Pirates of the Burning Sea


Pirates of the Burning Sea Alternatives for Android

#1 The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt


The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is an Addictive, Adventure, Strategy, Trading, Online, Single, and Multiplayer video game released by Home Net Games. There are more than twenty classes of ships, and the game takes place in the Caribbean in the Age of Piracy environment. It casts you in the role of the captain and lets you select your ship to sail in the massive ocean from a third-person perspective. It has five different types of ammo, such as Chain, Doubles, Grapeshot Bombs, Chain Bals, and more.

Explosive Barrels, Battering Rams, Burning Oil, etc., are the prominent weapons in the game. Select one of fifteen nations to participate in sea battles such as Smugglers, Convoys, Pirate Fight, Merchants, and others. Explore the world, fight against foes, and loot their resources after defeating them. Manage your resources to survive longer and upgrade your ship, weapons, and crew using experience points. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, smooth controls, and a well-written story, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is the best game to play and enjoy.


#2 Pacific Fleet


Pacific Fleet is a Historical, Turn-based Combat, War, Single-player and Multiplayer Simulation created and published by Killerfish Games. The game takes place during World War II event, where multiple nations are fighting against each other to become the world power.

The game allows the player to choose his nation and get into the game world. Each country of the game has its ships, units, weapons, and resources. It allows the player to take on the command of a massive vessel full of weapons and try to destroy all the opponent ships to progress.