PRLog is a free press release distribution services, and it provides many exciting features to integrate your business and increase traffic and visibility and get generation differently to boost up your business performance.

The platform is easy to navigate, and the whole platform gives different setups for a user to get different opportunities and help to get the news to the public. PRLog allows only one time to submit free press releases so you can get a reach out to the dedicated users, but to use its full services, you have to buy a subscription plan, which is not cheap.

The main purpose of the platform is to make distribution press release platform where you get news from different reliable sources, and the sources work together to get your leads for the business.

PRLog can also be used to get different bloggers and influencers to work as a team and promote your company. The interface is easy and made, and it does not consist of responsive design, but it does the job. It has all the top news, and it also provides you the sources of the news. The website’s services pricing is a bit high, but its services are fine.


PRLog Alternatives

#1 Pressbox


Pressbox is a media service providing company, and it allows you to advertise your platform on a greater level, and it also gives you different campaign and solution modules and offers a wide description of services they are providing.

The main features of the platform allow you to get the standard features, and it also allows you to integrate large Enterprises, but their module are not shown to the guest user, and only Enterprise level user can deal with that subscription plan.

For normal and guest users, it is a great platform, and it will give you guaranteed lead and media coverage all over the city if you are willing to get higher services. Pressbox only works in a few states of America and does not provide services outside of the United States.

The platform interface is easy to use, and the graphical structure layout is giving every type of information of every module integrated by different companies and the result of the campaign. The website itself is navigated and has a beautiful design.

Pressbox has all the menu layout on the top of the screen so the user can view the Dropbox facility and collect the info on the page he wants to visit. The contact support feature works gracefully, and it gives high security and privacy feature for its users.



0 is a platform where different types of journalists review the services and also give you media monitoring service and allow you to integrate your business and get different lead generation programs. It also allows you to integrate your business easily, and it also gives you a Newsroom feature that only shows your product and its features.

The world’s leading brands use the platform, and they have great reviews on the platform. The main features of the platform include a/b testing, budgeting, calendar management, contact management, contact sharing, Customer Management, email integration, forecasting, and much more.

It allows users to provide different reviews on the platform, and it gives you a separate campaign so you can know every type of information and changes it being done by the company on your business. gives you an analytical report which is done in real-time and gives you different reporting feature and graphical representation with the guided structure on how to utilize them. increase your inbound media request, get quality exposure, and build a strong media relationship. It also lets you get a start-up program easily funded on the platform and support their ideas. The contact support feature works fine, and the website interface itself is constructive. Everything is laid out beautifully, for the user can read every type of description and navigate the menu easily.

#3 GlobeNewswire


GlobeNewswire is one of the largest Media Company, and it is currently working in North America and Europe. It offers tons of modules to integrate your business and get PR relations and lead generation to boost your business and get a released platform that works according to your requirements.

It offers a press release, distribution services globally, and major thing on the platform is The Newsroom and globally accessible news with their sources intact. It has a very wide reach, and it can get your business good promotion and organization in the market.

GlobeNewswire also provides you all the top companies who have to utilize a service and give a different type of promotion and deals on the platform and give you the news to get to the business easily. It utilizes social media services mostly because people are more likely to be using the services rather than normal news channels and TV broadcasting.

The layout of the website is easy to navigate, and everything is laid out beautifully, so the user does not feel any issue reading every type of content on the platform. The menu layout of GlobeNewswire is structural, and the user feels ease in navigating the page. The contact support feature works fine, and the website is not responsive but fairly satisfies the user.



0 is one of the most utilize comprehensive directories for businesses, job product service, press releases, news, and blog articles, which integrate your business and boost up your organization’s name the market.

It also allows the user to easily see all the details of the campaign on the platform. gives your news to everyone in the area, and it also provides the sources and gives direct links so the user can directly get to your website or see your business on the online platform.

It offers different opportunities for the press release and promotes your business, and it also gives you various facilities like flexibility, collecting information, building relationship, sharing knowledge, strong writing, honesty calculation, and much more.

All these things make a great platform and allow the user to integrate his profile on the system easily. The interface of the website is it navigate, and it does not offer any responsive design, but the information is right on the screen. is laid out beautifully, so the user does not face any difficulty in reading any review or news. The contacts support features work fine, and you cannot be a part of the platform if you do not fill the sign-up form.

#5 MyPRGenie


MyPRGenie is a PR providing platform, and it allows you to integrate your business on a great level and get different lead generation and business promotion options. It works beautifully, and the services they provide are top-notch. It also gives you details about the market so you can know about your company, and you can make changes according to the given analytical data reporting.

So, every type of information integrated on the homepage of the website and the sources of the news are not relieved unless you are a permanent member of the website. MyPRGenie itself is easy to use, and it also provides you a simplified module, and every content on the platform is played beautifully, and it is easily readable.

MyPRGenie provides the industry’s first crowdsource media database, and it provides, and beta testing, which shows different companies and PR professionals who share media over social sites, and they are working towards making everything easy for end-user.

It also creates and shares media for your business and gives you full contact support for any query and information. MyPRGenie gives you professional updating, and rating system automated Opt-Out System, delete bounced emails, and much more.

#6 NewsBox


NewsBox is one of the lead media publishing company which give you tons of facilities and give you streaming operations related to population, business intelligence, and inbound marketing, which is shared by a big number of users and it can easily generate great leads for your business.

The platform only gives it services on the cloud-based system, and it also gives you a media intelligence platform that helps you to integrate your business regardless of their magnitude. The contact support feature works fine, and you do not need a desktop system, but the web-based portals work fine, and the user can see the campaign performance and the reporting done in real-time, which is easily readable and accessible.

The company head office is in the United States Baltimore, and they are providing facilities like news reading polishing tools and intelligence systems for the singular clients. The feature of the platform includes an article of the database, communication, calendar, email distribution, press release builder, pressure monitoring, contact management, clippings management, auto-update of media list, and much more.

The pricing feature of NewsBox is easy to navigate, and if you are working in a large organization, this platform might not be much suitable for your company’s requirements, but it works well with small start-ups and business.

#7 Online PR Media


Online PR Media is an SEO based distribution media site that consists of many interesting features and allows you to merge your business and get it to speed. As it is a great platform to get your business start if it is available on social platforms. It focuses more on the digital aspect of marketing and gives you a great lead generation and PR facilities.

It offers tons of modules and facilities and allows you to integrate your business on the platform easily. It gives cost-effective business exposure for different users, and it provides a separate bundle and a budget-friendly module for every type of business.

All the information is given on Online PR Media’s web, and you can read about different companies who have utilized their services and give great reviews on their results. You get a separate app for desktop, and they also give you an application for Android and iOS devices so you can directly see the reporting against the changes done in real-time by the platform on your campaign.

Online PR Media is easy to use, and the dashboard on the user end is easy to navigate you can also provide ads on the platform and get leads and generated on the type of consumers level platforms you are looking for in the market that will take your business.

#8 PRWeb


PRWeb is a Media company owned by Cision. It is very simple to navigate, and it requires you to write a press release about your business or anything, and it will generate your public lead to get your business up and running. If you invest more on this platform, they will send your business’s reach to journalism bloggers, and they will publish it for you to improve your business performance.

There is others function that this platform provides, and they include PR web resources, webfeed, social connection, media integration, and vertical reporting of everything you put on the platform, and much more. The interesting factor of PRWeb is that it is available to everyone, and you can have a free sign-up on the website to know its working.

To become a member, you have to pay a certain amount to get your business starting and get generations differently using this platform. The platform transforms the press release from an expensive tool used by a large population to get exact information.

The services of PRWeb are highly effective and offer a great way of organizing all the information gathered by different sources and summaries it and give it on the internet as news. It is easy to navigate and give a constructive layout, which gives interactive designs for the user do not feel congested by a different type of information popping up from every corner of the screen. The pricing of integrating your business is a little high, but it does the job.

#9 Business Wire


Business Wire is one of the leading Media Company which provide tons of news on different categories to the worldwide audience. The company offers news for every aspect of daily life and updates the user on everything going on around the world in a summarized form. The summarized form is the basic reason base platform is most to utilize and trustworthy.

The website interface is easy to navigate and interact, and it provides multiple sourced information on the home screen, and you can navigate to your requirement and dedicated section. Business Wire is a platform that gets different news search engines, and everything is gathered on this one big platform where the news are arranged according to their sources and reliability and deliver it to the user.

It shows news for public relations, investors’ relations and gives news about distribution and analytics. It offers press release and give the news to a targeted audience and give you different multimedia of tracking options to get you the message.

Business Wire also shows news on the financial market, disclosure system, investor information, website databases, blogger, Social Network, and other audiences. They provide free news to everyone, and it also gives you log in and sign-up features so you can be a part of the platform and get notified of any new update.

#10 Help a Reporter Out (HARO)


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a platform that helps the journalist by providing them a database of sources for all the upcoming stories. Journalists can register them on the platform, and all of their information will be kept hidden for privacy purposes. They can then submit a source request and a synopsis of their story, which will be reviewed by the platform’s team.

The platform also provides a chance for sources to connect with journalists to provide them the information on their stories. It manages source requests for the journalists or journalists’ request for the sources. It works on mutual trust and asks its users to comply with its rules.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) also publishes its success stories about the journalists and sources which encourage other people to use it. The platform is being used by various news giants such as Time, Reuters, Fox News, WSJ, etc.

#11 PR Newswire


PR Newswire is a web-based platform that offers press releases and media distribution services. The platform allows the brands to expand their marketing and communication objectives and provides them a space to generate media coverage and acquire new audiences through its distribution services. This web-based platform enables brands to engage the audience with their rich content and can even share photos and videos with them.

Moreover, it helps brands to deliver press releases and marketing material to all disclosure points quickly. The platform offers actionable insights with visibility reports and allows brands to manage and distribute their multimedia all over the main data points. PR Newswire connects the brand messages with an influential journalist who can effectively spread the message and enables brands to reach the most influential bloggers to share their message with the public.

PR Newswire allows brands to share their content across other websites and media sources, which can attract more viewers and enhances brand visibility. The platform enables brands to reach more than 150 countries and can distribute their press releases in more than forty different languages. Moreover, brands can target their messages according to age, gender, or even religion to distribute their media to the right people. The platform comes with paid services, and customer support is available online and via phone during business hours.

#12 Newswire


Newswire is a news agency and a press release distribution company that allows you to empower your business and get the top response from the consumers. The basic functionality of the platform is that it provides you an interactive interface that you use on behalf of your companies agenda and run a campaign according to your requirement, which can we customize at any time at any moment in real-time.

The changes can be seen easily, and the analytical report is given from time to time as per your requirement. This agency gathers news reports and passes them to the subscribing news organization and allows different companies to interact with each other under certain modules to found common ground for sharing the news with people.

The digital media integration gave a boost to every service Newswire provides, and it gives a secure media database for the company and Newsroom offering. The wire services they provide is expensive and cover up to measure news outlet, including Google News and Yahoo news.

The platform stands out in its category because it offers a user interactive interface system specifically used by the company owner. So the owner or CEO can review the changes in the campaign and select the dedicated news you want to run on its business. The pricing of Newswire starts from $119 and increases according to the proposal.

#13 Prezly


Prezly is a communication software that helps businesses and users in managing their media relations, publishing their news, and maintaining the communication sources for the media teams. The platform enables the users to manage their contacts with the smart CRM that tracks flags when emails are out of date. Moreover, users can create mass announcements to send them in the emails.

The solution also enables the media team to view who opens or visits their newsroom or leave comments or notes for them. Moreover, Prezly allows the users to tell their stories to the news in any language and can create a story with its easy-to-use content editor.

Prezly enables users to share their content with the right people and offers targeted email campaigns. It also provides insights and reports that help businesses in understanding what type of customers are engaging with their campaigns. Lastly, it gives only paid services.