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OneFitStop is a comprehensive club-management software designed for the fitness industry and its professionals. You are catering to the needs of fitness instructors, gym trainers, dance teachers, and more. The software comes with all tools to ensure that you stay on top of your business… read more

20 OneFitStop Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. RhinoFit

RhinoFit is a client management software that caters to gyms, sports facilities, dojos, and other similar establishments. It comes with features that tailored to the needs of gyms, from the management of members to oversee their operations and processing of payments.

The software offers versatility as it can be accessed via internet-based devices, including mobile phones and tablets that make it easy and flexible for managers and business owners to run their operations even when they are not on site. With this, you can also get a set of business management tools you need so your services run more smoothly and efficiently, resulting in you saving a lot of time and money.


2. Clubworx

Clubworx is a club management solution designed for martial arts and yoga studios, personal trainers, and fitness centers of all sizes. It is easy to use and user-friendly software that helps users manage their administrative and business processes, allow them to solve time while increasing profits and growing their business.

The best part about Clubworx is that it offers a customizable website used for marketing purposes. This website also allows customers to book classes online. Also, the solution provides users with the capability to send emails and SMS messages to their customers to communicate unique offerings, discounts, and other essential matters.


3. Areitos

Areitos is an internal social networking solution that provides organizations and businesses with an easy to use software that lets them create their private social network for a multitude of purposes such as collaboration and commutation, professional development and inclusion, etc.

With the help of this platform, users can build their internal communities that are optimized for mobile and web platforms and can be deployed in-house or in the cloud with total control over branding and customization. It supports both Spanish and English languages and offers APIs and seamless integrations with leading social networking channels, including Facebook and Udemy, etc.


4. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a user-friendly, easy to use scheduling solution using which clients can quickly view real-time availability and book their appointment accordingly. It saves businesses from most of the headaches and mix-ups related to manual scheduling.

Compared to all the other similar appointment scheduling solutions, it is a bit different and offers all the significant services and features. Its calendar coordination feature automatically notifies when an appointment is booked and allows checking schedules from mobile devices.


5. TotalCoaching

TotalCoaching is a cloud-based personal training solution that aims to help fitness professionals train and supervise their clients off-site. The solution is made available to be accessed via Android and iOS devices hence marking it easy to use and available to anyone at any time. It provides avenues for you to manage your student’s programs.

The solution allows you not only to monitor but to create personalized fitness programs for each student. Another great option is to track their progress via the built-in complete training log where you can view and assign exercise programs for your clients.


6. Spectrum

Spectrum is a single source and web-based club-management software designed for Wellness center, campus recreation centers and fitness resorts, etc. It caters to the needs of health and fitness centers. The software boosts the capability and performance of these businesses by driving operational efficiency and revenue growth.

Besides, it makes membership management a breeze and helps in the execution of the most ambitious plans. The software also offers features like accounting management, online services, scheduling, reporting, and mobile application.


7. Teesnap

Teesnap is a cloud-based platform designed for golf clubs that allow them to know their customers better and manage data and course activities more smartly. The software makes it easier for golf courses to easily manage their core, email marketing, sales, and scheduling. It supports multiple facilities and allows businesses to efficiently manage tee sheets, events, and reporting across all locations.

Teesnap is a comprehensive solution that provides everything they need to effectively run operations by just using an iPad or other mobile devices. The software aims to eliminate disparate systems and bartered tee times by enabling the business to automate their operation, such as email marketing, reporting.


8. Bookinglayer

Bookinglayer is a leading reservation system designed for camp, retreat, and activity businesses. It is a simple solution that comes with the aims to help users save time and streamline their workflows, increase bookings and revenue, and make smarter decisions.

There is a back-office management feature that allows users to set up packages as they sell accommodations and services; manage online and offline booking access to customer information and send emails etc. They will also be able to access complete financial reports using the system.


9. Salon Ultimateen

Salon Ultimateen is a web-based salon and spa management software created for hybrid businesses to manage retail bar inventory, client relationship, and email marketing. The software introduces a board range of functionalities to ensure the growth of spa and salon businesses and helps them maximize profits, eliminate waste, and retain clients.

Its database reporting provides a complete categorization and descriptions of retail products and back bar services and all the professional products that a spa pr salon outlet had ordered. With the help of this feature, salon and spa managers can streamline the physical counting of inventory.


10. Nitrog

Nitrog is an online appointment scheduling platform that simplifies the management of reservation-based activities, events, promotions, and more. Its comprehensive suite of cloud-based management and reporting tools provides companies with greater clarity into their business that enables them to manage their business anywhere while saving time and money as well.

The software also enables its users to market your products to your customers without them leaving the comfort of your existing marketing channels. Nitrog provides a free solution for business owners to capture reservations with needed lots of tools to help promote and expand their business in a growing global market.


11. Gymmaster

Gymmaster is a Club Management system deal with member management and class schedules that are some of the most complex operations, especially when done manually. It is an excellent software that offers versatile and flexible management and scheduling feature. The software gives you the power to control things without having to do much.

It makes things much easier for you to enabling focus on something more important than just collecting payments and signing up members. Gymmaster has a set of powerful tools that not just ease management but also allow you to engage more customers; as a result, expand your business. It is an alternative to Clubwise and offers all the significant features and services with some new tools.


12. Clubwise

Clubwise is an all-in-one Club-Management solution that manages your day to day affairs at the club. Be it, scheduling classes, appointments, handling payment, or promoting your business in the community, the solution takes care of it all and does so thanks to its flexible features. The solution is also best for all the physical trainers and fitness club management because it manages your complete work automatically.

Sometimes administrative burden becomes heavy to carry out that it distracts your attention from more important matters such as members and trainers. This club management system comes with all the important tools that allow you to easily manage membership matters, scheduling all the other related tasks. All your members are given access to the club through biometric recognition to improve transparency and security.


13. B2W Software

B2W Software is a platform that provides services of different kinds to the construction industry. It develops and sells estimating and bidding, resource planning, equipment maintenance, and field tracking and analysis. The software allows the companies to estimate and create the databases that include templates regarding the crew and their payments.

Built on Microsoft.NET and SQL Server, the software provides enhanced performance, speed, and reliability to the industry. Different modules of the B2W Software in its latest version communicate with each other, which helps in the working of the company. The mobile application allows the employees to access the project and workflow from any location. B2W Software has various products: B2W Estimate, Maintain, Inform, Track, etc.


14. Treatwell Connect

Treatwell Connect is all in one saloon software that provides with all the hair cut design and beauty works. The software allows you to take care of your saloon in a practical way, and you can manage all-day activity with ease. Treatwell Connect provides you with adequate management tools that reduce the headache to manage clients manually.

The software facilitates you with the instant sales reports and about the data of clients in effective graphical representation. Treatwell Connect provides the client with an advantage over their appointment with time and dates with competent representation, and its interface is excellent in terms of understanding that lifts your business to a high level.


15. ClubMaster

ClubMaster is a club management software that comes with an easy-to-use membership administration system. This administration system is designed specifically for the members-only club. The software allows the users to keep a database on members according to their defined fields. It also enables the club managers to keep labels for every family for family identification.

Club managers can have detailed and summary reports of every member with full or filtered selection. The software enables the managers to store member payment history and allows them to stay informed about pending payments. Managers can also view the waiting list database of members and even their reports.


16. Full Slate

Full Slate is a web-based Appointment Scheduling Software designed to help all sizes of businesses. The software comes with a simple GUI that focuses on making processes as customizable as possible without confusing the user. Like most of the leading scheduling solutions, it also comes with CRM tools that enable the user to personalize messages with their design and templates quickly.

There is also has a feature that allows users to record payments from appointments seamlessly, and all transactions automatically sync to QuickBooks Online. Full Slate offers a simple and easy to understand dashboard where users can easily access its tools and services. Its other prominent feature includes built-in client database, open API, email marketing tools, client review, and advanced payment options, etc.


17. EarthWorks Excavation Software by Tally Systems

EarthWorks Excavation Software by Tally Systems is a software that users use for excavation plans. The platform comes with a pack of top-level cut-and-fill takeoff program and offers easy-to-use package. Moreover, it enables the users to complete site takeoff faster and save their time. It offers features such as digitizer integration and CAD file integration.

The software comes with one of the best features that allow the businesses to integrate it with other applications, or they can also run it alone. It offers a complete training package to users through which they can learn how to use the software. It comes with top-tier tools such as 3D image and rock reports, fill diagrams, auto-balancing, and much more. The software has a vector technology that provides speed and accuracy when it comes to takeoffs. Lastly, companies can easily afford it and offer all the required features.


18. MoSoClub

MoSoClub is a cloud management software designed for small and mid-sized gyms and fitness clubs with single and multiple locations. It offers a connected suite of tools with 28 modules and front desk check-in features with integrated billing and a point of sale system for payment processing.

With this, users can generate more than 150 standard reports and drill down into the data using the custom report builder. The software provides users with a 360-degree view of each member account information, from financial information to demographics on the single screen. Users can upload various documents without file size limitations to store contracts and other agreements.


19. Shedul

Shedul is an easy to use spa and salon management software accessed from anywhere using the internet. Massage centers, Hair salons, gyms, spas, personal trainers, and more can benefits the software for free, while businesses looking for advanced features can opt for premium services.

It is a cloud-based solution that does not require businesses to invest in new hardware to install anything. Shedul’s powerful booking system is easy to implement use and is flexible enough to fit according to individual business requirements. The software provides businesses with all the tools they need to stay competitive and increase revenues by managing operations more effectively.


20. Glofox

Glofox is a club management solution designed for owners who want to save time, drive revenue, and keep members coming through the door. It is a complete solution and comes with all the significant services, whether it is scheduling, payment, or signing up new members.

The solution starts with a very basic level, and now it is available to use in more than 20 different countries, including America, Australia, and Canada, etc. Glofox is entirely a customizable solution on focused on mobile usage, which means you get your very own mobile Member app that wholly tailored to your brand’s style.

More About OneFitStop

OneFitStop is a comprehensive club-management software designed for the fitness industry and its professionals. You are catering to the needs of fitness instructors, gym trainers, dance teachers, and more. The software comes with all tools to ensure that you stay on top of your business.

These features include scheduling management, client management, online booking, and training program management, to mention a few. It makes it seamless for you to book your clients, accept online payments, set the schedule, and plan your client’s diet and more. OneFitStop is a leading solution and has thousands of users around the world. The software also offers effective marketing tools designed to help you put your business out there and attract and grow your client base.

Marketing features such as personalized web pages, targeted advertisements, free directory listings, and more give you the boost you need to enhance your business visibility on various platforms and channels. Automated lead generation, online scheduling, dedicated business profile, built-in online chat, and article submission are a core feature of the solution.