PicoZip Recovery Tool Alternatives

PicoZip Recovery Tool

PicoZip Recovery Tool is a user-friendly and much easy to use program for beginners and advanced users. This software tool will enable you to quickly recover with all the lost or even forgotten passwords straight away from the protected series of the zip files… read more

9 PicoZip Recovery Tool Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker is a powerful tool that helps you retrieve all your lost or forgotten passwords to your ZIP archives using brute force or using dictionary attacks. It is a simple yet powerful tool that comes with some advanced features, user-friendly interface, and lots of other exciting things that make it better than others. Its interface consists of standard Window split into three panes, where you can easily specify input setting and tinker with brute force or dictionary attack mode. After pointing out the ZIP archive, you can specify the location of the new archive that will be reconstructed from the main one as well as define the password. In brute force attack mode, the software takes into account all uppercase and lowercase latte with all the numbers and symbols and tries several combinations until finding the right once with some matches they key. The dictionary attack mode is quite faster, gives you the possibility to create a plain text document with several passwords in order to try out, one key per line. Using this method you have an idea of what the password may be. Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker is a feature-rich password recovery solution and comes with all the tools that definitely recover your password.


2. Advanced Archive Password Recovery

Advanced Archive Password Recovery tools for recovering password protected files assure the recovery of lost passwords and also open the encoded ZIP and RAR files made with all versions of existing ZIP files archivers. Get back passwords for plain and self-extricating files made with PKZip and WinZip, RAR and WinRAR automatically or manually at your own. Ensured easy opening of files compressed with latest WinZip 8.0 and earlier versions in few minutes. Advanced Archive Password Recovery highlights extreme similarity among the different sorts of Chronicles, knows shortcomings of particular sorts of assurance, and gives best-in-class execution in opening a wide range of files. Supporting an extensive variety of techniques and encryption methods, all renditions of prominent archiver and various document positions, Advanced Archive Password Recovery verges on being a genuinely all inclusive password protected file recovery tool as nobody else. Advanced Archive Password Recovery opens chronicles compacted with different techniques from legacy shrinking, reducing, imploding, and tokenizing to cutting edge Inflating and late WavPack, BZip2, and PPMd. Advanced Archive Password Recovery underpins most recent encryption advancements, including the complex AES encryption utilized as a part of WinRAR and the late forms of WinZip. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a solid figure utilized as an encryption standard by the U.S. government, military and special forces. AES has been widely breaking down by cryptography authorities around the world and is a demonstrated worldwide standard for solid information assurance. In case you’re clear about the secret key, Advanced Archive Password Recovery will return to the final resort: the beast power assault. On account of the exceptionally enhanced low-level code, Advanced Archive Password Recovery gives the best-in-class execution for the savage power secret key recuperation, endeavoring millions distinctive watchword blends every second on a normal ZIP chronicle with a current CPU. The same numbers of individuals have a tendency to pick short, straightforward passwords; the savage power assault remains a reasonable alternative for secret key recuperation.


3. Zip Password Cracker Pro

Zip Password Cracker Pro is a freeware software solution that helps you recover lost or forgotten passwords to zip archives using brute force by importing a complete list of possible passwords, or by trying a combination of these two options. With the help of this software solution can easily find out the passwords to your ZIP archives and can be used by anyone who has forgotten the key in order to compressed file that contains valuable details. It is a portable tool that means it no requires installation, save it into your computer and run its executable file. The utility’s user-interface is represented by standard Windows where a few tabs let you configure brute force password settings and all the other preferences. Unlike most of the similar programs, it also generates a list of all possible combinations before attempting to reveal ZIP secret keys, this process can take an extremely greater time to finish, but it has the option to cancel it, to test the ZIP file with the entries found. Zip Password Cracker Pro is quite simple and easy to use solution, run on a low amount of CPU and system memory, has a great response time and includes all the user documentation.


4. ZIP Password Recovery 1.40

ZIP Password Recovery 1.40 is an advanced level password recovery software that comes with three different password recovery modes such as automatic, manual, and dictionary attack. The software features a standard interface that consists of wizard in which you can easily choose the source file, decrypting method and start the process. Its automatic mode allows the solution to use standard settings in order to find a password, but these can be configured in the manual mode. The dictionary attack mode allow you to add dictionaries and specific words that it can test for and choose case transformations. With the help of this, you can recover almost all kind of passwords quickly. ZIP Password Recovery 1.40 is completely free to use password recovery tool, and you can enjoy its service on Windows and Linux platforms.


5. RAR Password Recovery Magic

RAR Password Recovery Magic is a tool that allows you to recover your lost passwords for RAR and WinRAR archives. The user interface of the tool is quite simple, where you can easily import a RAR file by using its file browser or drag or drop interface and configure settings. If you know any details about the password, you can also optimize the search string of RAR Password Recovery Magic and the program will find it immediately. Once you have started the process, you can easily view the file path and encryption method as well as current password length, etc. As compared to other similar password recovery solutions, it is very lightweight and uses a very low amount of system CPU and memory that make it better than others. RAR Password Recovery Magic also includes core features such as custom character set for brute-force attack supported, a select character from a range of character options, work in the background, and much more.


6. Zip Password Recovery Master

Zip Password Recovery Master get back lost passwords for ZIP files. It bolsters various restrictive assaults to beat zip passwords. The utilization of undocumented components of ZIP records furnish you with an incredible time diminishment while seeking the secret key. Today Zip Password Recovery Master gives likely the most finish set of methods for recovering the passwords to zip files. It incorporates the standard brute-force and dictionary force recovery methods and in addition some extra sorts of assaults: “Plain-message assault”, “Ensured assault”, “False-sort assault”, “Layout assault” and “Multi-PC savage power assault”. Moreover, the quest rate for a wide range of assaults is high, particularly on iIntel stages. However, the most fascinating thing is the first arrangement – “Programmed mode”. When this mode is chosen, Zip Password Recovery Master chooses the ideal methodology for the secret word seek, substitutes different sorts of assaults with different settings to locate the substantial watchword. In 90% of all cases the real secret key will be found inside a few many minutes after the start of an assault. In any case, on the off chance that you are not fortunate, don’t quit and attempt different sorts of techniques. To begin recuperate the Zip secret key you have to open Zip chronicle document (*.zip or *.exe) utilizing the “Open zip/exe” catch, and tap the “Go” catch, Zip Password Recovery Master will begin seeking password in secret program mode.


7. Accent ZIP Password Recovery

Accent ZIP Password Recovery is a simple and easy to use software that helps you to retrieve lost or forgotten passkeys from ZIP archives using brute force or a custom dictionary. It is a powerful software that is designed for those who want to lose their passkeys. The installation process of this solution is quite fast and does not bring any kind of surprises, while the graphical user-interface you are greeted by presents a minimal and clean interface. The main Windows only show a menu bar a few buttons and the progress bar and a simple pane in which to view logs. Uploading encrypted items is quite simple, as both the drag and drop interface and a file browser are integrated. Also, it can detect the information pertaining to the archive you have added such as recovery speed, type of protection, and maximum supported password length. The best thing about this password recovery solution is that it supports multiple attack types including the default one for ZIP archive and the WinZip AES one as well as the brute force and custom dictionary-based one. Accent ZIP Password Recovery is available to use in both paid and free version and in the paid version you can easily recover unlimited passwords.


8. Passware Kit Standard Plus

Passware Kit Standard Plus is the most powerful tool that helps you recover passwords for MS Office files, PDF documents, archives, financial database, email accounts, and all the other similar platforms. The program recognizes more than 130 files types and recovers many password types instantly. It also provides you with the ability to recover passwords from a file of your choice from a network connection, from website or email accounts on your system. Also, it allows you to reset your password or even search through your computer in order to detect protected files. After selecting the files you need, you can run the wizard that is only useful when you remember something about your password. The utility will attempt to recover it by using the brute force attack to discover it. Passware Kit Standard Plus is quite simple and easy to use solution and offers step-by-step customization of password recovery settings. This password recovery solution also includes core features such as password is accelerated with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, instant results, Windows admin password reset, password history and much more.


9. Passware Kit Forensic

Passware Kit Forensic is a complete password recovery and e-discovery solution that can help you decrypt and obtain all your passwords from any file and website. It is a powerful tool that can help you recover both simple and complicated passwords from different types of files. This all-in-one password recovery solution offers multiple methods and approaches that you can use to attack Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook and many other kinds of files types and recover their passwords. The application displays a complete interface that makes the complete process as easy as possible and in various cases, you get assistance in the form of a step-by-step wizard that makes it more interesting and feature-rich. With the help of this tool, you can also be able to use a predefined setting or set-up custom attacks. In wizard mode, it allows you to choose from multiple scenarios and setting that can lead to the password you actually need. The app also enables you to create your own attack by selecting which type you want to assault the encrypted files. But all these setting and choices seem a bit too much for you; there’s always that one option that you click and everything is automated. Passware Kit Forensic is simple and easy to use tool that no require any kind of IT skills.

More About PicoZip Recovery Tool

PicoZip Recovery Tool is a user-friendly and much easy to use program for beginners and advanced users. This software tool will enable you to quickly recover with all the lost or even forgotten passwords straight away from the protected series of the zip files. This is to be created from different forms of compression utilities such as with PicoZip, as well as WinZip, or the PKZip. It is simple and set with a user-friendly interface. It is best in terms of supporting some of the zip archives all along with the self-extracting form of the Zip archives. It is also useful when it comes to helping with some of the dictionary-based recovery methods all along with the brute force. It can make compatible work with different software such as Windows 98/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. This program is entirely free from the ads as well as spyware or any sort of pop-up messages. You can make the use of it free of cost, and you can even share it with your friends. It can work best when it starts to work in the integration with the PicoZip Recovery Tool. You should use it now!