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Oracle OBIEE

Oracle OBIEE is a business intelligence suite that is composed of leading applications and technologies designed to deliver users with a comprehensive and full feature-rich performance management platform. The software comes with lots of powerful features that tackle reporting, mobile analytics, data management, and integration and desktop integration, etc… read more

15 Oracle OBIEE Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Ducksboard

Ducksboard is a simple but powerful all-in-one business intelligence (BI) system that offers real-time dashboard to monitor data in single place visually. It includes hundreds of widgets in order to connect key online services with a single click and also enable to upload internal data through API or Google spreadsheet. The most interesting and attractive thing about this platform is that it offers a new customization option with lots of new widgets, helps you to manage your business, get reports and enjoy lots new options. It has a beautifully presented dashboard where you can create and share data with colleagues, partners or customers. Create custom widgets, track all your business, view your data in real-time, fast and easy setup, multiple dashboards and display own data these are core features of the platform. There are three different price plans are available such as Starter, Professional and Expert, each one has its own price and benefits.


2. Planamind

Planamind is a simple but powerful business intelligence platform that provides statistical forecasting and business intelligence reporting in order to make the business advanced. It is an all-in-one planning solution that allows users to implement simple and easy consensus planning process using its unique built-in statistic forecasting models. There are more than 15 different statistic models are available to use that enable businesses to foresee and plan for different and possible scenarios. Planamind platform come with expert selection tool to help users with limited to knowledge in statistics, automatically picking the best model which fits their data series. As like Tableau and other similar platforms it also offers interactive dashboards and actionable business intelligence reports and lets you do what you want with your data and present them in the professional-looking chart during the presentation. The platform also offers lots of automated features that increase your productivity. Planamind includes core features such as unit conversation; businesses overrides, anywhere access, external data and much more. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things on this platform.


3. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting system that automatically converts websites and social media data into simple, visual and understandable infographic report. The solution support multiple integrations that help you to take reporting to the next level. Whatagraph is also known as the business intelligence system that provides modern businesses with a fresh and very visual way to present analytics data in multiple forms that people can easily ingest. With the help of this software, you can easily display analytic data in a unique infographic style of reporting that is better than graphs. One of the most interesting and enjoyable thing about this platform is that it offers automated data gathering capability that automatically gathers information from 15 data sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Analytics etc. After collecting information, the tool generates the report and then send them to your recipients. In order to make the service more interesting, it offers a simple customization option that allows you to create a custom setting and enjoy more features. Just like the other similar BI systems it also offers lots of key features that make it more attractive. Whatagraph has different price plans and each plan its own cost and advantages.


4. Owler

Owler is a business intelligence platform developed to provide companies of any size across various industries reliable and highly actionable business insights on the regular and timely basis. It offers a comprehensive business profile of up to 15 million companies. Aside from the solution delivers daily snapshots and new detailing movement, updates and events in the industry. With the help of this program, the user can easily see how the company fares against the competition and delivers your crisp and easy to understand visualization in order to help users to determine the area of concern and more. As compared to the others it offers high-value competitive intelligence via very innovative crowdsourcing approach. Owler also allows the users to get business data from various sources and communities on more than 15 million international brands. The solution includes prominent features such as web-based platform, competitive analytics, weekly showdown and much more. With simple and user-friendly interface. Try it out; it is best for any business.


5. Qlik Analytics Platform

Qlik Analytics Platform is a program that provides all the tools developers require to create unrestricted data-driven solutions. It is a leader in visual analytics and its modern analytics platform support creation of custom and guided analytics application such as web mash-ups etc. The solution is mostly used to apply business intelligence strategies to customers and partners via their extranet and internet websites. Qlik Analytics Platform helps to create greater interaction and collaboration through data and allows more free-form exploration of the data without needing to pre-determine the type of questions user may have. It also integrates with lots of advanced to tools and features that make it better than others. Some most prominent features are APIs for backend management, direct API access, application toolkit and much more. Overall, it is one of the best tools for all the developers.


6. FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is powerful marketing analytics and personalization platform that allows you to interact with your data, compared with others and deliver insights that drive decisions and steer your business to success. One of the most interesting and enjoyable thing about this application is that it has a powerful conversion tool, that gives you the ability to gather detailed user data, split information and set triggers to personalized messages across the number of channels. FoxMetrics offers an interactive, user-friendly and robust marketing analytics system, all you have to do is simply copy and paste their script. As like Tableau it also allows you to create a dashboard and share it with the partners, colleagues or customers in order to manage their work. HTML bars, email capture, dynamic content, polls, net promoter score, pop-ups and product recommendation these are prominent features of this BI system. If you are looking a powerful marking analytic platform than try it out, it is specially made for you.


7. Pyramid 2018

Pyramid 2018 is another business intelligence, and analytics platform enable data manager to create an environment that can meet the enterprise’s analytical needs and prepare it for future industry challenges. It is a simple and easy to use platform that is best for any businesses. It can run on any operating system and smartphone, and also able to deploy in any environment. The most interesting thing about this platform is that it has six diverse modules that are specially designed to provide users with distinct analytical tools. Pyramid 2018 also has powerful embedded ETL tools that provide access to extract, transform and load tools without any limitation and permission. The tool has thousands of users around the world, and you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. It has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and features. Try it out.


8. WebKPI

WebKPI is a simple but powerful business intelligence solution, introduced in 2007 with the aim to provide better financial analysis for companies. Lots of the small to medium size businesses are unable to afford and maintain an in-house staff of financial analysts in order to assists managers. It is has a unique suite of web solution to address your need for cheap but robust business robust system. With the help of this solution, you can quickly have an overview of the health as well as the direction of your company from today’s financial statement. WebKPI allows the management take the decisions that are based on current financial data, without getting the accounting staff extra or more work. In order to make the service simple and advanced, the solution offers lots of tools that help you to manage other related tasks to manage your professional work. It includes prominent features such as over 150 pre-built reports, mobile data collection, cloud-based, creates and share dashboard and customization etc. Try it out; it is best for your business.


9. Looker

Looker is leading business intelligence software or data-discovery application that provides an intuitive approach to data exploration. The tool offers an interactive web-based interface that business users can utilize to tap into the enterprise of their data analytics team. Because of the web-based platform, you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. With the help of this application, you can easily create and share reports. Looker can help all companies use data to drive their business decisions and activities in the right decisions. As like the other similar platforms it also offers customization option that allows you to add the custom setting. There is no complicated coding; you just need to flow the given instruction and tool make a powerful system for. Looker includes self-service features such as filtering, pivoting and creating an interactive dashboard. It also has a list of core features that make it more interesting. All in all, it is one of the best tools as compared the others.


10. Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft is one of most effective business intelligence platform that allows better decision making with the help of highly interactive reports, analytics and dashboard. It is a simple but powerful tool for all kind of companies. By providing support for big data and cloud deployments, it allows its users to deliver efficiently on the promise of self-service at scale. The great thing about the tool is that it uses lots of commercial open-source business model and trusted by a community of up to 250, 000 registered and has more than 15 million users around the world. It is one of the best BI platforms that allows you to easily create a dashboard with custom settings and share it with the others without any limitations. It is also known as the embedded business intelligence solution with data visualization, analytics and reporting capabilities specially designed for small, medium and large businesses. Data integration, data analytics, ODS, OLAP server, metadata layer, multi-tenancy and audit logging these are core features of the platform. If you really want to manage your work then try it out, it is best for you.


11. Datanyze

Datanyze is a robust sales intelligence and lead generation platform for web technology companies. It continuously evaluates millions of websites to find out which technologies are being used. With the help of this applications, the user can create custom alerts and get notifications whenever a website starts or stop using web specific technology. It is also known as an all-in-one platform that helps you to increase your productivity. Just like the other similar platforms, it is also integrated with third-party solutions such as Jigsaw, CrunchBase and LinkedIn in order to provide information about contacts and leads directly to the web app. Datanyze users can avail an unlimited number of reports, query and lookup. You can easily set up this tool without any permission. It includes core features such as alerts, countdown, correlations, email fender, lots of advanced technologies and much more. Overall, Datanyze is one of the best business tools as compared to others.


12. Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics is a leading business intelligence system that allows companies to engage users and give them the intelligence they need. It is also known as a solution recognized by Gartner, helps programmers in providing services and smart applications for enterprise use or for customer-facing purposes. Logi Analytics also servers to allows users to connect all available data sources and to make information retrieval a smooth process. With the help of this platforms, developers can connecting their companies dispersed data sources that enable them to create a more robust, intelligence-giving application which provides accurate number and information to enterprise users and partners. Logi Analytics provides users with total control over the style, function design of their application; they can customize it in a number of ways such as including through custom themes, CSS and third-party controls and plug-ins. Logi Analytics also includes core features such as low-code development, theme editor, reports, interactive dashboard, self-service analysis, workflow management and much more.


13. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based analytic program specially developed to help medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. It is an all-in-one business intelligence system that allows you to manage your complete work, create documents, add custom filed and share it with the clients and partners without any limitation. The platform is available to use on desktop and mobile devices with lots of advanced features. All the functionalities come at reasonable prices designed to meet the needs of diverse users. As like the other similar BI software it also offers customization system that allows you to use drag and drop method and easily share dashboard. Self-service, instant access, mobile first, user-friendly interface, share on the go and much more. Do try it out, it is best for your business.


14. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a comprehensive data analysis software solution that gives you actionable insights and turns your data into an intuitive visualization. The solution makes it easy for anyone on your company to gain complete reports without IT help. It gives you the bird’s eye view of your business’s health and performance across multiple departments by consolidating data from different sources and users can then utilize these data to drill down reports through visualizations and building reports and dashboards. Zoho Analytics also lets you analyze data from various sources such as database, online and offline apps, and cloud storage services, etc. It streamlines syncing and importing data into the solution for data merging, splitting ad calculating feeds. As compared to all the other similar analytic solutions, it is more powerful and offers a feature-rich dashboard that gives you a quick yet comprehensive glance at your key business metrics including rich-text format, reports, and KPI widgets, etc. Zoho Analytics empowers pivot tables in its feature set as this kind of reports allows the dynamic and interactive analysis of large data set. I can be combined with multiple levels in order to create more comprehensive summaries. There is also a complete BI solution that makes it better than others. Zoho Analytics also includes core feature such as reports and dashboards, live chat support, embedded analytics, private links, chart types, iOS, and Android apps, schedule data backup, query tables, data imports, multiple groups, and dynamic filters, etc.


15. Attensity

Attensity is a data contextualization solution that steadily provides businesses with the litany of business intelligence services for more than a decade and helps customers determine precise details from sources coursed through multiple channels including comments, forums, conversations and more. It does this with very advanced and patented context-based discovery techniques, analytics and semantic techniques that make it quite simple and powerful. Attensity is specially designed to take their client to a whole new level of business intelligence (BI) and customer experience management. The most interesting fact about this software is that it introduces an advanced conversational analysis system, custom behavior profiling and the root cause of issues that make the solution better than others. All you can do it from a single dashboard where you can easily access it all features without any limitation. Attensity core feature includes understanding all conversations and emerging issues, monitor buzz, drag, and drop visualization, reporting widgets, performance market research, and intelligent text analytics, etc.

More About Oracle OBIEE

Oracle OBIEE is a business intelligence suite that is composed of leading applications and technologies designed to deliver users with a comprehensive and full feature-rich performance management platform. The software comes with lots of powerful features that tackle reporting, mobile analytics, data management, and integration and desktop integration, etc. With this users can also get superior solutions for operational business intelligence, financial performance management, and data warehousing. The solution allows you to create a data-driven culture by using robust visual analytics that is quite simple and easy to understand. As compared to most of the leading BI solutions, Oracle OBIEE is more powerful and provides businesses with timely and accurate details that presented in detailed and clever ways in order to allow users to run their operation easily and smoothly. Highly valuable data derived from meaningful analytics and quickly delivered businesses to build and deploy effective strategies to accomplish their goals. The software introduces a new feature that allows you to visually analyses your data to create a tale around your business data, uncover all the hidden data patterns by choosing from a massive library of visual components. It also has a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you access it all features. Oracle OBIEE core feature includes modern analytic system, complete businesses intelligence foundation, BI application, performance management, and data warehousing, etc.

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