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Pipl is a search engine designed to help peoples search for other people from all over the world. The platform comes with many applications, but it is marketed as a tool to help businesses to verify identities, detect and prevent instances of financial fraud… read more
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1. Location SMS

Location SMS is an application that allows the users to locate themselves by sending a simple text ‘Where are you?’ to the phone. The app will locate the phone and reply to users with the required coordinates or location to the number from where the text came. Moreover, even if the mobile network is offline, it will still detect the location and sends the text automatically.

Even if the users have lost their phone in the house and it is on a do not disturb mode, they can find location by sending a ‘Lost’ text to their phone, and it will start ringing on its highest volume. Moreover, users can control who can sent text to their phones when it comes to tracking it. Location SMS enables users to set up a Geo-fence feature, which will automatically send a text to their loved ones when they reach a location.


2. Truth Finder

Truth Finder is a platform that enables users to uncover information on anyone. The platform allows the users to view background information of any kind on anyone. The platform comes with a list of directories such as Criminal records, Public Records, and many more. The platform offers a free people search, which allows users to view records of people without going to various courthouses just to track someone.

It provides the full name and aliases of the person about whom you want to search, his date of birth, phots, education, jobs, cell phone numbers, and much other personal information. Moreover, the platform enables users to search for information on Dark Web to see whether any users’ information is being compromised or not. It allows users to search Passport number, Social Security Number, credit/debit cards, and much more related information.


More About Pipl

Pipl is a search engine designed to help peoples search for other people from all over the world. The platform comes with many applications, but it is marketed as a tool to help businesses to verify identities, detect and prevent instances of financial fraud.

The platform comes with a very basic level, and now it has millions of users around the world and stored more than 3 billion profiles stored in its database. All you have to do it enter a person’s details includes contact numbers, social usernames, and email addresses to pinpoint the actual person.

It also includes applications such as searching business users and scour for more information to complete a personal profile. With this, you can also be able to retrieve missing contact details so you can devise and execute more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Pipl is quite simple and easy to use solution and no require any specific IT skills to enjoy its service.

It comes with complete guides and video tutorials that teach all the core functionality of the software. Pipl is not just an application that helps you find contact numbers, names, and emails. It also helps you quickly accelerate your qualifications by allowing you to create targeted campaigns using all information from your profiles. Its other prominent feature includes bulk search, contact enrichment, cross channel data, quick integration, data resolution, full profile search, and much more.

Pipl Reviews

written on June 2, 2020

First of all, the interface is very nice, and all the things that you require are right on the screen. You have to fill out the form to use this website properly. The services it offers can find the person you are looking for. I am amazed at the services because it finds the information according to the full state name, phone number, email address, and all the basic things you will require to find a person. It searches all the social sites’ public records, and if you give the number, it will trace its location where it was last used. It is a tracker but for the public, and its features are limited and as wide as provided by the law.

written on February 14, 2020

I found the name of the website very funny. Instead, I like to read it as ‘people.’ Besides this factor, it is a great search engine design for people to search for other people. If you need to hire someone or check someone else’s background, this is a platform you should use because it consists of all the details, which are, of course, public records and present them to you in a compiled form. I have used this service many times before hiring employees for my small business venture. I am sure that you will find its services adequate.

written on January 15, 2020

It is safe to say that the search engine works quite nicely and within the rules of law. This platform has many users, but mostly it is used to check the background of employees before hiring them for any large business or small retail store. You do not want any shady person to know your business, and Lord knows if you hire someone like a criminal, it can become somewhere dangerous down the road. So it’s better to be cautious.

Ellis O.
written on December 24, 2019

I like this platform because it can search for people. Not famous people, not celebrities, because you have Google to do it. It will provide you details of any local person you get the details. It’s like checking a background without consulting any police station or public libraries or wherever the data and recorder stored. This platform has a 3 billion profile store in a database, and it can access all those information for you in a jiffy. It will give you a complete personal profile, and you can also retrieve missing contact details so you can find more people. If you are running a campaign, use this platform because you need votes to win a campaign, and this platform will help you know the people around you.