Private Firewall


Private Firewall Alternatives for PC

#1 GlassWire Firewall


GlassWire is a modern and flexible personal firewall and network monitoring tool that provides you an easy way to access past and present network activity. The software comes with in-depth data analytics with graphic visualization for better understanding. GlassWire is facilitating many users with its effective automated network monitoring services that are easy to use. The software lets you easy detection of the malware and also provides you an option for the easy blockage of the misbehaving applications.

GlassWire warns you about inevitable changes to your operating system or the unusual changes to your apps that might indicate malware and provides you an alert whenever an unknown device connected to your Wi-Fi. The software is dispensing multiple features to you that include spyware detection, network data usage monitoring, monitors remote servers, comprehensive data analytics, and more to add.