press monitoring, auto-updating media list, social media services, and many other aspects.

It is mostly used on a cloud-based solution for professionals, and it integrates with the different operating systems, but the software is also only provided for the big companies and companies that demand embedded software in the system, but the normal service provider only cloud-based and web-based.

Muck Rack gives you a readily created PR team to effectively run journals and stories on the system to get a specific lead generation. It collaborates with a different team to have a profound effect on your business. It does not offer a trial version, but the consumer gets value for money if he chooses this platform.

#5 News Exposure


News Exposure is one of the leading media monitoring solutions and gives you a demonstration of the services before you subscribe to the offer. The main function of the system is to generate leads and provide comprehensive media monitoring service services to help your company and explore new opportunities to cover media reporting and news.

It can be a beneficial factor for your business that the company will be providing its services, and your business presence will be integrated according to the market requirement because they have a great research facility for making and analyzing the top competitor of the same category in the market.

It allows you to boost your business and give you new opportunities to make changes and run campaigns through different aspects. News Exposure provides an exclusive nature in the industry by maintaining a permanent HD archive on the dates back to 2010.

It also provides coverage from TV clips radio waves and internet clips and as well as transcription in different languages and integrates into technical report form to be reviewed by the user.

The main aspect of News Exposure includes media monitoring, media analysis crisis management, media clips research and reporting, media contacting, creative services, and provide technical support, which takes care of all the business from the user end.

#6 LexisNexis Newsdesk


LexisNexis Newsdesk is a media monitoring analytical reporting providing system which can be integrated into the market intelligence to give you better campaign opportunity and give you some tips and tricks to boost the business performance and increase your revenue.

The basic functionality of the program allows you to interact with different aspects of your business, and there are certain teams provided which guide you through every step and make a separate campaign for your business.

LexisNexis Newsdesk integrate your business and boost performance and ranking by integrating the platform into social platforms, giving different digital marketing requirement, maintaining the sustainability, getting the data from a lead generated by the system, giving a market survey, giving a wide analysis, and much more.

The core features of the platform allow you to expand your media monitoring scope, share media intelligence where it is needed the most, and also allow you to analyses the business to show the result. It also gives you customize and personalized dashboards for organization planning. It gives you targeted and actionable information as a result of the research and editorial effort integrated on the platform.

The reporting feature of LexisNexis Newsdesk is easy to understand and user-friendly, and the interface of the dashboard provides a separate window for the user to give a great interaction module and smart graphical representation. The platform provides a trial version for the new user, but the subscription plan is a bit costly.

#7 Gorkana


Gorkana is a media intelligence system, and it is currently operating in the UK. The main functionality and the services this website provides is the basic help in business generation, to stay connected, manage your brand’s reputation, delivering campaign, and analyses the impact of other market products with your business value.

It is a product of Cision, and it gives a wide representation of data integrated into the system, which allows you to see different products and their reach in the market, and it also provides you a virtual representation of any campaign you are about a run on the system.

The data representation is easy to integrate, and it gives you a reporting feature and real-time effectiveness on the campaign when the reports are generated, and they are implemented with the changes. Making a campaign is the main services that this platform provides, and it allows you to pay as you give on-demand market research, give an understanding audience, and also offer you the expertise of market researchers.

Gorkana also collaborates with your PR team and create opportunities and seek new, interesting, and cost-effective way to boost up your performance in the market and launch your product in a critical time. The interface of the software is interactive, and it provides all the controls over different authorized personnel engaging in different activities.

#8 TrendKite Monitor & Measure


TrendKite Monitor & Measure is a PR measurement and marketing agency platform, which gives you so many facilities and tools to integrate your business and take it to the next level with the services they provide. Given that technological advantages and advancement in different aspects of business handling module of the platform, it gives a wide approach and dedicated team which handles all your business aspect for better lead generation, marketing exposure, brand placement, and much more.

Given the interface of the system-oriented operating system and the software, they provide the data representation is easy, and it can be handled by any user with less expertise in information technology. The interface of TrendKite Monitor & Measure is easy to use, and it is highly attractive, which provides all the menu layout on the top of the dashboard so you can easily select the attribute you want to see and get your information.

It also allows you to review your campaign progress, give you report and status information, and so much more. TrendKite Monitor & Measure comes in multiple languages and allows users to integrate with the data representation on reporting sessions for every report the software produces. The GUI gives a clear representation of the modulus, and it gives a structural interface for easy navigation.

#9 TVEyes


TVEyes is a broadcasting monitoring TV services for different companies and allows you to tune into the live TV and radio, which give your reporting and coverage and provide you value for your efforts. The core features of the website provide a basic search module that creates reports and delivers emails to the unlimited recipient. It also allows you to play unlimited clips, full transcription tests, and much more.

It also provides your real-time email alert, monitoring report, per day and hour as per user requirement, and a lot more. TVEyes is the best platform where you can easily search TV shows, give complete awareness of broadcasting services, and give you a pricing module for getting a dedicated broadcasting channel to your specified server.

The basic functionality gives a user-friendly interface, and it provides a great representation of data, and it also allows you to integrate with the system on a high level, which costs the user a sufficient amount, but TVEyes is worth it. All the content is laid out on the screen, and the user can view different channels and their ratings with different statistics. The user can see everything on the main screen.

The service can be utilized to identify and report on the logo and product placement appearance, track placement of advertising in broadcast media, and also allow you to create custom applications utilizing object recognition from any video feed.

#10 Cision Communications Cloud


Cision Communications Cloud is one of the renowned cloud-based platforms which allows you to integrate your data on a dedicated server with the faster SSD performance reaching up to 100,000 IOPS and 100% uptime SLA. The backup facility of the system has excellent performance, and it provides the best quality and pricing in cloud networking.

It is a web-based platform with cloud communication that gives you specific modules to engage your business and provide sophisticated tools to raise business performance. It integrates with user-defined modules and offers a specific PR team to identify the issue and work on the client’s needs and requirements.

Cision Communications Cloud comes with an extensive database which is secure by many encryption layers, and it also gives a variety of news outlet and blog which keep the client and user both in the knowledge of the current trends and technology. The interface of the program is easy to navigate, and the graphical user interface gives a sophisticated and readable module for getting the data in different graphs.

Cision Communications Cloud gives you value automation, insight monitor, exceptional understanding of brands, provides a target and build a targeted audience with a key influencer, gives exclusive basic input and output system, and much more. It is not free and comes with the subscription plan, and it can be used on multiple operating systems.