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Partition Magic is a trialware utility software developed by PowerQuest used to make partitions in hard disk drives. The product works great with Windows working frameworks and DOS (Disk Operating Systems). Users can resize existing partitions without losing data through the data keeper (which is a backup utility) as well… read more
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12 Partition Magic Alternatives


1. Diskpart

Diskpart is a hard drive dividing utility, which utilizes windows direction lines for activities. It enables the creation, enhancing, merging, expanding, hide, unhide, and wiping out the partitions of a hard disk drive. Its usage is only limited to the Windows Operating System as it is a command-line utility.

It uses sets of commands or scripts which are entered directly on command prompt including add, delete detail, detach, GPT, Import, inactive, extend, exit, etc. To use Diskpart, the user needs to open the command prompt with administrator privileges.


2. Blivet-GUI

Blivet-GUI is a Blivet library-based graphical tool developed by Fedora for storage co-ordination of hard disks. It allows the user to create, modify, and delete data from hard drives. It offers the storage management of LVM, RAID, and MD RAID, etc.

The software supports the management of filesystems and partitioning of standard hard disk drives. Its interface is very easy-to-use and provides a logical view of the partitions where you can monitor all the stats accordingly. It also provides functionalities that include addition, deletion, and editing of existing hard disk partitions.


3. EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Manager is a hard drive management software, which provides the features of improved data storage, allocation of space, click creation, and partitions resize. The developers offer optimization of storage to improve computing speed and organization of personal data.

It handles data storage space of SD card, memory card, HDD, SSD, and USB, etc. The user can format storage drives so that they can remove the data of their drivers easily. It provides the size alternation of partitions without losing any data.


4. Active Partition Manager

Active Partition Manager is a freeware utility software developed by LSoft Technologies that provides ease to manage logical drives, partitions, and hard disk drives. The user can create, manage, delete, and rename partitions, and it also lets users resizing of NTFS and the editing of boot sectors effortlessly.

It provides the ability to create logical drives and expand or shrink existing hard disk drives partition. Users can convert MBR to GBT on existing partitions using this effective partition manager.


5. Stellar Partition Manager

Stellar Partition Manager is a software developed by Stellar Inc. that provides the excellent management of hard disk. It is used to format, rescale, eliminate and copy hard disk drive on Mac. It lets users improve the performance of their hard drives conveniently.

Stellar Partition Manager comes up with an excellent feature of disk space optimization by eradicating partitions. It makes the initiation and removal of HFS, FAT, and NTFS partitions.


6. DiskGenius

DiskGenius is a hard drive management software, presented by DiskGenius Inc. that manages partitions of hard drives securely and effectively. Using this tool, users can manage data on newly partition hard drives. The software uses multi-threading technology that boosts the processing of partition backup.

It allows the backing up and restoration of data that keep the files safe. The software enables the user to check, verify, and repair corrupt or infected hard drives sectors. It allows the conversion of hard drives from dynamic to standard or vice versa. The tool keeps the privacy of users by permanently deleting files from its own storage.


7. MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a utility tool for managing hard disk drives that is developed by MiniTool Solutions. It can organize partitions to utilize hard disk more efficiently, compute the performance of the hard disk, and the management of drives on the same PC.

The software offers features including live bootable facility and the conversion of MBR to GPT and vice versa. The user can manage Basic as well as advanced partitions and hard disks. It can converts NTFS to FAT and dynamic to basic hard disk drives.


8. GParted

GParted is a freeware software that allows users to edit hard disk partitions and copy the operating system from one disk partition to another. The developer offers disk usage stats, reorganization or duplication of data, and imaging of disk partitions.

Users can manipulate NTFS, BTRFS, HFS, UFS, and various other file systems. It enables copying, deleting, and moving of file systems or hard disk partitions without losing any data. The software is used to extend or shorten the C drive partition.


9. KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager is a hard disk partitioning software developed by Volker Lanz. It uses several file system tools for manipulation of file systems and lets you create live bootable disks. The developers offer features including KCModule, support for exFAT, and BTRFS.

It allows the creation, duplication, and deletion of partitions or disks without any data loss. The tool enables the backup and restoration of data or partitions as well.


10. Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager is a utility program to oversee hard drive partitions and manage additional space. It allows the user to move, resize, and change partitions labels for efficient data organization.

The user can create a backup of files or modules and can also recover accidentally deleted data. The tool enables the formatting of SSD, USB, and memory card, and it can also format a partition to reuse it again. By using this tool, users can redistribute the unused space for the effective use of hard drives.


11. Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director is disk management and optimization software developed by Acronis Inc. It is used to optimize hard drive space usage and provides all the tools necessary for the management of data and partitions of hard drives.

Users can hassle-freely set up new partitions as well as resize, move, merge, or split old partitions without losing any data. The tool allows the addition or removal of volumes and helps users in managing dynamic and basic volumes.


12. Logical Volume Manager

Logical Volume Manager is a tool used for logical disk management where users can resize dynamic as well as normal volumes of entire hard drives. It also helps with the creation of logical volumes from physical volumes.

The software creates the backup of the data regularly that keeps the data safe and secure even if the original is erased or affected. It is an easy to use software for the partitioning of hard drives, backup, and restoration of data.

More About Partition Magic

Partition Magic is a trialware utility software developed by PowerQuest used to make partitions in hard disk drives. The product works great with Windows working frameworks and DOS (Disk Operating Systems). Users can resize existing partitions without losing data through the data keeper (which is a backup utility) as well.

The software offer features including NTFS, cluster size modifications, NTFS merge adjustment, and users can easily copy, resize, create, merge, and split partitions. Partition Magic’s primary focus is the management of digital data storage.

Users can execute and manage multiple operating systems on the same computer using Partition magic. It also provides users with guidelines while partitioning hard drives. The software provides ease in finding, copying, or moving files on different operating systems.

It carries an easy-to-use interface that includes tools, tasks, and view tabs that can be accessed with simple clicks. It can merge, setup, and amend hard drives of up to 300 GBs of size and also let users undo partition related faults effortlessly.

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