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Plex is a multiplatform media organizing system that allows you to organize your digital media and streams them all kind of digital media screens. It is the best way to enjoy your favorite media resources anywhere and anytime. Plex is a centralized home media playback system having robust pivotal server streaming with several player apps… read more
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13 Plex Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. TVersity

TVersity is a DLNA based media server for streaming the multimedia data from the PC to DLNA, smartphones and UPnP devices. In addition to streaming, TVersity operates as a media sharing and screen mirroring as well. TVersity was also the pioneer of the real-time transcoding also. Before TVersity, none other media servers were supporting this feature. The two main advantages of TVersity are delivering any media to any device and provide a personal entertainment guide to the users in order to assist them to create a personalized channels even from RSS feeds, URLs and playlists. As TVersity is based on the open source component, most of the bundled codecs of TVersity are open source. TVersity is available in two versions that are TVersity Free and TVersity Pro. TVersity pro is capable of streaming from online video sites and doesn’t deal in the transcode. There is no system for streaming from online video websites in case of TVersity Free version. By using TVersity, you will get a simple and user-friendly environment that will provide you an ultrafast search and navigation system to play and view the entire media library to the smartphones. However, in a case of the free version of TVersity, you have to deal with ads.


2. Mezzmo

Mezzmo is a multiplatform DLNA based media server for streaming media of all format. It supports the streaming of media files to the home-based DLNA and UPnP devices. The software is capable of dealing with TV shows, movies, HD videos, photos, 3D video, and much more.

The best about Mezzmo is that it even support for the media sharing as well that is missing in most of the Windows based media servers. Install Mezzmo in your PC and start streaming all type of media to DLNA and UPnP enabled devices in the home as well.


3. Serviio

Serviio is a freemium multifunctional media server for the Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. It is capable of streaming the media files of all types for home-based DLNA devices only. Serviio is the expert in streaming media files to renderer devices – Blu-ray player, smartphones, games consoles, TV sets – on the connected home network. In addition to a free version, there is also has a paid version for professional users and commercial purposes.

If you talk about the free version of Serviio, then it is also capable of delivering the best options and functions. The server is capable of streaming the data on almost all those devices that support the internet connection. It also supports the profiles for particular devices that make it easy for the Serviio to be tuned to maximize the device’s potential and minimize the lack of media format playback support via transcoding.


4. MediaTomb

MediaTomb is a free and open source UPnP media server that contains a very nice and straightforward web user interface. MediaTomb allows the entertainment lovers to stream their digital media files via their home network and watch and listen the variety of UPnP compatible devices. MediaTomb deploys the specifications of the UPnP MediaServer. Currently, the features being offered by the MediaTomb are browser and playback the media files of all formats through UPnP, metadata extraction from all type of media files, support for the exif thumbnail, user defined server layout, extraction of metadata from scriptable virtual containers and various others. The other good quality of MediaTomb is that it has a very sophisticated web interface in a shape of the tree view of the file system and database that support for the system of adding, removing, editing and browsing the media. The support for content directory service for getting updates is also the part of the MediaTomb. In addition to Windows, MediaTomb is compatible with the Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems as well.



TVMOBiLi is a high-performance media server for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. The support of TVMOBiLi is mainly available for the Smart TV. In addition to Smart TV, TVMOBiLi also supports for the few other internet enabled devices as well. It takes very few steps to install the TVMOBiLi. During the installation of the TVMOBiLi in the system, all files will remain at their place and will be available automatically on all connected devices via TVMOBiLi in a home environment. In addition to a simple home media server, TVMOBiLi support for the wireless media server, Chromecast media server, Samsung AllShare media server and iTunes media server. A single version of TVMOBiLi supports for the various type of media serves, and same is the main advantage of using the TVMOBiLi. TVMOBiLi is surely a high-performance media server that is very easy to install. After the successful completion of the installation of the TVMOBiLi, it will automatically find the default media files and folders and enable the streaming the media to the other connected internet enabled devices. In doing so, TVMOBiLi will never disturb the media setting of your system.


6. Playon

Playon developed and published by MediaMall Technologies Inc. It is a powerful app that lets you enjoy local videos from your PC on your mobile device. The app also aggregates all of your favorite streaming content from more than 60 sites into one easy-to-use interface on your computer.

Playon is also known as streaming media brand that enables users to view and record videos from multiple online content providers. It is a complete suite that consists of two main products, such as Playon Desktop and Playon Cloud. Playon Desktop is a window-based solution that acts as a steaming dashboard and hub on the computer.


7. Windows Media Services

Windows Media Services is a media streaming service by the Microsoft that supports for the generation and controlling of streaming media files. But there is one limitation in Windows Media Services, and that is it support for the formats of Windows Media only like in the case of audio and image formats, the support of Windows Media Services is restricted to the MP3 and JPEG formats only. However, there are also various other additional other functionalities that you will not find in other streaming platforms. First of all Windows Media Services has the ability to cache and record streams, impose various connection limits, restricts, record streams, use multiple protocols, forward error correction and much more. Windows Media Services is expert in dealing with a number of concurrent connection as well that make the content suitable for the providers. The other quality of Windows Media Services is that it is capable of distributing the streaming in various servers as part of a distribution network as well and in that can each server feeds the different audience and network. You will surely glad to read that the Windows Media Services support both unicast and multicast streams. In short, Windows Media Services is based on the requirements of the real entertainment lovers.


8. MediaPortal

MediaPortal is a single platform media solution that transforms the multimedia data of the PC into a personalized media solution. It runs on the basic digital hardware and connects the PC directly to the PC, and allow users to explore the multimedia files on TV right from the PC. That is the way of working of MediaPortal.

The main advantages of using MediaPortal is that watch or schedule movies, play any videos of any format, listen to even radio and music, create a slideshow, stream media of any format, use remote control to control all media, check the weather news, and access the MediaPortal even from the mobile devices and website.


9. JRIver Media Center

JRIver Media Center is a complete multimedia solution that allows you to organize all type of media content and play it on any digital device or operating system. It is available to use on Mac OS X and Windows operating system and allows the users to build their own media center to organize media files of all type.

By using JRIver Media Center, you will be able to organize all of your media, including audio, video, music, web media, HTPC, DLNA, etc. All at one place because JRIver Media Center provides the one complete media solution. The platform even supports the creation of playlists as well and can export playlist in various formats as well.


10. Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server is a DLNA supporting multimedia platform to stream media of all type and format. It is a multiplatform solution that is available for PlayStations, game consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, DVD & Blu-ray player, and much more.

Universal Media Server is a free to use program who get itself updated time to time for free. The best about this solution is that it is for everyone and its features are higher than other free and paid media servers.


11. Infuse

Infuse is a multiplatform and multifunctional media server and media player that support for the both subtitles and media codecs. Infuse is the nice and beautiful way to watch videos and movies across multiple devices that are connected via Infuse. The best about Infuse is that it has totally diminished the requirement of basic conversion of media files in order to play on the other media devices. The support for the purpose of playing media files of all type in beyond the system of iTunes. Infuse is the best way to play most of the media formats including the most popular MKV, AVI, WMV and other popular audio and video formats. The main highlighted features and functions of Infuse that you can say as advantages of using Infuse are high-performance playback system, stream effortlessly, import media files from the other apps including cloud storages, organized all data in a proper order, system for playing of subtitles and much more. The drag and drop transfers system of Infuse allow the users to transfer their videos and other data from one platform to another one in a snap. The best about Infuse is its compatibility system that makes it possible for the users to connect easily with DLNA and UPnP apps and even with the other media servers as well for the purpose of browse, stream and download the videos.


12. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source and home theater solution for personal and commercial purposes. It is a multifunctional and multiplatform theater system available for various hardware that features the support for TV and remote controls.

When you use the Kodi, it will provide you with the feature of playing and viewing videos, music, podcast, and other digital media files from the network and local storage media. Kodi was launched as a replacement to Windows Media Center for home theater PC.


13. Emby

Emby is an open media solution for centralizing all of your digital media collection and accessing it from any part of the world. It has a lot of cloud storage services but not efficient in dealing with the arrangement of music and videos in proper order.

Emby is the way to get your media files organized at a central place. By using this, you can bring all of your media files like audio, video, music, movies, and photos at a centralized location.

More About Plex

Plex is a multiplatform media organizing system that allows you to organize your digital media and streams them all kind of digital media screens. It is the best way to enjoy your favorite media resources anywhere and anytime.

Plex is a centralized home media playback system having robust pivotal server streaming with several player apps. The server is available on platforms like Windows, OS X, and many flavors of Linux, along with many NAS devices like ReadyNAS or Sinology.

It comes with the capability to play a range of videos, audio, and photo formats, along with online streaming. The odd part of Plex is that it is traced in its store features. The main highlighted features of Plex is that it will double your enjoyment and support all kind of media files, organize the data in a beautiful way, manage everything, own music home, automatically upload the photos and much more.

Plex Reviews

Mi Yong
written on May 31, 2020

It was easy to set up and it provides many tools to view every function and feature of the program. I have been using this platform for adequate time, and it has managed all my favorite shows and movies including my work documents. I only wish it was free, but it’s not, and I’m not complaining about the prizes because with such low cost you get a wide variety of tools to manage your media. Especially you can share anything directly to any social site using this platform.