Praxedo is a complete cloud-based field service management software designed to provide connectivity for multiple devices. It is an all-in-one solution and comes to serve all sizes of businesses. With its mobile apps’ help, Praxedo promises flexibility and advanced functionality options for adapting the service to meet a different kind of business processes.

Via its web interface, administrators can quickly work order phases, customize reporting forms, workflow, and set web access profiles without any special knowledge. Unlike all the other most leading platforms, it also offers drag-and-drops scheduling tools with some new tools that help you organize worker activity with calendars, maps, and recurring work order processing.

Receive real-time activity overview, reports, and all the other related stuff to monitor worker performance for emergency scheduling. Praxedo uses GPS to locate workers and real-time positioning data from vehicle systems that make it better than others.

There is also an instant messaging system that enables direct communication with field workers and the ability to share and comment on photos. Praxedo also includes core features such as quite a simple interface, map assisted scheduling capabilities, daily weekly and emergency scheduling, activity report, mobile application, and much more.


Praxedo Alternatives

#1 Fieldmotion


Fieldmotion is an online field service management platform that provides a digital field-worker solution with online scheduling, appointments, and invoices, as well as CRM, assets, and stock management functionality. It is a feature-rich solution that delivers quick and central access to all significant field service details, including finances, forms, and reports.

Its appointment management tools enable users to easily and quickly create, dispatch and organize field jobs using their job form templates and time and location tracking technology. A professional team creates all the templates on this platform, and you can easily customize each one without any limitation.

There are also native mobile applications that give users the flexibility to create jobs anytime, anywhere, but it also has a feature that allows users to create jobs through their CRM system, email import, or from one of the 750+ apps which integrate with Fieldmotion through Zapier.

One of the most interesting facts about this platform is that it offers an automated scheduling tool that allows users to calculate optimal routes and workflow. Simultaneously, its CRM system enables users to centralize customer details and communication, including all file notes and work history.

A client portal provides instant access to live work updates, work reports, and recorded history. Unlike other ServiceBridge also integrates with all the major platforms, including QuickBooks, which makes it a complete solution for all businesses.


#2 CrewTracks


CrewTracks is a cloud-based field service management, crew tracking, and reporting software solution that comes with GPS tracking, texting, resource scheduling, work approvals, and photo time clock features. It is specially designed for construction managers who manage equipment and crews across multiple sites and need to track hours, materials usage, and job costing.

The software introduces a photo time clock system that allows foremen and staff leads to clock their workers in and out on-site and helps users view photos in real-time to confirm which employees are at work. There is an option that allows managers to track employee locations in real-time easily and can also see where employees have been throughout their work hours.

Unlike other leading field service management solutions, it also offers scheduling features that all managers to schedule Jobs and phases, equipment, crews, and other resources and displays whether a resource has already planned for a different job. Job details are sent out automatically by SMS, with complete information including addresses, start times, and crew leads.

CrewTracks allows users to track equipment hours and material usage for different jobs, and all-time work can be costed to the appropriate job. The software offers a rich reporting feature and automatically generate reports about their daily activities.

#3 Field Force Tracker


Field Force Tracker is a complete cloud-based field service management software that comes with a range of exciting features for managing customers, vendors, and employees, and dispatch, contract and warranty management, time tracking, invoicing accounting, and more. It offers native apps for iOS and Android that enable field employees to quickly update jobs, submit timesheets, and generate anytime, anywhere.

Its job scheduler automatically evaluates job types, skills and locations, types, and other criteria to identify the best-suited technicians for each job as well as presents users with the list of applicants to select from. With the help of this platform, technician assignments can also be automated with rule-based scheduling for businesses with large workforces.

Its features enable users to track employee locations in real-time with continuous updates from the mobile apps displayed on the map and view driver histories, including location, direction, and speed. Field Force Tracker also offers a complete inventory management system that allows users to maintain optimum inventory levels, with real-time updates and stock history for various locations.

Unlike most of the leading platforms, it also allows users to easily track product and customer histories as well as view information on current issues, repair statuses, and estimated times. Field Force Tracker is commercial software and offers multiple price plans. Each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


#4 EyeOnTask


EyeOnTask is an all-in-one feature-rich cloud-based mobile workforce management software solution that helps field service companies and workers efficiently manage clients, inventory, jobs, and invoices in a single location. It is an advanced field service management system that comes with all the leading and major tools that help all businesses’ sizes.

With the help of this solution, users can generate quotations, automatically convert quotations into jobs, and create several services under a single job. The software offers quite a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you quickly access all its features and tools without any limitation.

Its features include real-time location tracking, custom forms, custom invoicing, inventory management, transaction history, integration, etc. One of the best facts about EyeOnTask is that it creates a roadmap for users to get an idea of each step and help teams to create an action plan and successfully execute it.

The dashboard enables users to view all active jobs, locations of job sites quickly and efficiently complete along with field workers on the map. There is also has features that allow users to view invoice based on worked hours. Users can also be able to track the location of field workers on a map that enables managers to track the field worker’s position and assign the closest unit.

#5 1Channel


1Channel is a simple yet powerful Sales-force Automation and Field Force Management software solution by Channelplay Limited designed for all sizes of businesses. The software helps manage the field force, performance, daily visits-beat plan, attendance, sales order, sales return, and other similar activities.

With this, you can gain complete visibility into your field operation and helps to collect all kinds of details from their field. Unlike most leading similar platforms, it also offers iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile applications that help you to manage your field related task anytime, anywhere.

The web interface is mainly used to set up the configuration options and manage master data and view real-time actionable reposts and charts. 1Channel is designed for all size of businesses and offer different price plans that depend on their needs. Each plan has its own cost and core benefits. Its core features include a free mobile app, visual merchandising, simple interface stock management, progress reports, performance report, surveys and feedback, task management and sales order, etc.

#6 ManageMart


ManageMart is an all-in-one cloud-based field service management solution created for service industry businesses of all types. It delivers a range of features, including scheduling, invoicing, routing, equipment tracking, estimating, reporting, online payment processing, and more.

It is created for all types of service industries and allows users to easily manage all aspects of their field service business from a single place. Its dashboard provides an overview of all recent activity, announcements, notifications, and more. With this platform’s help, both customers and employees can be managed within this platform with tools including customer profiles, contact and service history, employee profiles, access control, and work hour logs for all employees.

ManageMart also has equipment tracking with the ability to track repairs, scheduled maintenance, and monitor asset history. Route optimization within the software means that field workers can get to their location as conveniently as possible, and users can easily schedule events using the simple drag-and-drop interface to manage their day.

As compared to all the other leading platforms, it is much convincing and offers a simple interface where you quickly access all features without any limitation. Its other feature includes dashboard creation, financial analysis, payment collection in the field, dispatching, automatic billing, customer database, inventory tracking, etc.

#7 Astea Alliance


Astea Alliance is an all-in-one service management and mobile workforce software solution that provides a robust set of automated capabilities to streamline and enhance the management of field service activities-via cloud or on-premise solutions. It is also known as a field service management software and offers all the advanced tools and features.

By automating workflow, field engineers able to efficiently complete and document assignments, capture expenses, manage vehicle assets, and quickly generate revenue through the add-on sales during customer contact. Unlike all leading field service management solutions, it also offers rich scheduling features with real-time scheduling optimization to automate the process.

Its mobile apps deliver all the advanced functionality that allows field forces to work electronically for receiving, reporting, and documenting assignments, with the expected goal of eliminating procedures and service delays as well as paper reporting.

There is also has a drag and drop interface that allows you easily schedule their employee, track, and assign tasks. Astea Alliance also includes core features such as real-time scheduling optimization and automation, work order management, project management, field sales quotes, mobile workforce management, etc. It offers three different price plans that depend on their needs.

#8 Trade-Serve


Trade-Serve is an office and field management software solution that specializes in technical call assistance, sales, and invoice management. It comes to help field technicians collect easy and stress-free appointments while providing the tools needed to help sell all kinds of further services and appliances.

The software offers features such as custom package making, surveys, dispatching tools, lead source tracking, 3rd-party integrations, and much more. Trade¬Serve focuses on empowering service technicians to present choice to customers accomplished through custom price books, Virtual Ride-Along’s, and financing packages all on an easy to use user-interface for employees and management.

Unlike most of the leading field management software solutions, it also integrates with most of the popular platforms, including QuickBooks and TomTom, that make it more powerful and feature-rich. Trade-Serve’s most prominent feature includes service history tracking, purchase orders, technician management, field sales management, quote management, customer history, job scheduling, and much more.

#9 eCubix ECP


eCubix ECP is the most leading field force reporting software solution that touches all the field sales teams’ activities and empowers them with all useful details for quick action. It is allowed with intelligent analysis and alerts at the top level for effective decision making. eCubix ECP is designed for all sizes of businesses and offers almost all the leading features and tools that make it a comprehensive platform.

The software is also known as an integrated solution that combines an easy to use force automation with an advanced business intelligence backbone that makes it useful and right across the hierarchy. On the other hand, it helps field workers to perform their daily jobs more accurately.

Unlike other similar field force reporting software, it also offers a comprehensive document management system that allows users to easily create and share the field, modify documents online, and communicate without limitation. eCubix ECP also includes core features such as sales forecasting, mobile app, inventory management, email marketing, task management, commission management, customer database, sales collaboration, billing and invoicing, chemist order and expense control, etc.

#10 PestScan


PestScan is a web-based field service software designed to provide both front and backend system support for pest controllers, field technicians, and customers. The software is promising a full-featured solution that can be accessed from any web browser or internet-enabled device; it represents a digital logbook for capturing all sizes of inspection survey data for automated processing.

With the help of this software, customers can then view the online logbook after the technician has completed their visit, following a link to the portal from within the pest controller site or via the reports mailed directly to their email inbox. It offers a simple and easy-to-understand interface where user can easily access it’s all features and tools.

The digital logbook powers the data collected from bait stations or traps from a given location to provide dashboard trend analysis charts, bait station status updates, customer remarks, and more. PestScan also promising compatibility with market-leading detection systems, traps, and bait stations and integrates with all the leading associated products, including e-Mitter, Xignal, and Green Trap Online that make it better than others.

PestScan also includes core features such as interactive floor plan, activity dashboard, contract management, barcode scanning, work order management, label printing, document management, labeling, and much more. It offers multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#11 ServiceMax


ServiceMax is an online field service scheduling platform that offers businesses of all sizes a complete suite of tools and applications. It is a feature-rich solution and covers all the core service functions, including warranties and service contracts management, monitoring inventory, work order management, machine to machine communication, and self-service access portals.

The software is presented in a user-friendly format and comes with unconventional tools. Through its easy to understand interface, management personnel can quickly assign qualified individuals to address client needs, track performance, etc. With the help, if this employee can access customer details for better delivery of their services and the scheduling matrices can be quickly handled by almost anyone.

It is an innovative tool; businesses that use ServiceMax’s field service become more effective in dispatching qualified individuals to address customer issues long before they become massive issues. The software also gives businesses full visibility of their clients’ health equipment, warranties, contracts, and all the other things that make it better than others.

ServiceMax offers an advanced level dashboard that comes with some new scheduling and customizations tools to schedule daily, weekly, or other jobs. Its other prominent feature includes mobile field service management, parts, and returns management, metrics, reporting, and dashboards, installed base, complex job planning, and much more.

#12 FeetPort


FeetPort is a field force management and location tracking system that helps companies to manage their field force, automate data collection, digitize forms, and more. All the digital forms can be created with any number of fields and range of interface options such as single and multi-line, dropdowns, checkboxes, and more, and hybrid interfaces can be added to the scan NFC tags, barcode, and QR codes.

The best thing about this platform is that it delivers an advanced GPS tracking system with real-time field force location updates. It enables users to track distances traveled and quickly set geofences to ensure that employees mark their attendance when with the territory of operation.

Like most of the leading platforms, it also offers features for task management, order management, work allocation, payment collection, and reporting that make it a complete solution for everyone.

FeetPort also includes core features such as sale force reporting and automation, public survey, mobile application, physical audits, verification and inspection, simple interface and complete order management, etc. FeetPort offers multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#13 ServiceBridge


ServiceBridge is a field service management software designed to deliver service companies in every industry with leading tools to help them get the job done. ServiceBridge is a feature-rich solution and created for small to franchise networks. The software delivers all the major service professionals tools to get organized, get paid, and grow the business.

With the help of this platform, you can easily able to create detailed, accurate work orders, and estimates. There is also an option that allows you to easily assign new jobs and your team’s schedule. ServiceBridge is a complete solution to help businesses mobilize their teams and make distributing jobs. Information required to get the job done can be directly input using mobile devices.

Automatic new job alerts minimize cost, inefficiency, and delays related to making phone calls. It also allows teams to quickly fill out estimates, service agreements, and inspection reports and directly sending them over to customers in PDF format.

The software also converts the conversion of paper-based documents into a digital format that makes the analysis more comfortable, and all the information is available to staff members. All the documents and files are accessible from anywhere using any device with an internet connection. ServiceBridge is commercial software and offers two different price plans.

#14 CheckPOS Performance


CheckPOS Performance is a cloud-based field service management software that helps users to maintain and manage full participation of teams, real-time organization, and analysis of metrics. It is a comprehensive software and comes with the aim to enhance the strategic execution at the point of sale for multiple industries, including marketing, consumer goods, electronic products, polling firms, and more.

With the help of this, users can also be able to develop customized dashboards that are manageable per customer and user and shareable with distributes and colleagues. Just like all the other most leading platforms, it also offers mobile applications to access details 24*7 without any limitation.

CheckPOS Performance also has a feature that allows users to monitor the product’s shelf in real-time and ensures that all the products have a better display as well as pricing than competitor’s products. It also has a system that allows analyzing product sales and checks price variations of the user’s products in comparison with other competitor’s products so that all the changes can be made accordingly.

CheckPOS Performance software also comes with a customization feature that makes it a complete solution for all sizes of businesses. Its other prominent feature includes a simple dashboard, customer database, phone survey, dispatch management, contract management, offline response collection, data analysis tools, barcode scanning, and much more.

#15 FieldMate


FieldMate is an online field service management platform that allows businesses to manage their finances, schedules, and routing of their field service teams. The software comes with a comprehensive set of features such as invoices, scheduling, revenue tracking, maps and routing, and reporting, etc., and serves all sizes of businesses.

The best thing about FieldMate is that it comes with a calendar tool that allows users to manage schedules on a daily and monthly basis and view business activity from all levels. To manage programs through its calendar, users need to do is drag-and-drop; no complex editing is needed.

There is also a complete routing tool that helps users route jobs using customizable rules like shortest times, kilometers, shortest distance, etc. The software offers a robust revenue management tracking solution that also enables users to manage invoicing trends and overdue payments.

FieldMate also delivers detailed reports, including expense reports, customer statements, tax summaries, and profit and loss. FieldMate is designed as a team of experts and provide all the core functionalities and features to make it one of the best field service management platforms.

Its most prominent feature includes billing and invoicing, calendar management, contract management, maps and routing, mobile-optimized, Quickbook sync, customer management, routing, scheduling, document, and templates, etc.

#16 TrackerPal


TrackerPal is a simple yet powerful mobile-first field force automation platform for task scheduling, leave application, tour expense claims, attendance capture, and work reporting for field teams across sectors, including retail and distribution, etc.

It is feature-rich software that enables SMBs, agencies, and enterprises to go paperless and get real-time updates from their teams. The software also provides a single platform for field force reporting and workflow automation. TrackerPal also ensures that all reports submitted by agents are available in real-time.

With the help of this, users can view reports, analyze performance, and manage their business from a single place. The great fact is that it offers a simple interface where users can view route details, geofence information, distance traveled, and more. It provides both historical and real-time status that makes it better than others.

There is also has a comprehensive task management module that helps managers schedule daily visit tasks for agents. TrackerPal also includes core features such as admin panel, alerts, barcode scanning, navigation assist, messaging, image capture, payment collection in the field, default form, customized workflow, scheduling, time clock, GPS tracking, travel advance approval, etc.

#17 Orderry


Orderry is an online field service management software designed for repair service businesses of any size. The software comes with some leading tools for managing customers, tickets, staff, documents, and tickets. All tickets in this platform are displayed in a single table with the details of their status, either pending, repair, or ready.

Users can easily search for individuals tickets using the name, ticker number, device name, or customer contact number. When tickets are completed, SMS notifications can be sent out manually or automatically to customers with a customizable sender signature. There are also has some features that allow users to create and print documents.

The most exciting fact is that it includes an integrated telephony system that allows users to call customers from their mobile by clicking on the customer’s phone numbers. All the incoming calls automatically display customer cards with the customer’s name, and details of all your previous orders and calls are logged and recorded for users to listen to at any time.

The inventory management system records stock of all spare parts and merchandise. It enables users to post, write off, and transfer items between multiple workshop stocks that make it better than others.