PocketBell is an Android application that provides a dedicated alarm clock, which includes so many features, and it offers tons of tools that allow you to manage your life cycle is the best and easy way. It is only available for Android phones, but the iOS application is under development. The features of the app include smart motion control, MP3 support, video stream, alarm snooze mode, and much more.

The interactive interface gives a smart layout, and the graphical representation is accessible and attractive for the user. The app allows every type of Android version, and it is fast and easy to use. PocketBell requires a little setup detail and asks for your credentials and basic information.

The alarm clock was designed for maximum simplicity, and it has a very different way of waking up the user with an intuitive alarm system. The gesture control gives you the ability to snooze the alarm from just waving your hand above the screen, and it works in a fast and simple way. In the purchased and free mode, it does not provide any ads, which is a big stress relief for users.

The motion control works in a very easy way, and the flexible setting option allows you to control volume feeding, land vibration strength, and give you tons of other options. An in-app purchase of PocketBell opens additional features, but the free version works in the best way too.


PocketBell Alternatives

#1 AlarmDroid


AlarmDroid is an alarm application that is only available on Android devices and possesses many interesting features. The functionality of the application consists of a smart sensor, customizable speaking, and clock obstacle, which allow you to engage in different games before the alarm stops, and it also keeps you active.

The main functionality of the app includes a grid design interactive interface and many other modules that give a user-friendly layout of the structure, and it is a low space carrying the application, and it can run on any Android version. Considering the smart interface of AlarmDroid, it was developed by a bunch of programmers that initiated the simple colored interface for a basic alarm.

It tells you the time, day, and weather conditions and guides you throughout the day. It can also customize as making your plans on the system. AlarmDroid allows you to keep your task optimize, and it has a great interactive feature which gives you different models for different aspect, and you can create as many tasks you want.

The current version of the app is 2.0, which brings the new material design, plenty of different themes to select and give an overall boost in performance.


#2 Timely


Timely is a great cross-platform application which provides accurate time tracking without effort and consists of intuitive and interactive feature which allows the user to automatically go along with the artificial intelligence system and track your work time, manage your work time, save your tasks, and manage your routine.

It comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and consists of different functionalities that allow you to work with the time deliberately. It provides control over email browser documentation GPS location client meeting web-based application, which can be controlled directly from the mobile application.

The interface of Timely provide logs of work hours that interact with the module and provide a task project time, which creates a weekly time-sheet for simply managing the task. The division system integrated with the programming of the application to give you efficiency and profitability using estimated time versus log towards billable versus non-billable time projects, budget tracking tasks, activity breakdown, and so much more.

The layout of the system has a smart interface, and it has a great structure which integrated different program, and they are managed in a sophisticated way. The data representation is easy to navigate and understand. Timely is a free app, but it offers in-app purchases but does not give any ads with the free and purchase version.

#3 Google Clock


Google Clock is an application of Google Inc. and provides a simpler module and structure for giving you Google clock. The features provide integration with Google analytical thinking with the artificial intelligence system and allow you to indirectly control the application and manage various tasks within the platform.

Google Clock functions as an alarm, stopwatch, and it also provides a world clock of different countries for you can integrate them according to your requirements and your region. In some devices yet come integrated from Google.

It has a dark theme and allows you to create your time tasks, your favorite music to wake you up, know the time of different activities of your routine, and give you a stopwatch module that works according to your requirements.

The application is easy to use, and it is a cross-platform application, which means it is available on iOS and Android phones, and it also gives a module separately for windows devices. It has a great infrastructure, and the interface is easy to use.

The constructive user menu provides a navigational feature with an easy layout. The app is free and does not offer any purchase option. Google Clock can also be customized with different alarms and integrate with your other Google devices.


#4 Gyroscope Sleep AI


Gyroscope Sleep AI is an application and a smart platform that provide health insight and weight loss strategy but in a very traditional way. It consists of many interesting features and provides a life-changing module which allows you to track your everyday activity and give a constant insight to improve your sleep.

It provides a module for different strategies and maintain a lifetime task opportunity and optimize your sleep categories according to your requirement. The features of the application include health scoring, easy interaction interface, data representation in an easy way, simple and fun way to make your mood happy, track your sleep, give an analytical report, contact emergency, and much more.

Gyroscope Sleep AI has a great interface, and it is available for both Android and iOS phones. The interface changes to a more interactive mode, and it gives you more interaction links and guided structure, so the user does not face any navigation problem.

The layout structure is always there to help, and core aspects of Gyroscope Sleep AI include the integration of Fitbit or German for step tracking and Fitbit for sleep tracking it also enables you to track your life according to the affordable monthly subscription.

It saves your data and integrates with other Google devices. Gyroscope Sleep AI also allows you to integrate with the social application and invite your friend to the app to compete on the steps leaderboard across platforms.

#5 Awaken


Awaken is the different type of meditation application that provides a community feature and allows you to integrate with different people and understand their thinking and ideas in getting awakened. It provides an interesting feature and gives you a separate layout for their complexities in the world that are around you and allow you to integrate with them on a social level.

It also gives you an event management system and provides you separate social interaction platform throughout the application provided on your phones. Awaken do not have Android application but gives you and iOS platform so you can easily sync with other iOS devices and manage the profile. The application programming interface of Awaken is easy to use.

The core features of the platform involve meditation techniques, different programs, membership offers, emotional exploration, different ways of getting your life healthy and on track, giving you are motivational speaking language interface, provide you different teachers for different aspects, and much more.

Awaken is not cheap and comes with the price, but it also offers an in-app purchase module to get additional membership offers and give a separate window so you can directly chat with your mentor.

#6 Sleepfulness


Sleepfulness is a great application and consists of many exciting tools which provide the ability to track your sleep and give you a time table of arranging your task according to your requirement. The main features of the application offer additional insight into your sleeping time. Sleepfulness is available on Android and iOS phones.

The interface of the app is easy to use and provides a structural and navigational GUI. The application is best suited for people who cannot control their sleep time, and they are not productive in life. It was then organized the daily task and give you are additional feedback for your work time and sleep time.

All the information can be viewed on the website provided by the platform. The main feature which attracts the user more is the contact support feedback, which gives a live agent who navigates the user through the process in setting up the app and explaining the different modules in the system.

The application is free but comes with an in-app purchase, which opens additional features and allows you to remove ads. Sleepfulness is easy to use, and it provides significant help in making life changes.

#7 SleepCycle


SleepCycle is one of the most renowned sleeping application which provides an interactive interface for the user to manage their sleep time and work on productivity at also calculate the average sleep time and sleep quality.

The interface of the application consists of multiple functionalities that are easy to use, and they are all supported by the navigation and user guarded manual, which comes within the app. The core features of the app include better sleeping with the gentle wakeup call, relax, and bedtime track sleeping, sleep tracker with different functionalities.

It also includes healthcare providers with analytical data reporting, 24/7 contact support, snooze functionality, customize wake up window, detailed statistic reporting, graphical representation of reports, and much more. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones and does not take much space in the device.

SleepCycle comes with ads, and they can be removed by in-app purchases, which also levels you to explore more options within the application. Upon purchasing the premium option, the app gives you online backup wake up, mood system sleep notes, which provides you a healthy diet and many other functionalities.

SleepCycle comes with a smart graphical interface which navigates the different aspect, and the interface provides light-themed setup manual which gave a smart representation of sleep analysis, smart alarm analysis, reporting, and snore detection.

#8 Gentle Alarm


Gentle Alarm is an alarm clock that is only available for Android devices, and there is no application available for iOS phones. It offers tons of exciting features, and it also allows the user to use the clock in different modes. It is full of exciting features, and it includes tons of essential features that do not require you to utilize the in-app purchase.

It allows you to use the clock in various methods and modes, and it also gives you a different interaction feature for every separated aspect of the system. Gentle Alarm focuses on three main things, wake up gently, relax and sleep faster, sleep better through the night, and more.

The main feature of the app includes different alarm clock true sunrise, gentle sound big nightstand clock tower, napping sleep timer, and sleep at sleeping sounds. It also offers beautiful count down, brightness adjustment, individual wake up, easy and interactive software, and many other functionalities.

The in-app purchases of Gentle Alarm allow you to remove the ads and open additional features like keeping alarm clock, auto start portrait, and landscape guided meditation, custom repeat option, and a lot more. The interface allows the user to interact with the platform easily, and it is fun to use.

#9 Talalarmo


Talalarmo is one of the great and straightforward alarm clocks available for Android devices, and it can run on any version of the Android platform. The app is different from the rest of the Sleeping apps because it is crafted by a developer who has gathered the data over 25 years and gain versatile sleeping experience focus on user satisfaction and relaxation.

The central aspect of Talalarmo focuses on the minimalist alarm that keeps one alarm time recurring daily like a pure wind-up alarm clock, and the engineers’ input method allows the user to set the alarm in less than a second.

The user can snooze the clock by touching the screen anywhere, and if you are so sleepy and you can barely open you are you can use the hand gesture. It also has a no snooze mode, which is simply functional and effective. The interface is interactive, and it has a smart and futuristic design.

Talalarmo can work under any environment, and it does not take much space in memory. It is free and comes with the in-app purchase to unlock additional features that open different options like timer, bedtime schedule, stopwatch, and much more.