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PrimeWire Alternatives for iOS

#1 RunPee


RunPee is a fine place of movie lovers who constantly upload the links of the newly released movies. Most of the time, it even uploads the entire movie as well so that users of this app can watch those movies directly inside the application. As movies are released, these appeared on this app within five hours. You can even enjoy new movies that are added each week on opening day and even earlier as well.

Usage of this application is surprisingly easy because not too many options and clutters are involved in this application at all. As you will open the app, you will see the list of all available movies for watching. The application has plenty of exclusive features that make it one of the best movie streaming apps.


PrimeWire Reviews

written on August 20, 2020

Its quality of streaming online videos is comparatively good, and you can enjoy any of your favorite movies with its elegant search engine, which I like the most. I can search all my favorite movies whether these are of Hollywood, Bollywood or others. It also helps me a lot in grabbing my most likely movies through the effective categories of its genres. Other than these, I also love to grab movies from the section of its Release, TV-Series, Top IMDB, Top Watched, Movies, etc. It also brings all the recent movies instantly (which are apparently in lower quality but after a while it’ll manage to get its HD version, and also its premium members can access it in high quality).

written on July 11, 2020

PrimeWire being an online media streaming website enables me to seek numerous variety of free movies, music, and other media content. Such space uses various ads to support itself and make it able to run in the existing marketplace. It is a brilliant tool for many cord-cutters by offering lots of titles and make me capable of taking control of what, when, and where I want to watch.

written on July 6, 2020

PrimeWire is a mixture of essential contents that I ever lacked to get it from a single site. I am fond of music, movies, TV serials, shows, etc. and such brilliant website enables me to get all of such content from such an excellent place. Such site does not host any content but redirects me to the different websites from where I can come into contact with several shows, the movies, and requisite data.

written on July 3, 2020

PrimeWire permits me to improve my experience by making use of different pop-up blocker and even some adblockers to avoid those links which are not part of my interest. When I click on my favorite movie file to stream it, such website also offers some popup ad which can be useful for me in different ways. Such ads lead me to numerous links about which I did not know.

written on June 25, 2020

The site is free, also offer a premium version, provide feedback, have fantastic filter option, I don’t know where they can go wrong. Yes, the security features is a little lose and they recommend the user to use a VPN to avoid the malware and tracking of the content, but deep inside their own security feature s is not that strong, they have resolved the issue of multiple domain names and if they only do some tune-ups with the website it will be awesome.

written on June 2, 2020

Its annoying and extraordinary irritating ads sucks! PrimeWire is overall a great platform to watch all your favorite movies online, but the fact that is probably the most annoying while watching movies in its free access.

written on May 23, 2020

PrimeWire is the most popular site which streams a wide variety of media content, including movies online for me. Such an attractive website consists of an index of movies from multiple video hosting websites and permits me to get them online. I am capable of searching and even browsing excellent archives of movies, serials, exciting shows, etc.

written on May 19, 2020

The largest movie streaming platform and it is well-renowned one has me addicted to its features and function; the website provides so many facilities that I am now considering to sell my TV set and replace it with giant LED and use this platform. The list it offers is well-sorted, and the whole design has a wonderful theme. The website is all about providing user with smooth streaming and modules. I love it, and I want all you guys to use it.

written on May 14, 2020

I would definitely recommend its premium version to all the people who are getting bored of watching bad online streaming, gathered a hell of frustration while watching ads, and want to enjoy all their favorite movies without any ads and even in HD quality as well.

William Harding
written on March 6, 2020

A good movies providing website but too much ads are annoying

It was a great website until it lasted, but with the latest update and change of domain, the site has become horrible with a bunch of advertisements and hanging up every single time. I used it whenever I wanted to watch a movie during my office hours or late at night without any trouble with its smooth streaming feature. But the ads were aggressive and kept popping up even with an ad blocker, so I stopped using this website. If they improve there defaults, I would love to go back to it.

written on January 31, 2020

No doubt, PrimeWire gets blocked in some regions because of providing some illegal streaming. But at the same time, it organizes lots of links from different sources to link me out to numerous places of my choice to listen to music and watch favorite movies. Therefore, such a site is essential for me to get a connection to various websites that are of varying quality and provides me what I want to have.

written on January 24, 2020

I have been using the website for quite some time now, but for the past version I have seen the website change color, and I have also seen the era where it was shut down due to non-serious allegations, but they come out of it and come out strong. I have always enjoyed its features. I can only give positive remarks for this website. If they can add a downloading feature with the premium version it will be a plus factor.

written on September 25, 2019

Because it’s premium feature is something else. It does not suck with ads of the extra load of streaming, brings the extraordinary quality of videos, enables everyone to download their most likely movies, enjoys their movies with subtitles, and it does not imply any long-term contracts so that you can cancel it anytime. Apart from these, everyone can enjoy improving the quality of their favorite movies along with effortless searching for their desired content. But all for one, I always love the app whether I am in a mood of watching funny movies or any else.