Postcards is a newsletter and postcard sending services that collaborate with the whole team and provide you the best experience with an intuitive email builder that works with email marketing ideas to boost up your business performance and get more leads. The system gives you a drag and drop builder that works smartly, and it provides an exquisite design module for obtaining a postcard-ready to be sent directly from the dashboard.

Postcards also offer text and image editing module and provide you an exporting feature that let you directly export the postcard to Mailchimp, HubSpot or as a plain HTML. The interface of Postcards is easy to navigate and provides terrific abilities. It also has more than a hundred customize modules and templates predefined in the database version and lets you integrate the desktop on any device easily.

The main features of Postcards include integrating with the iPhone mail app, Android, Windows mail, Yahoo mail, and various mailing systems, ESP-Ready systems, modular system that include stack customize, and rearrange predesigned creative options. Postcards also contain manager content, project management, unlimited export, cloud image hosting, direct email preview, Google Font integration, external image support, clean coding, and much more.


Postcards Alternatives

#1 Seventh Sense


Seventh Sense is an email-intelligent system which provides an email marketing facility for your digital marketing requirement. It has many interesting features that gave a specific email API module. It sends an automated email for your business requirement and boosts your reach to the consumers.

The main focus of the platform is on providing the services of email integration with the social platform, and it only works on the cloud module and does not offer a software solution for the desktop. The core feature of Seventh Sense includes A/B testing, reporting analytics, dripping campaign, and more.

The platform provides an artificial intelligence system directly integrated with the email modules and collects the data of different responses from the consumer and provides an analytical report in real-time, which previews different aspects of the marketing tactics and sets a campaign for your business requirement.

The interface of Seventh Sense is easy to use and consists of an easy structural layout, which navigates the user in the best way possible. It is not free and comes with the purchase module and does not offer any free trial version and starts the basic subscription plan from $150 per month to Enterprises requirements.


#2 Pinpointe On-Demand


Pinpointe On-Demand is a specifically targeted email marketing module that consists of many features and offers deliverability of emails in a sophisticated way. The main feature and focus on is email marketing, which provides a global reach and offers thousands of email templates to integrate with your business and provide email permission-based except for managing the relationship with major ISPs and participate in feedback loops.

The Core feature of the application includes email marketing, bounce processing, import-export data records, drag and drop campaign builder, offer a specific API for customization of email on behalf of someone, also integrated for the first party direct interaction, and more.

Pinpointe On-Demand also consists of email inbox preview HTML email template Google Analytics integration compare statistics advanced segmenting and targeting, testing feature, and much more. The interface of the web-based service is easy to use, and it does not offer any desktop program.

The GUI is highly customizable, and it provides a constructive layout, so the user does not have any issue in navigating the service module. Pinpointe On-Demand offers contact support and has a list of products. It does not offer a free trial version, and it comes in the form of a subscription module, which begins from $50 per month and so on.

#3 SocketLabs


SocketLabs is the email delivery solution that consists of email optimization that directly integrates with social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It provides you email integration in the form of a marketing campaign to improve your business and give you a new level of reach to the consumer.

The core feature of SocketLabs includes different aspects like email marketing, administration diagnostic integration, analytical tracking of email, separating the spam, trash alert of different companies, and many others.

A new search feature was introduced in the control panel and API, which provides an on-demand control panel that was a search feature and combined with the ability to sort on an individual column and enable the user to find the required result for a specific query.

The search feature improves the reliability of the email and makes improvements in the performance. It also provides the facility of email marketing and development have which character integrates with your WordPress website or any other CMS platform, and it can make changes in the back-end.

The inbound email parsing and the email analytic provided by the AI system give a real-time reporting facility so the user can analyze the data and make changes in the workflow. SocketLabs offers a free trial period that offers 40000 free emails with over 30 powerful features and 30 days off contact support.


#4 WhatCounts


WhatCounts is an email marketing software that contains many interesting tools and provides various templates and services to improve your business online and getting more consumers for your promotion. The main aspect the service focuses on is email integration with the social website and creating a new digital marketing campaign to improve your business performance.

It also gives you services of email marketing that gave a specific API so the user can automatically create a template or choose a predefined template for marketing and get analytical data from different sources. That data is compressed and compare with multiple aspects involving in the marketing tactics, and improve the campaign for the business.

The main features of WhatCounts include subscriber acquisition, recording the welcome series, provide an SMS marketing function, feature spotlight, InDesign formatting, updating regularly, responsive design, testing module, life-cycle marketing, dynamic content, behavior personalization, delivery tools, and much more.

The interface of the program is user-friendly and comes with the constructive layout of the structure have a nice theme and easily integrate with mobile applications. WhatCounts provide a subscription module and do not offer a free trial version.

#5 StreamSend


StreamSend is a powerful email marketing tool which is providing different functionalities and features for improving your business requirement and getting more customers for your business. The main function of this platform is to give you an integrated API module that offers different functionalities.

It also integrates your business and gets more promotion and responses from your customers. It is an email marketing social delivery tool that also integrates with another social platform to boost up your business sales, but the main focus is on the latter service.

The core feature of StreamSend includes smart message delivery, custom landing pages, sign-up forms, advanced marketing automation, segmentation email analyzer, video and email editing, professional design template for all type of business, RSS-driven newsletter automation, dedicated tablet library, free private IP addresses for your business, and more.

The interface of StreamSend is easy to use, and the data is represented in the analytical and statistical form, which is easy to understand. The user can easily gather data from the chart and diagrams. It offers a support feature, and it also gives a 30-day free trial and starts the subscription from $20 per month to $270 per month.

#6 Email on Acid


Email on Acid is an email providing a platform that looks very different from other platforms of the same category and consists of many interesting features. Its focuses on digital marketing need of the user and integrating with the social platform to provide you a sophisticated business plan.

It also allows you to view email testing and provide a pre-check of email workflow that starts from the beginning to the end. The core features of the application include email testing, spam testing, and email editor, which provide email production and create flawless email for better results.

It also focuses on deliverability and buying results from the attached design and improvising new campaign strategies before launching a business. Email on Acid is easy to use, and it has a WordPress looking interface.

The data representation is precise, and the reporting is in real-time, so the user can get the analytical data and compare it with the comparative website or business. Email on Acid focus on design inspiration and the email analytics give campaign strategies for different businesses which are predefined in the system, and many other functionalities.

The interface of the system is easy, and it can be customized to user requirements so you can MI set the Dragon drop tools according to your template. It is not free and does not provide a trial version but gives a sophisticated and affordable subscription plan.

#7 MailUp


MailUp is an email marketing platform which focuses on digital marketing of your business, and it also integrates with the social platform so that you can boost your business on the various platform which is controlled by a single service provider.

The main function of the services is to give you a specific guideline for improving your business and follow that Guideline in every way possible. It also improve invoicing according to the market requirement and gives you an Email application programming interface for directly integrating with the system from the user’s end.

The primary features of the system include template creation, custom template availability, email segmentation, notification alerts, detail server logs, diagnostic features, editing, and platform customization features. MailUp also offers design testing and integration, spam filtering tracking analyzing the data collected by the system application attribution, and much more.

MailUp provides a fetal module to check the services, and it offers a sufficient module after the free trial has expired. The interface is easy to use and consists of various modulus other than email marketing. It allows you to be a part of the platform and boost your sales by starting up your business with big organizations. It offers an online service platform.

#8 250ok


250ok is email providing services that integrate with marketing tactics and provide a digital marketing tool for email marketing and integrate with your social platform to improve your business and give a profitable outcome. The main function of the platform is to provide e-mail analytical and deliverability services that penetrate through multiple firewalls, black holes, and insufficient data to give a precise and dedicated email marketing service.

The advanced analytics and main features of the platform include inbox placement, Blocklist address, design collaboration, ESP integration, email authentication, engagement analytics, address validation, spam trap monitoring, and more.

250ok is a web-based service, and the data representation is easy to understand. It previews the data in different forms as per user requirement, and it is easy to understand from the user’s perspective. The main functionality of the system includes email delivery optimization, compressive signal monitoring, intuitive DMARC compliance, and more.

The interface of 250ok is easy for the user, and it provides a smart, constructive layout and a navigational structure for the user to interact with the system easily. The real-time feature is controlled by an artificial intelligence system that gives a message center and reporting facility. It optimizes and integrates to give that is the required result. The subscription module is cost-effective, and 250ok also gives you a free trial.

#9 SparkPost


SparkPost is an email marketing platform that integrates with different email models and provides a sophisticated system for boosting your business. It does not only provide the email marketing but also give you the data of your comparatives and analyses their tactics to boost and make changes in your campaign.

It provides an artificial intelligence system which gathers data from different email sources and integrate with your running campaign and compare the results. The core feature of SparkPost offers a solution for email performance issues, notifying the user of any regular activity, provide data representation most simply, give the reporting in real-time, analyses the performance data of email activity, and also provide your suggestion on how to improve your customer.

It focuses on email deliverability for reliable engagement and also works on security services and provides different email templates support for email senders. It offers an integrated application for emails. The interface is easy to use so you can directly control the system from your device.

SparkPost has a reception validation that bounces the errors, and fraud emails give you real-time alerts and more. The GUI of the system is easy to use and offers a cost-effective and affordable subscription plan.

#10 Pepipost


Pepipost is an email marketing service that consists of many interesting features, and the application programming interface consists of the best modules for starting up the inboxing services from the service provider. It provides a different plan for a different organization, and it allows the user to buy certain emails for a specific amount.

It focuses on delivering emails most professionally, so the user does not have to worry about other digital marketing campaigns. It integrates with another social platform, but the main focus is on the email marketing interface. The features of the service include an SMTP for your apps and platform, separate email API, artificial intelligence module for improving deliverability, collecting, and analyzing the data easily.

The interface is scalable and offers high-end data security real-time report generation for data analytics, provides webhooks Bounce notification and Subaccount management system, and much more. The interface of Pepipost is easy to use, and it has a live support feature that gives a virtual assistant and real agent for your issues, redeems email credits, and many other functions.

The main focus of Pepipost is on the real-time tracking of email activities and provide a more scalable email delivery infrastructure and also rely on the SaaS platform for on-time email delivery. It comes with the subscription module, which is cost-effective and offers affordable plans.

#11 Return Path


Return Path is an email marketing providing agency that offers a wide range of options to integrate with the business and boost its performance. They provide services that are unorthodox and consist of many interesting features that are dedicated to providing a sophisticated approach to user requirements.

It provides email and digital marketing services. Return Path focus on deliverability, gather email data, and provide email optimization. The core features of the service include block list, track email alerts, product notification, engagement visibility, actionable data, and much more.

The data is collected in real-time to work with the user on deliverability issues and enhance the performance of the business. It features a new browse campaign function, which gives marketed access to millions of real-life emails, which are sorted by the subject line industry and the campaign type.

Return Path collects the performance metrics for each campaign. This new feature can quickly and easily find inspiration among relevant emails and save them and download them for further evaluation. It also analyses the working and the impact it has on the business.

The interface is easy to use, and data representation gives a static report form with different charts that easily explain the variables involved in the statistics. Return Path is not free and offers a subscription module.

#12 Twilio SendGrid Email API


Twilio SendGrid Email API is a conversation platform that consists of the module, which enhances your communication strategies and interacts with consumers to get their response and improve your business quality. It is a software solution presented by SandGrid, which supports a single platform for the email module, and it gives a free signup option with 40000 free emails amount so you can easily start the work.

It provides a notification feature through emails. The API offers a marketing tool that provides you with facilities and the option to directly engaging with a consumer and getting their feedback that runs on Facebook, Instagram, and other social applications. It consists of a wide email listing activity that works from the website to the consumer.

The reporting feature of Twilio SendGrid Email API gives a remarkable data representation, so it is easy to read and analyses in different shapes and representations. It integrates and delivers emails via SMTP or API in less than 6 minutes.

It is customizable, and it supports many programming languages for development Framework so the user can change the email configuration and the front-end of the document. It allows you to make a campaign for different projects related to digital marketing. The interface is easy to use and user-friendly.

#13 eDataSource


eDataSource is an email tracking and providing a solution designed to improve the business requirement, and it also gave an excellent email deliverability technology. It is a company recently acquired by Sparkpost. The primary function of this platform is to provide the service of email tracking and email resourcing, which gave you a dedicated server for your company.

Your email data sourcing is handled in a most sophisticated way. The interface of the platform is easy to use, and the graphical representation of the data provides visible data information, so the user does not face any difficulty in analyzing the data in the report form.

The Core feature of the platform includes email tracking, email marketing, it comes with a mobile-optimized email subscriber manager, reporting and analytics, forms a user mailing list, manages spam control settings, and much more.

The structural layout of eDataSource provides a helpful navigation approach for the user. There is three main aspects of the platform, which include inbox tracker, comparative tracker, and application programming interface (API) services.

The program uses a real-time feedback tracker that get the analytical data from the actual customer and understand their issues and detect the problem and formulated strategy for countermeasures. eDataSource is not free, but it provides a demonstration of the system.

#14 Campayn


Campayn is a digital marketing platform where you can market your business through email marketing, and it also includes various other social platforms that directly integrate with the system to boost up your business and get some profit. It is a prestigious website platform, and the team provides every type of expert for your business growth.

The main feature of the platform includes a custom HTML module for your website, adding calendar buttons, providing Google Map integration, and attaching the file with email marketing integration. Campayn also provides multiple user accounts so it can directly interact with corporate environments.

If you want a franchise, it will also provide the facility of empowering your franchise and send polished marketing email that will boost sales and improve brand loyalty it also provide your ability to share template images login other user grant any user admin privileges and more.

The interface is easy to use and has a constructive layout. Campayn comes with the purchased subscription plan, and the automation feature saves time, improvise marketing campaigns to boost the business. The data representation module works simply so the user can easily analyze the data gathered from different sources.

#15 Revue


Revue is a platform best suited for a small organization that allows them to send the newsletter and engage with their consumers. It is a web-based platform and provides tons of editorial newsletter services. It provides a sophisticated layout so the user can easily interact with the whole interface of the platform.

It has tons of facility for creating gorgeous newsletter within a few tools and provide you a customizable tool to be more creative in the task. It also gives you a chrome extension that allows you to write articles when you are reading something on the internet and want to send it straight to your newsletter platform.

The main feature of the platform includes 24/7 live customer support, building a large audience with a smooth and customizable platform providing you sponsorship and subscription. It also offers a traffic generation module, affiliate marketing module, and offers you functions to you directly engage with communities and events.

Revue also offers integration with social media platforms to engage the new user and sending the newsletter directly on that platform using the extinction. It has a sophisticated layout and provides an interactive dashboard that offers various tools on the screen. The program is not free but gives you a demonstration version before making a purchase.

#16 Bulk Email Validation


Bulk Email Validation is a bulk email sender which provides an opportunity and give you essential email checker that works beautifully and immediately clean your list of invalid emails and provides a clear inbox that removes syntax errors, typos, and other factors. It is designed for developers because it consists of an API module to integrate email, and it supports popular languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, and Java.

It does not only provide you bulk email sending services but also gives you intelligent inbound routing and storage capacity that enables the user to know where the email is going to end up. It does not offer a desktop-based version but only works on the cloud-based model, and it is not free and comes with a subscription offer that is quite affordable.

The core feature of Bulk Email Validation includes bounce handling, spam filter, detailed email, and event tracking, advanced messaging handling, client and device tracking data, template variable, simple API module, white-label domain, detail login, and analytical reporting, and much more. The program is user-friendly and provides a constructive layout that guides the user.

#17 PutsMail


PutsMail is a platform that helps the companies and their teams to collaborate on email campaigns and to speed up the email review process. The platform helps the users to increase visibility in their emails, improve their productivity, and to deliver error-free emails. It allows users to collaborate on emails to increase lead conversions everywhere.

The platform simplifies the pre-send process of emails, which allows the users to build and test their emails to improve them to strengthen campaigns. It enables users to check the analytics to stay updated on what is essential in the emails for lead conversions.

PutsMail increases collaboration of teams even of those who are working remotely to review and approve emails and send them on their way without wasting any time. Lastly, it enables the teams to send personalized emails at scale, and users can start a campaign within seconds by using the reusable templates.