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Performance Horizon or Partnerize is an online marketing technology provider based the suite of a performance marketing product and services. Founded by a group of experienced affiliate marketing workers in 2010, based on the US, however, it operates in more than 180 countries… read more
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37 Performance Horizon Alternatives & Similar Software



Synthesio is a social intelligence tool or a marketing software that is specially made for the purpose of social media monitoring and social analytics. As compared to the other it is bit different, but make the experience simple and fast.


TitanMLM is a modern multi-level marketing management software that allows businesses to manage their operations from a single platform. It comes with an easy to use dashboard and access to all digital marketing and management tools that are specific to the requirements of any affiliate marketing, direct sales company or organization.

Swift Social

Swift Social is an all-in-one marketing solution, that lets users gain total control of their Twitter accounts, schedule posts, curate content, automate likes, follows, and unfollows. It is a simple but powerful tool specially made for Twitter users.


LeadsRx is a Marketing software that is specially made for online stores, e-commerce businesses and all size of enterprises. The ultimate objective of the platform is to help companies and professionals increase their sale, revenue and conversions efficiently.


RewardStream is a leading referral marketing and programming software that allows business to leverage their customer base on incentivizing them when they refer a new customer. It is a simple but powerful platform that offers a different method to invite friends such as emails, chat and social media channels.


Gamooga is a marketing automation software or an omnichannel customer engagement that enable businesses to deliver one to one personalization, automation and actionable insights. It helps the user to know their visitor better, create campaigns, get strategy based real-time information execute campaigns and archive their business objectives.


Opteo is an AdWords management system that automates and streamlines management related tasks for their AdWords accounts via one click improvement, detailed account monitoring and MCC-level alerts. It is an all-in-one search marketing software that analyzes trends and figures to identify significant and relevant patterns in your AdWords accounts.


Emarsys is a cloud-based marketing platform that fully maximizes customer value through data science and artificial intelligence marketing. It has thousands of users around the world who can use it to promote the business.
0 is social media management or marketing software that features lots of advanced tools for social media listening, publishing, engagement, customer data engagement and measuring etc. It is one of the best platform specially made for marketers and companies can deliver a more personalized brand experience based on enriched customer profile.


Iterable is an email marketing platform that offers seamless user-interface for personalized messaging. It is a commercial online platform helps in sales and promotions. The platform is specially made to engage users through various channels and advanced structured communication.


Emma is a powerful digital marketing platform makes for marketing teams to create beautifully designed email campaigns that drive results. It is one of the best alternatives to Yext and offers lots of similar service with some new features.


RankActive is a leading platform that helps businesses track their online presence, follow their brands, monitor the competition on the web and enhance their visibility in the search engine rankings. It is also known as all-in-one SEO platform that keeps your online presence bright and visible while keeping tabs on your competitors to remain a step ahead.

Bpm’online marketing

Bpm’online marketing is a marketing automation system, designed to serve marketing specialists looking to master the skills of demand generation. The platform delivers creative solutions, integrations and processes that accelerate implementation and integration.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a modern platform that brings all of your marketing efforts together and helps your team increase traffic and conversation. It offers a simple drag and drops functionality to design and modify stunning website without asking your IT team.


Yext is a location-based marketing platform that provides businesses with the tool to optimize their location data on the web and increase on their business sites. The application is specially designed to manage the location data on the massively popular mapping software and search engines including Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo.


Clickback is a B2B Lead Generation solution that helps customer accelerate their lead growth by allows them to send emails to their cold contacts or purchased list, which comply with CAN-SPAM requirements.


ReachLocal is a world’s leading online marketing and advertising solution provider for small, medium and large businesses. It offers search engine advertising, web presence, search engine optimization and content marketing and in-app mobile advertising services.


OpenText is an innovative and web content management application that provides total control over your multichannel digital experience, layouts, website design and media management etc. It is specially designed to help users turn prospects into loyal clients around the complete customer journey.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing solution that is loaded with hundreds of email templates, several ways of uploading contacts and give users access to comprehensive learning materials. It is a simple but powerful solution that has more than 650, 000 users around the world who can use it to promote their business.


Pardot is marketing automation and lead generation software by Salesforce that allows your marketing and sales teams to deploy and handle all the online marketing campaigns in order to boost your company revenue and efficiency.


Exponea is an all-in-one cloud-based marketing platform that is suitable for large and midsize organizations. It is a commercial solution that has thousands of users around the world who can use it to fulfil their marketing needs.


Seismic is another content marketing platform that helps you to generate sales and create your business on it. It is one of the best alternatives to Showpad and offers all the similar services with some new features and functionalities.


SAVO is a CRM software that provides an integrated suite of sales enablement tools for various industries such as financial services, technology, life science and manufacturing etc. It is a powerful solution that provides representatives with sales enablement content and coaching within the context of their customer relationship management accounts including Salesforce and opportunity records.


MailOptin is another lead generation and email marketing automation solution that is built on WordPress sites. This comprehensive tool allows users to convert their website visitors into clients and email subscribers that help to grow their email and newsletter list as well as execute campaigns that engage mailing lists and visitors.


Showpad is a leading content management solution that helps retail businesses bring all their marketing and sales content at one place. It enables the business team to access their marketing information and enhance their efficiency quickly.


ToutApp is an email marketing and email management software designed to with integrating CRM, phone system and email into the single unified platform. The tool performs and offers a different solution that helps salespeople conducts their day to day business operations and email campaigns.


AdRoll is a Marketing Automation Software that specializes in retargeting which aims to convert digital shoppers into buyers of your product or service in your sites. It is one of the most widely used  retargeting solutions that utilize different platforms such as Web, Mobile and even social media using modern tools to achieve results.


SendX is a cloud-based marketing automation software that streamlines all the marketing operation such as email and drip marketing, lead capture, workflow and notifications etc. The solution offers B2C, SMBs, E-learning, courses creator and conversation of the web businesses.


LeadSquared is a CRM, and Marketing Automation Software that drives forwards leads downs your sales funnel faster than most of its contemporaries. It is a complete solution specially designed for small and mid-size businesses.
0 is an email marketing solution that lends you a helping hand to craft ideal customer interaction for your clients. It is a B2C system that connects emails to mobile phones and helps in sending all types of messages across all platforms.


Kentico is an only Content Management System that is fully integrated with ASP.NET, e-commerce and all the other important marketing solutions. It allows you to create a website and optimize its digital customer’s experience fully across various channels.


ClickMagick is a web-based application that allows you to track and optimize all your marketing efforts. It is known as an all-in-one marketing solution that contains all the major services to deliver the more realistic experience.

Adobe Media Optimizer

Adobe Media Optimizer is a leading solution that accurately predicts the impact of changes to your search, display and social ads, then helps you to easily manage and automate the campaigns, freeing resources for the other high-impact initiatives.


Act is a contact and customer management solution made for small businesses. It brings together contracts, their account history and activities in a single centralized location. It is a simple but powerful CRM solution that comes with all the major tools with some advanced features.

OpenText ECM

OpenText ECM is a software solution that defines the templates for modern ECM and can match the broadest range of business sizes and corporate cultures. In the details, no piece of data, no bit of text, and no sample, no matter how seemingly insignificant is disposable.


Affise is an all-in-one Affiliate Marketing platform specially developed and designed for advertisers, market professionals and agencies that run a network. It helps professionals increase their revenue and enjoy a huge return on their investments.


MyLikes is a world’s most leading social media advertising platform that helps advertisers to drive more traffic to their content within a minute. All its traffic originates from social platforms that are high-quality and highly engaged.

More About Performance Horizon

Performance Horizon or Partnerize is an online marketing technology provider based the suite of a performance marketing product and services. Founded by a group of experienced affiliate marketing workers in 2010, based on the US, however, it operates in more than 180 countries. The platform has more than 160, 000 publishers; they work with more than 200 leading brands including Apple. One of the best thing about Performance Horizon is that it offers a SaaS partner management platform to form and grow all your partnerships from affiliates to influencers and strategic brand partners. It offers training sessions and demos on the affiliate marketing business that is probably their competitive advantage. With the help of this platform, you can receive payments either on the weekly or monthly basis via wire transfer, PayPal and credit card. Performance Horizon supports more than 60 different currencies that mean it is best for everyone around the world.

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