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PowerShow is an online presentation software solution that allows you to view and share PowerPoint presentations online with embedded video, audio, image, music, and animations, etc. With this, you can easily upload PowerPoint presentation with all these types of embedded effect, text, and images… read more
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4 PowerShow Alternatives & Similar Software for iOS


1. Slides

The slide is a part of the business application portfolio known as G Suite that enables users to build and edit presentations via the cloud easily. It is quite simple and easy to use presentation solution that is popular for its online tools used by any kind of users. All you need to have is a Google account, and you are good to go. There is no need for you and your organization to invest in any additional hardware or install any other software to operate Google Slides. It is a perfect solution for businesses and large organizations; a business version is available with more premium features and tools. The solution offers very affordable packages that pack a punch when it comes to capabilities and features. With massive storage, you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your videos and documents. As a part of G Suite, Slides is built to work seamlessly with the rest of Google’s application such as Google Drive, Sheet and the rest. Slides also include core features such as Chart, lots of templates, chat, time editing, video presentations and commenting, etc. It is really a helpful solution for all size of businesses.


2. Flowvella

Flowvella is interactive presentation software that also works seamlessly on mobile and with PDF embed support. It is designed purposively for iOS and Mac users that allow individuals and team to work together in a creating informative and visually engaging presentations. With this software, it is not just static text and image. The solution also supports videos, animated Gifs navigation links, PDFs and galleries that make it make your presentation more attractive. It comes with an intuitive interface that lets users add elements and arrange them through its simple drag and drop interface that enable them to produce presentations easily and quickly even without deep technical knowledge. Users that need to show detailed information their presentation they may want to import PDF files that allow its inclusion by letting users embed the document into the slide and enable them to launch it during their presentation without having to switch application. There is also a list of customizable templates that save your time and offer new ideas to create a masterpiece. Flowvella includes core features such as a table of content, links, video upload, snap guide, undo and redo, analytics, password protection, and team management, etc. It has five SMB and enterprise plans for users to choose from.


3. Prezi

Prezi is an online presentation solution that adds fun and creativity to the way people make and show their presentations, whether for commercial, education and other purposes. While other similar applications and tools use videos, slides, and animation to help users get their points across to their audience, the software leverages an innovative way for presenters to convey their points by zooming in and out, flying on the screen and direction among others. With the help of this Office solution, the presentation is no longer boring, they are dynamically fun and can grab the attention of the audience and keep them glued down to the end of the session. If used well, it gives your presentation that cinematic feel no other application can and increase audience engagement better than ever. You have complete control over the details, from font size, angles, and images. Basically, you present it the way you want it and not worry about the logical sequencing or order for your points. Just like Microsoft PowerPoint, it also comes with a load of templates that you cloud use and still gives you the flexibility you need to make things more interesting. Information visual representation, access Google images, presenter view, adding narration and custom text box these are core features of the solution. Tri out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful solution.


4. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an animated presentation software solution design by Microsoft and is bundled together with Office 365 applications. The software can be used for personal reasons, for academic and business presentations. It comes with bundles of pre-made presentation templates and color schemes, they are completely customizable to fit a user’s preference and together with custom themes, object animations and sound effects, images, and graphics, etc. With these solutions, individuals have the power to make a sleek, professional presentation or a personalized and engaging presentation. All these files are then automatically synced into the OneDrive cloud storage where it can easily access and shared with user’s colleagues and teammates. PowerPoint software is mainly used on PCs and Macs, but it also has a native mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows phone users. This makes it portable, yet still functional and powerful that allows users to easily create and customize presentations and rehearse using them before they appear in front of an audience. To deliver the complete experience, PowerPoint introduces lots of new features such as customizable templates, animations, and sounds, add notes, Office 365 integration and a massive range of tools, etc. There are three different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

More About PowerShow

PowerShow is an online presentation software solution that allows you to view and share PowerPoint presentations online with embedded video, audio, image, music, and animations, etc. With this, you can easily upload PowerPoint presentation with all these types of embedded effect, text, and images. All your uploaded presentation will be automatically converted to the multimedia Flash slide in few minutes, and your presentation can be as private or public as you want them. It has a massive collection of PowerPoint presentation in order to deliver new ideas. The vast majority of presentation of this platform is completely free to upload and view. In fact, it allows everyone to upload, publicity share and view personal and educational presentations for free. Presenters can now make money with training, and presentations make them as pay-to-view in which they can set their own price that viewer will need to pay to view them. Unlike most of the online presentation applications, it also requires registration with an email address, name and all the other required things. After completing the registration feature, you can easily access its features without any limitation. Try it out, PowerShow.com is an excellent presentation solution as compared to the others.

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