PicJumbo Alternatives for iOS

#1 Pixabay 2.0


Pixabay 2.0 is a platform that offers users free images and videos which they can use anywhere. The best thing about this platform is that all the content users see on this page is under the license of Pixabay, and they can use it without any permission of the artist. The platform allows users to use images, videos, music, illustrations, etc. for both private and public purposes. It contains more than two million royalty-free stick photos that users can download easily.

It even allows users to search the pictures which they want by writing its name in the search box. Pixabay 2.0 enables users to download illustration, and it contains more than two hundred thousand illustrations that users can download. Lastly, it allows users to download 4K resolution videos for their commercial use, and they can also download music files or tunes for any kind of use.