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Adobe Premiere Pro or simply the Premiere Pro, used by the broadcasters such as BBC and CNN, is a timeline-based video-editing platform which is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud which includes web development, graphic design and video editing programs. Premiere Pro has been used in the movies like Hugo, Monsters, Captain Abu Raed, Gone Girl, Avatar and the Social Network… read more
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17 Premiere Pro Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Lightworks

Lightworks is the name of a highly advanced professional editor available for everyone. Either you are at beginning level of your career or enjoy the professional expertise you will find the features and functions of Lightworks suitable for your business or ongoing project. The stunning quality of Lightworks is that it is basically a nonlinear editing program that support for the resolutions up to 4k. All type of videos either these are in SD or HD formats will be supported by the Lightworks. In term of functionalities, Lightworks is so featured rich that you will face no kind of hurdles while using the Lightworks. The easy to use interface of Lightworks is full with industry level qualities. The functions available at the main interface that you can term as the features of Lightworks are powerful background import/export/render engine, multi-channel audio mixer, export to SD/HD/4K, real-time waveform and vector scope, simple playback and editing controls on viewers, intuitive workflow and project management, advanced easy to use tools, improved flexible layout designed for retina displays, extensive effects including 3D KUTS with over forty preconfigured templates, third party plugin support, advanced color correction system, key frames, visual effect routing, comprehensive multi-layered timeline, clip based audio editing to 1-4 frame, and much more.


2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is video editing software developed by Apple with more advanced features including 3D titles, amazing effects, better masking tools, support for highly sophisticated camera formats and lot more – making it lot better than its previous version. It provides non-destructive, non-linear editing of various video formats compatible to QuickTime like DV, HDV, P2 MXF, XDCAM and 2K film formats. It also supports the processing of up to 99 audio tracks simultaneously, multi-camera editing, standard ripple, roll, slide, scrub, razor blade etc. The Final Cut Pro is one of the best and its kind video software designed with to meet up with cutting-edge technology. But it is much costly and can take away $299 from you while other components like Compressor and Motion are yet to be bought with extra money. But still the features and functions of Final Cut Pro are highly advanced for performing multiple level of editing functions.


3. OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor is the name of free and open source video editor particularly designed for the Linux operating systems. This platform is best known for being user friendly, flexible and the owner of a simple design. By using this platform you will enjoy the advanced level of features. Some front-line features of the OpenShot Video Editor are curve-based camera motion, 3D animation editing, compositing, audio mixing, transitions, vector titles and much more. For the first time there is a video editor that support for the editing of the 3D animated files as well that you will rarely found in the most of the leading video editing platforms. The exceptional feature of OpenShot Video Editor is node-based audio processing that will support powerful analysis features spectral analysis, waveforms and so on. Then there is animation curved based key frame system that will rival Hollywood animation packages. You will enjoy here the professional quality and inverse telecine features to smoothly increase or decrease framerates. The overall stunning features and functions of the OpenShot Video Editor are cross-platform video editor, support for all type of audio/video/image formats, powerful curve based key frame animations, desktop integration, unlimited tracks/layers, video transitions with real-time previews, compositing, 3D animated titles, frame stepping, video encoding, digital zooming of video clips, custom transition lumas, masking and much more.


4. Pitivi

Pitivi is the name of a free and open source video editor for the Linux operating systems and devices. Pitivi is based on the state of the art and open source editing technologies that will make you able to collaborate with the artists across the globe in addition to simple editing and touching. The best about Pitivi is that it is not a simple video editor rather it is known for being the professional level of filmmaking program that contains all those tools will assit you in improving your editing skills. The other thing about Pitivi is that it is a simple and free video editor having a user friendly interface and codebase community. Some of the main highlighted features and functions of the Pitivi are free and open source, availability of unlimited animated effects, transitions effects, filters, flexible & efficient, frame rate independent timeline, true precision, beautiful audio waveforms system and much more. However, it is an advanced and professional level of video editor but still it is very easy to learn where every function in arranged in a perfect order to make you master in your field. It is based on the step by step working system. The features are endless and it like as you grow its features will grow. There is no requirement of any other additional program to run this video editor.


5. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is the name of free and open source video editing tool for the GNU and Linux operating systems. It delivers its users with the system of dual video monitors, clip list, multi-track timeline, basic effects, basic transitions and customizable layout support. By having this powerful multi track video editor you will make the best relationship between people to build the best videos. Instead of offering the too much features and functions, Kdenlive provide the only those basic features and functions that really assit the users in delivering the best possible editing work. The way of working of Kdenlive is spread into some main areas that are mixing audio/video/images and multi-track editing system. These two areas are then filled with further advanced features and functionalities. It is the demand of the modern filmmakers to mix the different type of multimedia files. Kdenlive is based on the same requirement and is being backed by its founding purpose MLT and ffmpeg frameworks. Both of these provide the unique features to their users to mix virtually any multimedia file. There is no need to import any media for mixing purpose. When it comes to support for codecs and formats then Kdenlive from classic to modern day, all codecs and formats are professionally being supported by the Kdenlive.


6. Avidemux

Avidemux is the name of free and open source video editor designed for multi-purpose video editing and processing. This video editor can be used with almost all operating systems and computer platforms. There is one limitation of Avidemux and that is it is suitable for the simple and easy task. If you are looking for a video editor to carry on your mega video editing projects then go for the advanced level of professional video editor. But still this video editor is doing well for the small tasks. The features available by the Avidemux are very simple. There are no features and tools like multi-track editing, timeline, option for splicing audio/video clips from various sources. This video delivers the straightforward tools and way of working for carrying on the simple tasks. In Avidemux you can easily perform the three basic functions that are cutting, encoding and filtering. The cutting section of Avidemux will allow you to cut out the advertisements from a TV recording and save only interesting parts. Then comes the encoding section of the Avidemux that will allow you to convert the video from one format to another one. Filtering section of Avidemux is also outclass. This section is full with basic filters that you can apply to your videos, audio and even images.


7. Cinelerra

Cinelerra is fully featured video editing and film production system program. Saying this will not be wrong that Cinelerra video editing system is basically designed for the filmmakers. Cinelerra is the name of a fastest and highest quality video editor and production program that support for the both 4K and ffmpeg. These two tools will make the advanced editing possible for you. The exceptional about Cinelerra is that it is a 4K cinema ready program that requires to other software package or any king of extension. Just install it and go to explore its functionalities. The features of Cinelerra are divided into six main sections that are about Cinelerra itself, editing, effects, audio, rendering and project 30. The editing system of Cinelerra is based on the 64 bit editing system. It is the first ever 64 bit editing system. It is a Linux based open source video and HD media editing platform that will provide you with the best possible editing and processing power to perform the most advanced media editing tasks. Cinelerra is also a type of non-linear editing system particularly developed for the 64 bit technology. This make Cinelerra a powerful and highly productive workstation for video and film production studios. The rest of the features of Cinelerra are also worth to explore.


8. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is an all in one universal level of video editor and screenshot taking program. This video editing tools is designed to perform the basic functions of editing and encoding. The exceptional about VirtualDub is that it allow its users to deal with even batch processing as well specially for dealing with AVI files. For the information of the readers, VirtualDub is designed to perform the video editing functions for the general purpose editing instead of going with highly advanced level of tasks. But still VirtualDub is a software that is streamlined for fast liner operations over video. The batch processing system of VirtualDub is totally awesome that has the capabilities of processing a large numbers of files and can be extended with the third-party video filters. This video editor is more inclined to processing AVI files but capable in reading the MPEG-1 files and also handle BMP images as well. With the assistance of VirtualDub you can easily do the quick capturing and encoding tasks. The area of functionalities of VirtualDub are divided into two areas that are getting video into the PC and clean up video on to the PC. The key highlighted features and functions of the VirtualDub are fractional frame rates system, optimized disk access system, real time downsizing/noise reduction/field swapping, integrated MPEG-1, preview the results with the live audio system, etc.


9. LiVES

LiVES is the name of a free and open source video editing software that can be used for performing simple to advanced level of video editing functions. It has been released under the GNU GPL with VJ tools because its main developer named Gabriel Finch who is an international VJ and a video artist. Its application allows you to manipulate videos in real time as well as in non-real-time, use its plug-ins for visual effects, decoder and encoder etc0. The great quality of LiVES is simple and user friendly interface that is designed to be very easy to use but very aggressive and versatile at the same time. With the assistance of this non-linear editing program you can perform various level of editing functions. It will make you able to start editing and marking the video right away without considering tool much about frame rates, frame sizes or formats. The flexibility of this video editor is simply awesome so that both the professionals and video editors can use it easily. Mixing and clipping from the keyboard and the availability of the dozens of the real time effects are the part of LiVES. You can trim and edit the video clips with the clip editor of the LiVES. By doing this you can bring the multiple clips together using the multi-track timeline. The free version of LiVES is available for Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems.


10. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a simple video editor that in addition to editing the simple videos allow the users to edit the movies, images and music as well. It is one of the best platforms that will deliver you with two most functions of video editing and creating the new one. All of the products of the Sony Vegas delivers the ultra-modern video editing functions to its users. Just import the image or movies and start editing instantly. One of the best qualities of Sony Vegas is that it is designed for both beginners and professional level of users. Whether you are at beginning level of your career, or an experienced filmmakers or a professional broadcast producer, the ultimate editing features of Sony Vegas will meet all of your basic needs. The way of working of Sony Vegas is being backed by the own designed core technology and cost-effective package. A lot of new features have been introduced by the Sony Vegas in its latest versions. These new features and functions are advanced archival tools, new audio metering options, and fill synchronization system to connect with the smartphones. It offers more formats, more workflows and more creative control as compared to the most of the leading video editors. Some leading products of the Sony Vegas are Movie Studio 13, Movie Studio 13 Platinum, Movie Studio 13 Suite, Vegas Pro 13 Edit and Vegas Pro 13. The prices and features of all these products are different from each other.


11. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is a professional video editor for the Mac and Windows operating systems. It is a free to use video editor that will allow you to make HD movies in 4K and export them in various other formats. The good quality of VideoPad Video Editor is that it is very user friendly and intuitive that will deliver you a fully featured video editing functions for creating a professional quality of videos in few minutes. As it supports for the drag and drop features that will make the process of easy video editing simple for you. You can apply effects and transitions and can adjust the video speed and much more. VideoPad Video Editor is the name of a highly advanced and fasted video streaming processors available in the market. If you want to use VideoPad Video Editor for non-commercial purpose then this video editor is available for free. Some of the features and functions of the VideoPad Video Editor are availability of stunning video effects & transitions, edit video from any mobile device, full of transitions & visual effects, created videos for DVD/HD/YouTube & much more, amazing audio tools, complete video optimization, easy to use video effects, add smooth transitions, support for various input formats, support for various output formats and share the video with others to play on any device.


12. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is a premium level of universal editor that will make it easy and simple for you to easuly edit and make the videos with the 64-bit power editor system of the Corel VideoStudio. All this will be done with a faster 4K and HD rendering system of this video editor. Corel VideoStudio is also known by the name of Ulead Video Studi. This video editor is currently available for the Windows operating systems. Some of the highlighted features and functions of the Corel VideoStudio are basic editing, transitions system, overlay, proxy video file editing and availability of plugin to extend the functionalities of the Corel VideoStudio. Corel VideoStudio is a brand new way to tell about yourself in a more professional way by enjoying the simple multi-camera editing and top quality audio editing tools of the Corel VideoStudio. Corel VideoStudio is designed for both storyboard users and time-line oriented editor. It supports for multiple formats for source clips and the video then produced can be export into various output formats. This video editor also support for the HDV and DV capturing to disk. From easy to fast and advanced to more professional, Corel VideoStudio is the best video editor to make the stunning videos. You are going to enjoy the multi-track camera editing system in the Corel VideoStudio that is the requirement of the most of the users.


13. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is an all-in-one video editor that offers more than 300 filters, special effects and lots of other advanced tools that make your media beautiful. It is a Pro version of the Sony Vegas that offers lots of new features with customizable interface, provide ultimate flexibility. The software also allows you to easily optimize the image quality of your content and with multiple tools. As compared to the other similar software it has a massive collection of sound effects to choose from that support for VST plugins as well as offer high degree of control over sound setting overall. The software is specially made for professionals with simple and smooth controls. Great for producing professional audio and sound, thoroughly document, covers professional needs and stack of audio and video effects, filters and subtitle these are core features of the software. All in all, Sony Vegas Pro is a great tool for creating 3D home videos in high definition.


14. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is an advanced level video editing software created from CyberLink. It is a comprehensive video production software that packs a punch in terms of user-friendly features. The program strikes a good balance by being readily accessible to the novice users without compromising the modern editing tools treasured by presumes, hobbyists and professionals. It is completely adaptable to suit the user’s level of experience and confidence. The platform provides the fastest way to turn your photos, direct recording and clips into the truly impressive outputs. PowerDirector specially designed for professionals who want to import, edit and export cutting edge footage like ultra HD 4K video resolution. It introduces 360-degree footage tools that enables you to pan, zoom and set anchor point through your footage as well as helps you stabilize shaky features recordings and add effect to your video. This video editing software also includes core features such as action camera tools, an express the project module, encoding and exporting, true theatre colour and much more. PowerDirector is a commercial tool and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


15. PhotoDirector 9

PhotoDirector 9 is a reliable photo editing and organizing solution that is characterized by ease of use and affordability. The tool is standout in the term of creating unforgettable images and amplifying the user’s creativity. It offers a massive array of features that make it ideals of family, landscapes and portraits. PhotoDirector 9 is built fundamentally to enable users to transfer ordinary images photos into the stunning work of art. The app makes use of the cutting-edge 360-degree imaging and superb crossovers between still images and videos that make it better than others. Also, the software is capable of creating attractive animated GIFs that can easily be shared on social media platforms. Moreover, it freezes some parts of your scenes while retaining the movement other in order to generate living photos from your video. It is a feature-rich video and photo editing solution that comes with lots of new options. The software has a workflow divided into more than 6 different modules such as adjustments, edit, slideshow, library, layers, and print. Each one has its own objectives task to complete. PhotoDirector 9 core features include create group photo, 360-degree photo editing, one-click presets, fix photos fast, create GIFs and much more. The solution has three different price plans for users to choose from.


16. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is an all in one video editing, movie editing and screen recording program. A single version of Pinnacle Studio is enough to perform the various editing functions and even the screen recording system. With the assistance of this video editor you can easily create amazing movies with the fast multi-track editing, effects and powerful 64 bit architecture of the Pinnacle Studio. Being a faster video editing platform it will deliver you more creative possibilities. Three premium versions of Pinnacle Studio are worth to mention here that are Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle Studio Plus and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. These are available for fixed price of $59.95, $99.95 and $129.95 respectively. Most of the features and functions of these three are same that are about multi camera editing system, stop motion animation and performance on 64-bit system. But at the same time, there are various features that are only in the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate edition. You will be required to go for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version if you are in a need for premium effects from Newbluse, XAVC decoding & DVCPRO HD decoding, support for VFR video from iPhone 6 and other cameras, 4K ultra HD video support and speech cleaner & iZotope Music. Well, all the versions of Pinnacle Studio make it possible that your movie is looking great from every very angle.


17. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Cyberlink PowerDirector is the other name of a simple yet ultra-powerful video editor and mixer. Based on the top rendering speed and pack of the highly advanced video editing tools here is the Cyberlink PowerDirector for both beginners and professionals. But the professionals will be on higher edge to explore the more features and functionalities of the Cyberlink PowerDirector. Check out what you will get by using the Cyberlink PowerDirector; a powerful fully customizable design tools, unbeatable action cam tools, express projects in a professional style and enjoy the ultra-fast editing features. The exceptional about Cyberlink PowerDirector is that it is a highly customizable program that will mold itself as per your own editing requirement. Now check out some customizable design tools that you are going to explore in the Cyberlink PowerDirector; transition designer, title designer, PiP designer, theme designer, multi-cam designer, menu designer and much more. In the latest version, Cyberlink PowerDirector has introduced a screen recorder to record the PC screen with audio. This screen recorder will work as a standalone recorder for quick captures as well. Action camera center for extreme level of video editing, motion tracking to track people and objects, multi-cam editing for editing hundred tracks simultaneously, high frame rate video editor, express projects to enjoy the editing of high tech projects are some powerful features and areas of functionalities of the Cyberlink PowerDirector.

More About Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro or simply the Premiere Pro, used by the broadcasters such as BBC and CNN, is a timeline-based video-editing platform which is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud which includes web development, graphic design and video editing programs. Premiere Pro has been used in the movies like Hugo, Monsters, Captain Abu Raed, Gone Girl, Avatar and the Social Network. It came up after redesigning the Adobe Premiere which was launched in 2003. Premiere Pro support the resolution of video-editing as high as 10,240 x 8,192 at up to 32-bits per channel color in both YUV and RGB.There is no doubt that Adobe Premiere Pro is built with highly sophisticated technology and is pretty much the industry’s standard but its annual subscription of $20 per month that can be costly for many video-editors. But at the same times it delivers the ultra-modern and state of the art video editing functions to its users.

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