Pirate Galaxy


Pirate Galaxy Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 The Long Journey Home


The Long Journey Home is a Simulation, Strategy, Role-playing, and Single-player video game developed and introduced by Daedalic Entertainment. This 2D version focuses on the storyline of the galaxy while surviving in space in different situations and battles. You will struggle to make a comeback to earth as you and your crew are struck into the space station. Make the smart moves to be back on your planet while facing different challenges and atmospheric hurdles.

The action edition also tests you by sending out foes towards your way and make your comeback difficult but it would be easy if you make wise decisions. Explore space and galaxy with numerous other worlds that are part of your journey too. To be alive, you need to find some allied and forge an army in this do or die situation while being on the way back home. Millions of good as well as bad aliens are there in space and you have to find a way to survive among them. Raid the thing of best use, Snatch any other usable items like shooting guns, food, and other weapons.