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Pinta is a multiplatform drawing and painting tool that is available for most all operating systems and computing devices. Most of the features of the Pinta are based on the default drawing and designing tools of the MS Paint but at the same time are very different and unique from the MS Paint as well… read more

19 Pinta Alternatives & Similar Software


1. XPaint

XPaint is a simple paint program that can perform limited image editing tool as well but for the same reason, this program should not be taken as the professional level of image editing software. It can be said as a program that delivers the painting and designing solution with the additional image editing features. It makes it easy and simple for those users who are looking for a professional level of painting tool in order to get the painting and designing tool in a single application. The best about XPaint is that it is a highly advanced level of painting program that supports the almost all image format in which the most popular one are TIFF, XBM, PPM and many others. It is a simple yet powerful program for producing the simple graphics and painting processing functions. It offers the various advanced features in the shape of gradient fill and image processing. XPaint is the best one program for performing simple to advanced level painting functions.


2. Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a Windows based drawing and simple editing tool by the Microsoft. It is not for dealing with the editing images. It is basically used for the drawing purpose. You can perform simple editing functions but can’t go for editing at expert level. However, when it comes to designing then Microsoft Paint provide the users with the system of dealing with various file formats and saving the work in various other image formats as well. It even allows its users to directly print their images from the panel of Microsoft Paint as well. It doesn’t require extra installation because the free version of Microsoft Paint comes with all edition of Windows operating systems and automatically installed during installation of Windows operating systems. The best about Microsoft Paint is that it can deal easily with any type of most popular image formats. Cut, copy, paste, selecting, designing, clip arts and coloring are some basic functions of the Microsoft Paint.


3. NeoPaint

NeoPaint is a next generating painting tool for the photographers and artists where they will be provided with a canvas on which they can perform various functions. NeoPaint is one of the best painting tools for the designers, photographers, app developers, programmers and many other users as the features available in the NeoPaint are made for the every type of its users. It assist the users in scanning and editing existing artwork or create the new digital works on a new level. There are so many painting and drawing tools, special effects tools, color adjustment and much more. NeoPaint provides the users with the system of screen capturing as well. That means the single version of NeoPaint can be used for the various purposes. It is a platform to get the professional level of designing and graphics. Simply use the NeoPaint and enjoy the advanced level of powerful drawing and painting tools.


4. SpeedyPainter

SpeedyPainter is a lightweight, portable and free painting application for the Windows operating systems. It is an OpenGL based painting program for the Windows operating systems that supports the Wacom digitizers to make the users able to vary the opacity and size of brush strokes according to the pen pressure. Among a lot of features, the main highlighted features of SpeedyPainter are reference view system that assist the users in moving the canvas, multiple layer adding system, ability to vary the brush stroke size according to pen pressure, loading of drawing process, saving of drawing process, canvas rotation system, canvas flip rotation system, system of perspective grid overlay, mirror tool, brush library, import and export system, selection mask, replay of drawing process and dozens of others. SpeedyPainter is one of the best designing, painting and creation tools for the both beginners and designers to present their ideas marvelously on the blank canvases.


5. MyPaint

MyPaint is simple yet elegant designing and painting tool that is based on the graphical technology of Wacom graphics. The main advantage of using the MyPaint is the availability of a large selection of brushes whose sizes can be altered according to the work requirement of the designers, artists, and painters. MyPaint is the fine collection of dozens of painting tools that will be surely beyond your expectations when for the first time you will encounter with MyPaint for your work. MyPaint provides those almost all functionalities that the users required from it do but at the same time you will find it more and will begin to use it. If talk about the list of features then what can be more highlighted than the stroking system of MyPaint when it comes to scribbling that it does at very fast and elegant speed along with the effective result. Various other designing and painting are in the development stage.


6. Gpaint

Gpaint is a small scale designing and painting program for the GNOME-based desktop environment. Simply use the Gpaint to take the advantages of the unique level of painting features in order to enjoy from the GNOME environment. The main highlighted features and functions of Gpaint that are the part of the current version of the Gpaint are availability of dozens of drawing tools, shadow options, dealing with text, cut and paste system, selection system, modern and elegant, easy to use, user friendly management system, system to editing multiple time and lot of others. In addition to simply providing the designing and maintaining features, Gpaint provides the various image processing features as well. As it is mentioned in above lines that Gpaint is small scale painting tool so it is suitable to use Gpaint for small scale project. If you are looking for an advanced level of paint program then you must go for another one that deals in advanced level of painting and designing.


7. KolourPaint

KolourPaint is a free and easy to use paint program for the UNIX-based operating systems for quickly creating the raster images. It is the best one program that is basically used for the touch-up purpose and performing some editing tasks as well. When it comes to the editing functions of KolourPaint then it doesn’t mean that it is a professional level of image editing program. The editing means the basic functions of cut, copy, paste, selection and some others. It has been specifically designed for the artists and designers to perform the basic painting and designing works of their respective areas. The users of KolourPaint are provided with a unlimited number of the canvas where they can put their ideas in a visual shape and act upon these. There is an advanced level of toolbar from where the basic editing and designing functions of KolourPaint can be accessed. The best about KolourPaint is its support for transparency level that can be said as the major advantage of using the KolourPaint for painting purpose.


8. Artweaver

Artweaver is a freeware program that has made the creative painting very simple and easy because of its advanced level of painting and drawing tools that are available in the format of digital brushes and standard industry based editing tools. Delivering the users with the best transparency level tools and support for the multi-layers are the main advantage of using Artweaver. It is one of the best paint and drawing based programs that can be used for sketching purposes. The best about Artweaver is that it is among those drawing programs that even support the team working environment as well where the artists from different part of the world can connect with each other over the internet. Artweaver has its own powerful core that supports the many tools in the shape of filters, adding layers, designing, drawing and various other tools. In addition to all these powerful functions and features, Artweaver is a highly configurable program as well.


9. Fatpaint

Fatpaint is a web-based program that has made the painting and drawing very simple and easy. It is the name of an online environment that integrates the features and tools for painting, designing, drawing and creating the page layout. In addition to dealing with these functions, Fatpaint provides its users with the functions and tools of editing the pictures, utilizing the vector clipart, drawing vector images, coloring & editing the images, writing rich text creating the 3D text logos and much more. In short, Fatpaint can be said as a highly advanced drawing platform that can be used by the both beginners and professional artists, photographers, and designers. The best about Fatpaint is that in addition to providing the above-mentioned features and functions, it even support for the desktop publish tools and functions as well like custom printed, vector drawing, brush painting and lot of others. You will surely find here the best available designing and drawing tools.


10. Paintbrush

Paintbrush is an easy to use painting program for the Mac OS X users. It has been however discontinued but still the current version of Paintbrush can be used for performing simple to advanced level of drawing functions. It was launched as a replacement for the dysfunctional painting program of the MacPaint and now it is also not available with the latest version but still the current version of Paintbrush is doing well. The current version of Paintbrush can still perform various basic to advanced level of drawing and editing functions like support for the all major image formats, full transparency level, support for alpha channel images, support for pasting images copies from the other Mac based paint programs and even the MS Office and MS Paint work as well. The key features of Paintbrush that are available in the prevailed version are a user friendly interface, availability of new tools in the shape of airbrush eye dropper, zoom, image resizing, canvas cropping and much more.


11. Mtpaint

Mtpaint is a simple painting program that will allow you either start new drawing project or carry own the existing drawing work that you have saved from the other paint and drawing programs. Due to its efficient and simple interface, Mtpaint can be run on almost all version of Windows operating systems. The best about Mtpaint is that it is a free and open source program that enable the users to modify its structure in order to use it according to the own requirements of the users. When it comes to the main technical features and functions of Mtpaint then it is doing well in this area as well by providing the intuitive features in the shape of user-friendly interface, pixel art system, and image manipulation. The image manipulation system of Mtpaint is then more advanced as compared to the rest of the features of the Mtpaint because it delivers the quick transformation system for image brightness, saturation, hue and much more. That means the single copy of Mtpaint can be used for image editing functions as well.


12. LazPaint

LazPaint is a drawing, painting and raster image editing platform that in addition to providing the system for painting over a blank canvas deals with the rendering functions as well. It performs the rendering functions by using the gamma correction and antialiasing functions. It is expert in dealing and reading the almost all type of image formats and get itself easily compatible with the other layered editors as well with the assistance of the OpenRaster format. The main advantage of using LazPaint are its compatibility functions that allow the user to even import the Paint.NET and MS Paint files. The users are even allowed to import the flattened images of the Adobe Photoshop as well. You will stun out to read that LazPaint enable its users to even import the 3D objects in Wavefront format as well. By using the LazPaint, you will enjoy the advanced level of color manipulation functions as well that are regarding curve adjustments, complex selection functions, rendering fixtures, various filters and much more.


13. Corel Photo-Paint

Corel Photo-Paint is a painting based image editor and drawing tool by the Corel Draw that allows you to either quickly draw the new one images or edit the existing one and create the professional level of stunning artwork. The main areas of functioning of Corel Photo-Paint are spread into sections of photo retouching & enhancement, digital painting & bitmap creation, RAW image editing, and streamlined web exporting. Corel Photo-Paint is a way to create the stunning level of sketches and turns the simple photos into the stunning as well. That means in a single pack of the Corel Photo-Paint, you can enjoy the two basic graphic features of editing and drawing. It can be used for any purpose because it delivers the users with a wide selection of options and features. Use Corel Photo-Paint and then it will assist you in speeding up your workflow when dealing with any type of image file. Corel Photo-Paint is perfect for working with any type of image format.


14. Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a digital raster based painting program to create the high-quality painting. It is the provider of basic graphical functions and features of painting, drawing and printmaking. It is basically used for the real-time processing of drawings and paintings. It is one of the best digital art painting program for the digital artists and professional photographers because here they will get the advanced level of creative tools. Corel Painter is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. It is simply the impressive collection and array of the natural based brushes and photo cloning features. If you are the beginner in the world of drawing and painting then Corel Painter will be a great help for you because there is in app learning system in the Corel Painter for the beginners. Simply use the Corel Painter to visualize your drawing and artistic passion is deploying the advanced level of creativity tools and functions of the Corel Painter.


15. Gnome Paint

Gnome Paint is a simple yet powerful and elegant painting program for the GNOME environment that is mostly based on the features and functions of the MS Paint. However, at many levels it is more advanced as compared to the MS paint. Like you can use it as an image editor as well for performing the basic image editing and processing functions. The image packaging available in the Gnome Paint is highly up to date. It can be said as the replacement of MS Paint for the GNOME desktop base environment, Gnome Paint has made the process of drawing and painting very simple and easy. Simply use the Gnome Paint to unleash your creativity ideas in order to make them able to become true and the real one. One of the best features of Gnome Paint is that it provide the users with the system of putting the objects and work on the different layers in order to get control the all at the same time.


16. Paint Editor

Paint Editor that is also said as the Scratch Paint Editor that work as an image editor as well. That means Paint Editor can be used for both graphical purpose of editing and drawing. Paint Editor allow the users to create their own costumes, backdrops and sprites. It is not designed for performing the simple and easy to use drawing tasks only rather the ultimate purpose of Paint Editor is to deal with the advanced and professional level of creative tasks. The best about Paint Editor is that it is different from the other painting and drawing programs because deploys the both raster graphics and vector graphics. Unlike bitmaps based programs, Paint Editor store the images as rules instead of dealing with them as an array of pixels. This system of provide the more smooth image experience to the users. Moreover, Paint Editor can be used for image converting as well for converting the image from one format to another one.


17. Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a drawing tool that is basically designed for the children. It is like a digital canvas where the young minds can perform various drawing and painting functions like they are performing on the real one canvas. However, Tux Paint can be used by the professionals as well because Tux Paint works as a means for creating and processing the raster graphics. Tux Paint was designed with the aim of providing the assistance in the education sectors but now it is being used for various other purposes as well. But still it can be used for performing low level of painting and drawing tasks. The main features and functions of Tux Paint are it is entirely different from the typical drawing programs, contains a very sleek and simple user interface audible feedback system and much more. The working area of Tux Paint is subdivided into five basic sections that are in shape of toolbox, canvas, color palette, selector, and information area. Here you will be provided with the slideshow system as well.


18. AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a next-generation drawing tool that pairs the magic of machine learning with drawings from artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast, and quickly.

You need to draw a rough painting by using its pencil tools or shapes, and after creating it will guess and show all the possible options to choose from. You can easily select each one without any limitations.


19. CinePaint

CinePaint is an open source painting program that is used for retouching of bitmap frames of films. It is basically used for the filmmakers who are required to retouch and edit their bitmap frames of movies. The best about CinePaint is that it is an open source program that can be modified according to the own requirement of the users as well. It deploys the basic picture visual effects and animation work. The main advantage of using CinePaint is that it support the high bit depth that means to get the more advantage of deploying the visual effects of the CinePaint. The best above all is that in addition to working as a program for painting and drawing, CinePaint deals in the various image editing and image processing functions as well that are regarding frame manager, skinning, and ability to work with dynamic range imaging. This open source program is specially designed for the dealing with the 35mm film and can be used for the other functions as well.

More About Pinta

Pinta is a multiplatform drawing and painting tool that is available for most all operating systems and computing devices. Most of the features of the Pinta are based on the default drawing and designing tools of the MS Paint but at the same time are very different and unique from the MS Paint as well. It has more features as compared to most of the basic painting and drawing platforms because it is an opens source drawing program that is backed by the most of the features of GIMP as well. The best about Pinta is that in addition to providing the basic drawing and painting features, Pinta support for the image editing and processing functions but the same is not the ultimate purpose of the development of the Pinta. The editing is the extra function of Pinta while basic function of the Pinta is same and that is the availability of image filters, drawing tools, color adjustments and much more.

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