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OpenOffice Impress is a free and open-source solution that assist companies, businesses, and professionals in managing their writing project and streamline their documents management tasks. The solution offers a complete office package that is easy to use that comprise it work seamlessly, consistently and harmoniously with each other… read more
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27 OpenOffice Impress Alternatives & Similar Software



Vcasmo is another online presentation software that is designed for those who want to create, discover and share professional presentations. It is completely free to use solution and comes with easy to use interactive interface where you can get all the feature content.


authorSTREAM is a free to use platform for sharing PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF presentation on the internet. It makes it easy to share your slideshows through website, blogs, YouTube or even via iPod.


Zentation is an online solution that combines PowerPoint presentation and YouTube video for your next presentation. It is a comprehensive solution that helps you combine these tools into the one dynamic presentation with slides and the video showing side by side.
0 is an online solution that lets you create effective presentations through your PowerPoint files. It works similar to like all the other online presentation solutions but offers lots of new features, tools, and services that make it better than others.


Prezentit is an online presentation solution based on JavaScript that comes with new online collaboration tools. The easy to use interface requires presentations just to enter the content and take care of the rest that enables users with zero design skills to create impressive slides and particularly suitable for large businesses.


Projeqt is a new kind of presentation software that comes with new slideshow format and some new exciting features that increase your work speed and make a stunning content. It is free to use and still offers a more creative platform to present your new ideas than PowerPoint.


SlideSnack is a web-based application that simplifies the way you create professional content. It is an online PowerPoint like Presentation software that comes with some new features and tools. The application makes it quite simple to record and add voice to the presentation.

PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online is a web-based animated presentation solution created by Microsoft. It can be used for business, academic and personal reasons. This online version comes with all the major features and tools in order to deliver a complete and comprehensive solution.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an Animation and creative compositing application designed for animators, compositors, and designers to use for creating motion graphics and visual effects for film and website. It is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud’s suite and careful as a standard in the video industry and comes to creating motion graphics and visual effects.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a browser-based presentation tool that comes with a real-time collaboration feature. The application allows users to customize their presentations with text, images, charts, and videos. It supports the import and export of files and also allow tor read slides in various formats as well as save them to the PC in different formats.


PowerShow is an online presentation software solution that allows you to view and share PowerPoint presentations online with embedded video, audio, image, music, and animations, etc. With this, you can easily upload PowerPoint presentation with all these types of embedded effect, text, and images.


SlideWorld is an all-in-one solution for presentations that allow you to search PowerPoint presentations to help them save time and prepare an informative slide in on time. It is an alternative to PowerPoint and comes with all the major features with new tools and features.


Emaze is a web-based application designed to control all your social media feeds and track your social media presence. It is compatible with most of the social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and lots of others.


Visme is presentation software that helps the users in making their content compelling and presentable by transforming it into the visually appealing presentations and infographics. It is an online solution, but you can access it offline and used it extensively by users from the fields of education, businesses, and marketing.


The slide is a part of the business application portfolio known as G Suite that enables users to build and edit presentations via the cloud easily. It is quite simple and easy to use presentation solution that is popular for its online tools used by any kind of users.


SlideServe is a free web-based solution to share PPT and PDF files. This online platform has millions of PDF presentations that consist of numbers of categories such as fashion, games, sports, news, science, applications, home, and businesses, etc.


SlideBean is a powerful tool that makes it easier for presenters to create professional-looking slides by taking care of the design element. It has a collection of design templates and allows you to select premium fonts and high-end color palettes that help define the overall design of presentations.


DocSend is an advanced level analytics platforms that are designed to help business owners collect information and documents. This tools significantly enhance the effectiveness and productivity of salespeople by letting them control, monitor, deliver and present sales materials that real-time document analytics.


SalesHandy is a communication and data analytics solution designed to share files, unify document management, monitor emails and initiate leads via centralization. It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses but can also address the needs of large enterprises.

Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck is one of a best web-based solution designed to share a presentation online. Simply upload your PDF file, and it will turn them into the stunning online experience. You can view them all your presentation on its official site as well able to directly share it with the others.


Flowvella is interactive presentation software that also works seamlessly on mobile and with PDF embed support. It is designed purposively for iOS and Mac users that allow individuals and team to work together in a creating informative and visually engaging presentations.


CustomShow is a compressive sales and marketing software solution that melds the design-focused presentation creator, delivery choices on multiple platforms, library management across your business, all in one user-friendly cloud app.

Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote or just Keynote is an advanced level presentation software application created as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc. It comes as the alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and offers all the major services with some new features and tools.

Office Sway

Office Sway is a presentation software solution and is part of the Microsoft Office family of products. This enable users who have a Microsoft account to combine text and media in order to create a professional, presentable website.


Prezi is an online presentation solution that adds fun and creativity to the way people make and show their presentations, whether for commercial, education and other purposes. While other similar applications and tools use videos, slides, and animation to help users get their points across to their audience, the software leverages an innovative way for presenters to convey their points by zooming in and out, flying on the screen and direction among others.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an animated presentation software solution design by Microsoft and is bundled together with Office 365 applications. The software can be used for personal reasons, for academic and business presentations.

Raw Shorts

Raw Short is a freemium web-based tool that helps you to make an explainer video for your business online. Its text to animated video technology uses artificial intelligence in order to create a video draft within a few seconds that save your countless hours of video creation.

More About OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress is a free and open-source solution that assist companies, businesses, and professionals in managing their writing project and streamline their documents management tasks. The solution offers a complete office package that is easy to use that comprise it work seamlessly, consistently and harmoniously with each other. It also enables users to easily determine the application or tools used for creating a particular file. They can also open the file anywhere and launch the application that created it instantly. Furthermore, it makes it easy for users to transfer data and information between its tools. The tool also shares a common spell checker that has options that they can update and synchronize across all the tools. There is also a word processing application that helps users concentrate on writing their ideas while heaving the opportunity to make own documents. The software also ensures that users are able to produce impressive and effective multimedia presentations and the office solution has dedicated a tool for creating presentation materials and improve them with 2D and 3D clip arts, special effects, and animations. Unlike most of the presentation software, it also comes with bundles of attractive templates; each one has its own layout and content to deliver a complete experience. Style and formatting, easy to use drawing and diagramming tools, multiple monitor support, table of contents and reference, master pages, and picture gallery these also feature of the solution. Try it out.

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