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PHP MySQL Wizard

PHP MySQL Wizard is an extremely affordable and smart PHP code generator that is suitable for all kind of developers either at beginning level or professional level. PHP MySQL Wizard is suitable for those users who have to prior knowledge of development… read more

10 PHP MySQL Wizard Alternatives & Similar Software

1. VFront


VFront is a professional and powerful front end set of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases that are developed in the JavaScript and PHP. VFront is a way to create and manage the forms in the various styles including the AJAX and setting the different rules for the each group as well. VFront allows the users to generate the reports in various formats including the PDF, XML, and HTML as well. It even delivers the users with the system of getting the statistics as well. VFront is the best option for those agencies and organizations that are already using the either PostgreSQL or MySQL and want to modify or access the database of their system from simply their web browser. These users can enjoy the easy to use features of the VFront instead of hiring a costly developer or coder. Most of the features of VFront are much similar to that of MS Access, however, with the lead over most of the features in the shape of enhanced database administration system simply like phpMyAdmin for working with data more easily. VFront is equally designed for professional a non-expert users who wants to develop the critical things by safely working over the data. Most of the developing features being offered by the VFront are in a graphical interface for a better happy ending.

2. MySQL PHP Generator


MySQL PHP Generator or PHP Generator for MySQL is a PHP generator for MySQL that enables the developers quickly and instantly build a website from their database without any knowledge of programming. The web created via PHP Generator for MySQL can be view, edit, add, and delete database records. The key features of PHP Generator for MySQL are master detail presentations, export data to Word, Excel, CSV, XML & PDF formats, data validation, data protection system, and much more. The best about PHP Generator for MySQL is that it deliver the users with the options of producing the clear and simple to understand code that can be used as these are and can be even modified according to the requirements of the developers as well. Instead of going for paying the cost of hiring the web apps developers or designers, simply use the PHP Generator for MySQL and enjoy the all features of code and development in the shape of highly advanced coding tools. From beginners to professionals, PHP Generator for MySQL is suitable for all.

3. ScriptCase


ScriptCase is a PHP web development utility that allows the web developers with the tools of enhancing their web development productivity. ScriptCase is a PHP web development tool for developing web forms, reports, PDF, dashboards and menus via databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server. ScriptCase is one of the best and low-cost web development tool. By using ScriptCase, developers can easily create apps, customizable management reports with summaries and graphics that saves the development time. The data that created over ScriptCase can be analyzed and share with others. ScriptCase will never force you to use its own default setting, rather it will make it easy for you to create and develop your own independent web solutions by simply utilizing the innovate web development tools of the ScriptCase and reduce the development time even up to 80%. With six simple steps, you can move from prototype to production. These six steps are connected to existing data, build and operate the apps, customize the own design, test the apps in runtime, deliver the users with the easy system and managing the all by boosting the continuity of the projects. To get the even more professional results, the developers can at any time connect the existing work with a database to get the more systemized results.

4. PHPmaker


PHPmaker is a highly professional automation tool that provides the system of generating PHP codes from MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. The numerous and flexible options of PHPMaker provide the users with the system of maintain their websites as they want and getting full command and control over the edit, add, search, delete and other options of a website. The best about PHPMaker is that it provide the developers with those clean and straightforward codes that are highly customizable. The PHP scripts created via PHPMaker can be accessed from both Windows servers and UNIX-based servers. PHPMaker is a way to save the development time that otherwise wasted into normal settings. Both the beginners and developers can get the equal benefits from the PHPMaker subject to their own knowledge and skills. The main highlighted features of the PHPMaker are highly advanced security system for every type of coding, an enhanced user registration system, export system to all most all file formats, file uploading system to both folder and database, custom template system and many others. Generating codes is not a big deal but generating the customizable and easily understandable codes is a thing that needs serious consideration. From prototype to a professional ending, PHPMaker provides the all kind of assistance to the developers and coders.

5. ScriptArtist


ScriptArtist is an AJAX and PHP code generator for creating and managing the PHP scripts and code connected via MySQL database. ScriptArtist is the best developing tool that saves the time of the developers by providing them with the system of CRUD operations to get the tasks done without further wasting any time. The CRUD operation of ScriptArtist that basically stand for the create, edit, update and delete basically allow the developers to easily generated any type of web forms and, in the same way, retrieve the information as well. ScriptArtist is basically designed for the professional developers, however, the beginners can also enjoy the services of ScriptArtist as well. It provides the users with the unlimited professional web development templates that are highly customizable and provide a special web format ArtistForm to design the web forms according to own specified requirements. ScriptArtist is the best way to create the best web based apps without wasting the time in irrelevant development and programming. Instead of hiring the expensive developers and programmers the users of ScriptArtist can at their own create the dynamic websites and increase the availability of their products. The main benefit of using the ScriptArtist is its availability for a range of customizable layouts, designing tools, themes, templates and even an independent ArtistForms to get the highly professional looked website.

6. nuBuilder


nuBuilder is an open source and front-end database and app builder for the professional PHP developers. If you are tired of using the MS Access then simply use the nuBuilder to get the most advanced features for developing. Most of the features of nuBuilder are much similar to the MS Access but at the same time are overlapping over the MS Aces on various grounds as well. First of all, there is database development system of the nuBuilder that lets the users develop and manage the web-based apps using the multi features developing a tool of the nuBuilder that are available in the form of highly advanced technologies including PHP, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript and some others. The best about nuBuilder is that it provide the users with the system of customization that means in addition to simply going with the default developing tools of the nuBuilder, the users on their own can develop the apps as well. They will be even provided with the features of backup and restore as well to gain the full command and control over their ongoing work. From desktop and the web and even creating the web-based applications, nuBuilder is the house of all those components and tools that are generally accepted as the must have tools for a developer in order to generate a forms and reports of all type.

7. PHPRunner


PHPRunner is an advanced PHP code generator for visually creating the appealing and on-demand web interfaces by utilizing the renowned the databases. Currently, the PHPRunner offering the databases of MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, SLQ Server and MS Access for creating the web interface. The best about PHPRunner is that in addition to providing the various databases and development tools, PHPRunner provides the developers with the multiple themes and colors as well to get the professional level of the web interface. Either you want to go smoothly with the PHPRunner by using its default features or want to utilized the customizable features of PHPRunner is up to you. If you are beginner then the default settings of PHPRunner will suit you most and if you are professional developers the customizable features will be at your disposal. Just imagine about the numerous color schemes, advanced visual editor, drag and drop system, availability of multiple databases, various layouts, powerful reports and chart builder a rich text editing control system and all those that developers need in a PHP developing tool. In addition to offering the above-mentioned ease of mind tools, PHPRunner delivers the developers with the system of protecting their projects as well by simply placing the password over them to ensure the security of web apps.

8. PHP Code Generator


PHP Code Generator is an automation tool that assist the developers in developing and managing the dynamic web pages. It no the content management system, rather it is a platform that assists the users to even utilize their unused code as well. Generating optimistic does for the website according to the functionalities demand of the developers is a little tough task but for PHP Code Generator it is very easy. First of all, there is a user-friendly admin portal of the PHP Code Generator that comes in a shape of a dashboard from where the users can view the performance of their ongoing projects. The rest of the features of PHP Code Generator are availability of CodeIgniter and Light Weight MVC Framework, Smartcache system to enhance the performance, free admin portal in shape of dashboard to monitor the project performance, group based security configuration system to add the password to the ongoing projects, and server side analytic system to get the faster websites utilizing the user level reporting. If you want to check how your website will look once created then Demo Website section is there for this purpose that allows you to instantly upload the website on sever and get the view. For the ease of the developers, PHP Code Generator utilize the simple module based approach.

9. PhpMyEdit


PhpMyEdit is an automated PHP code generator and MySQL table editor that provides a platform for the instant table editing. It assists the developers in generating the PHP codes can be displayed and editing using MySQL tables in HTML. Developers are only required to write a simple calling program and then it will perform rest of the work. The other advantages of using PhpMyEdit are that it is integrated with a wide range of table manipulation functions including the record addition, change, view, copy, table filtering/sorting, table lookups and many others. PhpMyEdit is the fastest and reliable way of generating those web forms that get the automatic compatibility with the MySQL database. The other quality of PhpMyEdit is that the forms and tools that are being offered by it are highly configurable and ideal for administrative interface purposes. PhpMyEdit is the pack of those features that can easily deal any kind of complex information system. PhpMyEdit is mounted with several great features and functions that are available in for of table manipulation, table code generation system, record addition, full editing system, permission configuration, multiple navigation systems, possibilities for all kind of styles, output design control system, base class extension system and dozens of others for an ultimate development.

10. PHPEdit


PHPEdit is an automated IDE environment and PHP editor for the Windows operating systems that offers the web developers to create dynamic and professional websites efficiently with up to 50% faster than other PHP editing and code generating platforms. PHPEdit enhances the developers’ productivity and enables them to code faster and to debug PHP and test their projects in a more comprehensive environment. It is basically designed for the PHP languages but supports for the other programming and coding languages as well including the CSS, JavaScript, and some others. It merits to reveal here that the official website of PHPEdit has been shut down by the developers but the PHPEdit is still available for download from the various websites. The developers can still enjoy the various features and functions in the most recent version of the PHPEdit that are in a form of code hint and insight for SQL, PHP and HTML, integrated PHP debugger, automatic syntax checking, customizable shortcuts, file explorer and dozens of others.

More About PHP MySQL Wizard

PHP MySQL Wizard is an extremely affordable and smart PHP code generator that is suitable for all kind of developers either at beginning level or professional level. PHP MySQL Wizard is suitable for those users who have to prior knowledge of development. By using the PHP MySQL Wizard the can easily learn the development step by step guide of the PHP MySQL Wizard. By using the own MySQL database, the users can easily create and manage the fill level of web apps. You will encounter here those developing tools as well that are being offered by the most of the PHP code generators that are in the form of distribution of source code by using the PHP MySQL Wizard. This distribution system of PHP MySQL Wizard basically saves the time of the users that otherwise wasted in the several hours of hectic programming. The fully customizable system of PHP MySQL Wizard offers the users with the system of choosing own style and validation rule for new entries as well. If you are already working on the Excel MySQL or Access MySQL then there is a system of conversion in the PHP MySQL Wizard as well but for this, you will be required to go for the premium version of the PHP MySQL Wizard.

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