Paid is a global domain registrar in the domain management and registration solution. Being the registrar of almost three million domains across the globe, it is now listed among the leading domain registrars of the world. Its domain registration system is different from others as it doesn’t directly offer the domain registration rather works as a reseller of domains. It is best to offer the cheapest and economic domain names available in the various categories and extensions. This easy-to-use environment makes it easy for users to purchase, renew, transfer, and other domain management solutions easy.

OThe main highlighted features of are white-labeled domains, great availability of domain extensions, powerful API, private-labeled control panels, and a highly personalized contact management platform. One of the largest sources of ccTLDs and gTLDs makes it easy for the willing purchasers to manage all of their domains from the centralized platform. Those who want to deal with this platform will be provided with the branded port 43 and other web-based WHOis to control and monitor what is going on in the database of WHOis.


#1 Namecheap

0 is a service provider of economic domains names and hosting plans. Freedom of speech, privacy, and protection is the specification of this platform that provides the users full command and control over all of their work. Start with choosing a unique domain name for your purpose and then get the secure and high-level hosting performance at a cheap rate as well. This platform provides the new domains and also deals in transferring existing domains as well. All those tools and applications considered a backbone for crafting a professional website are part of its database.

Managing individual and business websites with Namecheap is too easy and simple in addition to economical. Get into action today and enjoy the reliable shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and private email hosting services available at very cheap rates. The affiliate programs are suitable for resellers to sell the websites according to their own policies. They can earn more with the best marketing options for reseller hosting. When it comes to websites for business, you will be guaranteed a high level of business where there will be a protection of your brand and product.



0 is one of the largest domain registration companies in the world whose registration services are being enjoyed by its 11 million registered users across the globe. It is a platform where users can get either new domains or transfer their existing domains. The best about this platform is that it is offering classic and modern domain names that ranges from .ngo, .ong, .rocks, .ninja, .attorney, .consulting, .dentist, .engineer, .studio, .news, .video, .live and many others. This platform makes it easy for the users to select the domain according to their own profession and interest.

Creating a website for the desktop operating systems is very easy, but what matters most is developing a mobile-based website. The mobile site creation system of eNom lets users create websites that can be easily displayed from any mobile operating system. Moreover, besides providing domain registration and transferring services, it provides some additional features that are considered the backbone for developing a professional business environment in the online world. These features are a professional email set up to create memorable email addresses, SSL certificates for protecting the business from online threats, and a personalized website builder for creating a highly customized website.


0 is a domain service provider that lets new users launch their website with its domain services. In addition to providing domain registration services, it deals in various other services regarding SEO and online marketing that make it easy for its users to get help for making an impactful presence in the online world. It is up to the users to either get the custom websites or get a fully maintained website. is offering domain names from old to a modern level according to the users’ profession, qualification, and passion. It is a domain registrar that offers a variety of domain names according to the demand of its users. Almost eight million website owners are using its services regarding transferring their existing domains with the Network Solutions, Website Forwarding, Private Domain Name Registration, Domain Expiration Protection, and availability of Premium Domain Names. Support for mobile-based websites is also part of its domain registration services.



0 is one of the best leading domain providers and registration companies that provide the solution from getting a domain to making a strong presence in the online world at the end. It provides the new gTLDs and domain names across the globe. Almost four hundred domain extensions are part of this platform that extends the choice for the domain seeker to get the perfect domain name. Getting a domain name is no more difficult task but getting the domain name with the real meaning is a matter that needs serious consideration. It is an application that provides users with tons of available extensions, even according to the recent trend.

You can get the domain name extension according to the automotive, food, profession, qualification, and much more. It has the process of domain name transfer that lets the users easily transfer their existing domain names. Uniregistry has a highly personalized expiring tracker that makes it easy for the users to track and monitor their domain names and check their registration date, expiration date, current registrar, transfer, and other linked issues.


0 is an all-in-one service provider for getting the new domains and transferring existing ones. It deals in all the services like registering a new domain, premium domains, transferring domains here, private domain registration, website forwarding, bulk domain registration, and domain expiration protection. Moreover, it is a platform to get the eCommerce website along with design as well. Creating new domains using this platform and then managing them is simple and easy.

Domain Name Privacy is a new feature that protects domain names against external threats and hacking. Hundreds of domain extensions make it easy for users to purchase the best domain name according to the business. The best above all is that it has a highly customized DIY website builder that is integrated with the functionalities of designing, editing, updating, and publishing within minutes. There is one limitation in getting the domain name from, and that is no protection system by the company, and users have to arrange a third party to protect their website.


0 is a platform for providing domain registration and domain email services. It is currently the third-largest domain registrar globally that provides hundreds of extensions according to the users’ choice. It is a suitable method to find the perfect domain name for implementing the big idea. The best about this platform is that it provides professional website-building tools, portfolio tools, and a personal homepage to the users and their services to create professional websites better.

The users are only required to select a domain name according to their favorite extension, and then after that, they will be provided with all the basic tools for building their website. The normal price of a domain is against the price of $4.99 that crosses the $50. If you want to get a new domain, then find the domain name from the database of Hover, and if you want to transfer the existing domain name, you can transfer it as well. The best about this tool is that it offers the best discount over a large number of registration of new domains and the transfer of domains.


0 is an ICANN permitted domain registrar offering its service in new domain name registration, website building, and website hosting. It is a platform for getting premium-level domain names along with SSL certificates. At present, there are almost 1.6 million domain names registered here, and the domain registrar is gradually increasing its customer level. The advantage of this platform is that it connects the users’ websites with the various applications and even with the existing apps. In this way, it makes it possible for the users to enjoy the best domains functionalities. is a powerful website builder that lets the users utilize the best services and products to create the best project. Moreover, most of the domain names offered here are available in the range of $10.99. This is same for .com, .net, .us, .co, and dozens of others. Domain transfer is also very economical that is being done at the price of $8.25 only.


0 is an online service provider of domain name registrations and reseller hosting. A domain registration company provides domain management solutions in the new domain name registration, reseller domains system, email solution, monetization solution, marketing solution, and SSL certificates. Most of the features offered here are under the program of VAS (value-added services). Its VAS provides free domains management solutions, DIY NS resolution, domain privacy service, and domain monetizing.

If all these factors are considered, it is the best domain resignation and hosting company that provides extra benefits to its customers. All the domain management and hosting services offered here are set by the company keeping in view the individual business needs of its customers. deals in both cheap and premium domain names. However, its premium domain system is also very economical. Instead of charging every month or every year membership fee, it charges a lifetime membership fee of $98.90 to $859. Once the payment is made, the customers can also utilize their transferred funds for other services, including SSL certificates, ESCROW services, and ODNAM.

#9 Godaddy

0 is an economical web hosting service that is listed among the leading registrars of web hosting providers. It is the solution for web hosting services: web security, online marketing, email & accounts management, domains, and much more. It is not just the platform of only classic domains, as it also covers the modern domain names for products and services.

Either it is about getting a domain or arranging professional web hosting, Godaddy is the professional service provider in both. Web hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated IP addresses, premium DNS, VPS & dedicated servers, SEO system, email marketing, professional email addresses, reseller & affiliate programs, and dozens of other hosting functions and features are part of this platform. If you are looking for the best domain name, then it is the best registrar.

#10 Yahoo Small Business


Yahoo Small Business (formerly known as Aabaco Small Business) provides small business owners with a list of services, including custom websites, domain, hosting, e-commerce help, and business email plans. It is one of the best power solutions that manage your major task even if you are a beginner. The solution offers customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and does not cover predictable and scheduled outages. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it has a massive range of unique website templates that consist of multiple categories such as Business, Service, Fashion and Beauty, Music and Video, Weddings and Photography, etc.

Each template has its own style, theme, and layout that you can easily customize with your own needs. It also has a list of core features that make it better than others. First, you need to register a domain and instantly get a website and custom email at no extra cost. Yahoo Small Business domain is competitively priced, and you can even get them for free when you purchase website builder or Business Mail. Do try it out if you want to expand or start your online business.