Push and Pop


Push and Pop Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Kirby’s Star Stacker


Kirby’s Star Stacker is a Single-player and Multiplayer Puzzle video game created by Hal Laboratory and published by Nintendo. The game offers similar gameplay to Dr. Mario and Tetris, and available to play on Nintendo 3DS. The primary objective of the game is to earn lots of exciting stars as fast as possible by matching different blocks that fall onto the screen. There are three different blocks, such as Coo the owl, Rick the Hamster, and Kine, the Fish. It has different modes, such as Round Clear, Vs., Challenge, and Time Attack.

Round Clear is the primary mode of the game divided into five difficulty levels like Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Super Hard, and Insane. Each one has a set of rounds and in Vs. Mode, you can compete against another player, and you have to score the highest points to defeat your opponent. Challenge mode (also known as an endless mode) and lets the player eliminate as many as stars as possible before colored blocks reach the top of the screen. With superb mechanics and addictive gameplay, Kirby’s Star Stacker is the best game to play and enjoy.