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Qiqqa is the name of a free research and reference manager that guides the users thorough their literature by understanding their research niche. It then highlights the most specific and most influential papers in that niche. It is one of the best reference managers for academic, students and researchers… read more
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14 Qiqqa Alternatives & Similar Software


1. EndNote

EndNote is a software to maintain the research work. It is the best tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations, and references on Windows and Macintosh desktop. It is not merely a standard reference manager. It moves through the research process as the user search, organize, write, publish and share his research work. Tap into hundreds of online databases and instantly find what you are looking for. It automatically downloads and attaches for free, online full-text PDFS to the saved references. EndNote provides the user with a window having a drop-down menu to choose the kind of reference they need, and fields ranging from the common to those specific to the type of reference. There are some databases (e.g. PubMed) in which the user requires to select citations, select a peculiar format, and save them as .txt files. Hence, the user is allowed to import the citations into the EndNote utility. It also useful to search storage catalogs and free databases such as PubMed from within the EndNote application searches itself.


2. Zotero

Zotero displays an icon the moment a resource is being seen on multiple websites such as library catalogs, PubMed, Google Scholar, Amazon.com, Wikipedia, Google Books and publishers’ websites. By clicking this icon you can save the entire reference information to the Zotero storage. Zotero is also capable to save a replica of the webpage, or, in the case of academic articles, a copy of the entire text PDF. The user can export eh selections of the local reference library data later on as formatted bibliographies. Zotero is the name of a research tool that automatically check out the content in a web browser, allowing to add it to the personal library of the user with a single tap. Whether you are searching for a reprint on arXiv.org, a journal article from JSTOR, a news story from the New York Times, or a book from your university library catalog, Zotero will provide support for thousands of sites. It is free, simple and easy to use platform that assist you to collect, organize, cite and share the research sources. It is one of the best and simplest way to organize all of your research work at a centralize place and then share it with others. Zotero will deliver you five main functions that are collect, organize, cite, synchronize and collaborate. All these functions of Zotero are worth to explore because it will work as your personal assistant. By using the Zotero you can store and collects almost each and every thing in a single and searchable interface. Each kind of files and digital media you can add in the Zotero.


3. BibDesk

BibDesk is the name of a graphical database manager for the Mac OS X operating system. BibDesk is one of the best bibliography and references management program that will make the process of managing references and bibliographies easy and simple for you. It is, in fact, a bibTeX front end system that is used in combination with LaTeX but at the same time deploys the various external databases connectivity as well for the purpose of importing and exporting and linking the local documents also. With the help of this reference management program, you can easily manage both bibliographic information and all of its associated files or web links. It will simplify the process of using your bibliography in other applications particularly those that uses the LaTeX system. In addition to free, BibDesk is an open source platform that will permit you to change its source code subject to your own specific requirement. The four main features of the BibDesk are about manage references, find references and import & export. The reference management system of BibDesk will allow you to start with basic bibliographic data and goes forth to include the all necessary details like publication type, abstracts or links to web pages or local files or PDFs and even any other kind of file that is related to the publication. On your request, BibDesk will automatically move and rename all stored files as well. The advanced search system of BibDesk will make you able to quickly sift through the saved bibliography in order to search for the terms you enter.


4. Docear

Docear that is called as an academic literature suite is one of the best academic literature management systems to manage all of your research and references works. Design with the purpose of offering a very simple and straightforward management solutions to the users, Docear assit its users in creating, organizing and then discovering their academic literature. The exceptional about Docear is its straightforward interface. Because of its advanced level of simplicity, you can easily manage and access all of the comprehensive organization of your literature. The best about Docear is its category system that means arranging the documents into categories. You can sort annotations, annotations with PDFs and much more. The system for viewing the multiple annotations of multiple documents in the multiple categories simultaneously is also the part of Docear. Docear is based on the literature suite concept that is the fine mixture of many helping tools like reference management, PDF management, mind mapping, etc. This will make the process of drafting own papers, thesis, assignment, etc. easy and simple for you. Some of the technical features and functions of the Docear are free to use, user friendly interface, single section user interface, file management, platform independent , monitoring function to watch folders for new PDFs, open source, multi-language, support for multiple projects, full control over the data without any registration, real-time collaboration, synchronization system, etc. The add-on of Docear is available for the Microsoft Word. It means you can access it directly from the MS Word in addition to using its standalone version. Docear is freely available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.


5. Papers

Papers is the name of your own personal library and a best one library for research, in fact, your personal library for research work. It allows the researchers and students to collect and curate the research material. Use Papers and find across 20+ search engines from PubMed and Scopus to arXiv and Google Scholar. Moreover, multiple results can be imported directly into the library with a single click. Take advantage of the full-screen reader. Papers is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad and online. This platform is for the professional writers and researchers who will enjoy the system of collecting and curating their research material that they think of most important one. It will improve your reference searching experience as well. Five main areas of functionalities of the Papers are find, read, organize, synchronization, and cite. We have mentioned all functions of Papers except synchronization and citation. The synchronization system of Papers allow its users to keep their entire personal library synchronized across all of their devices. The citation system of Papers is also awesome because of being an advanced one. Now you can enjoy the format references in almost seven thousand citation styles. It is up to you whether you go with the existing style sheet or design your own custom made style. The Magic Citations of the Papers will be there to guide in both sections. Papers is a totally a commercial platform, however, you can enjoy the thirty days free trail. In order to access all features of Papers, you will be required to go for the commercial services of the Papers.


6. RefWorks

RefWorks is a web based bibliography and reference management platform that permits its users to create their own personal database of references and then product the bibliographies in multiple formats. This reference management program delivers the solutions for better research management, writing and collaboration at a centralize platform. After having this program you will be not required at all to have different programs or tools for reference management. RefWorks is one of the best tools for managing references and creating those bibliographers for research papers that has always been a time consuming and complex tasks because of involving the usage of multiple applications and management systems. The three most important area of services of the RefWorks are organize, access and collaboration. Organizing in RefWorks means to organize and manage research data. Access area will allow you to access your databases from any web-connected source. Then comes the collaboration section with the aim of allowing you to make collaboration with others and even share data with them. This function is best for enjoying the collaborative research. The main highlighted features and functions of the RefWorks are access data from any PC, unlimited site wide access, network capabilities, multi-language interfaces, unlimited reference size system, unlimited maximum references, course management integration, organizing references, importing filters for online databases and much more. A lot of other features and functions about linking partners, managing data, sharing data, integration of bibliography & manuscript are also the part of the RefWorks.


7. Citavi

Citavi is the new way of organizing your knowledge with an advanced reference management system. This platform is going to help you in managing your references, planning the tasks and organizing the knowledge. Check out what you can do or what Citavi will do for you? You will enjoy the searching of resources worldwide, managing references, analyzing texts, highlighting texts, save ideas, structure the work, plan tasks, availability of perfect paper, article, report system and much more. For its advanced level of features and functions, Citavi can be said as a best one reference managements, knowledge organizations and task planning solution providers. This platform is available for users of all type like students, researchers, organizations and libraries. Some of the basic features and functions of the Citavi are supports for entire research process, search the world means availability of thousands of reliable resources across the globe, add references, manage references, integrate PDFs and other documents, evaluate content, organize knowledge, plan tasks, team collaboration, write cite of resources, and much more. Each of listed feature then open it furthermore areas of functionalities. In short, resources for reference and research management endless here. You by yourself will even get confused about how to deal with so many features and functions at once. But don’t worry there will be a proper guideline system if you are at beginning level. Citavi is available in two editions that are Citavi Free and Citavi Commercial. Of course, Citavi is entirely free but Citavi Commercial requires some payment that is related to the type of users.


8. ReadCube

This free reference and citation manager platform is especially for the researchers. By having the desktop version of ReadCube or its application you can read, manage and discover the new type of literature all the time. ReadCube is separately available for researchers, teams, and publishers. For each type of its users, ReadCube has its own designed features. The ultimate research toolkit of ReadCube contains the basic resources in shape of enhanced PDFs, personalized recommendations system, paper management system, tablet application, synchronization & backup management system and watch folders. You will surely like to know about the features and functions of ReadCube that contains the system for optimized PDF viewing, clickable inline references, full reference list, daily recommendations on your library, save time, get more organized and much more. This platform is surely going to deliver you a new level of references management system where you will be able to save more time and get more organized than before. ReadCube is available in two edition namely simple ReadCube and ReadCube Pro. ReadCube contains more features and functions as compared to the ReadCube. The features like cloud synchronization & storage, advanced organization and advanced article metrics are the part of the ReadCube. All these features will deliver you the more level of functionalities. You can securely synchronize all of your entire library including lists, notes, annotations and even highlights across multiple ReadCube platforms. The advanced file management, tagging and watch folders system of ReadCube will delivers you more advanced level of references management system.


9. Colwiz

Colwiz is the name of a free research group manager and reference manager. It will make you able to easily create bibliography and citations in thousands of styles and set your own research system in the cloud. The users of Colwiz can easily share their references and files with others by of cloud as well. Colwiz has divided its functioning system into two main areas namely Colwiz for Reference Management and Colwiz for Research Groups. Both of these are designed to deliver the specific solution to the individual requirements of each group. The simple to use storage and management system of Colwiz will make you able to search easily and always find the relevant articles. By using this reference management platform you can easily find the relevant articles from the list of millions of articles. Time to worry have gone because there is no system of duplicating articles as Colwiz will always keep an eye on these. The saving system of Colwiz is simply outclass that will allow you to save all of your data in one place and access it from anywhere. By this you will be able to manage all of your data and references with secure and automatic cloud backup system of the Colwiz. To each of its user, Colwiz provide the 30GB of free storage in its own cloud. It then allow its users to access their content from anywhere and from multiple devices. The system for citation and generating the bibliographies is also the part of its features. Now you can write your papers in any word processor just by the support of the Colwiz, reference manager. Now you guess, how much it is easy to deal with all of your data when it is about using the Colwiz.


10. Bookends

Bookends is a fully featured reference management program designed for the students and professional researchers to manage and organize their references and research work in a more systemized way. The latest version of Bookends now support for the cloud synchronization that will be surely a great help for those who are frequently required to access their work from multiple platforms and different places. With the synchronization of Bookends with the cloud it becomes possible now to synchronize all the reference libraries, files, attachments and even the custom files between all the Macs OS X that you are using. Current version of Bookends has also support for the downloading and using the functional except for a fifty reference per library print. If you need more access, then you will be simply required to go for the premium version of the Bookends so that you can enjoy the library data without any limit. Collecting, finding, organizing, annotating and publishing are some main areas of services by the Bookends. By using the Bookends you are going to get and instant access to all these areas. This program will entrails the collection, annotation, curation and citation of published information.


11. Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a leading citation tool introduced in October 2010. The platform began with the mission of helping students create the best citations in a fraction of the time. It starts with a very basic level, and now it has millions of users around the world. The platform does the job for you by giving you’re an easy setup from which you can input your source’s information. It’s portal then takes the information that you gave it and creates a citation for it in the style of your choosing. The best thing about Cite This For Me it provides users with multiple tools like systems that check for spelling errors or plagiarism. Once you finished, you can use the site in order to export it to Word and easily print it. There are multiple styles such as MLA, APA and Harvard etc. As a result, you can use it for citations of any field. Cite This For Me also includes core features such as easy to export your finished bibliography, lots of tools, avoid small mistakes, easy to understand interface and much more. Try it out, Cite This For Me is an excellent platform that helpful for students to speed their way there through bibliography.


12. RefMe

RefMe is a world’s number one tool for automating citations reference lists and bibliographies on both mobile and web. It is a comprehensive solution that allows users to scan book and journal barcode without any limitation. The solution was compatible with lots other citation management tools such as Zotero, Mendeley and enables exporting in more than 700 citation styles. RefMe is completely free to use application that requires registration to use; registration cloud is performed by Facebook and email address. It is an available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android platform and you can access it anywhere around the world. The solution allows sharing and collaborating on resources, adding information through both mobile and desktop devices with cloud synchronization between platforms. RefMe also includes core features such as a variety of tools, simple interface, free for everyone, add notes, collaborate with other by inviting team members and directly send your work to MS word and other platforms. Try it out, is an excellent tool for everyone.


13. JabRef

JabRef is an application for managing BibTeX databases. This reference management platform deploys the BibLaTeX and BibTeX as its default formats; that’s why can be used for LaTeX as well. JabRef offers an all-set interface for editing BibTeX files, for importing data from online scientific databases, and for organizing and finding BibTeX files. The bells and whistles of JabRef include customizable export filters, customizable BibTeX key generation, and much more. Have a glance on the key technical features of the JabRef that are search the web, import of various formats, automatic download of full texts, search the bibliography, classification of entries, integrates to your environment, automatic key generation, support for XMP metadata in PDFs, integrated custom export formats, highly customizable, available in various international languages, etc. In term of performing various functions, JabRef is much featured rich. You can link external files with paths relative to your .bib file so that you can easily move your database along with its files to another directory. By using JabRef you can even export your bibliography entries into a simple text file so that you can import them into a spreadsheet easily. Entries in JabRef can be traced in external databases while BibTeX entries can be grabbed from there. Example sources for this purpose are arXiv, CitesserX, Google Scholar, Medline, IEEXplore, Springer and Medline. Automatic downloading of full texts it also the part of JabRef that will allow you to search for the full text of a reference and then either download it or link it to the BibTeX entry.


14. Mendeley

Mendeley is a desktop and web utility for organizing and sharing research papers, finding research and associating online. It combines Mendeley Desktop, a PDF and reference management software (available for Windows, OS X and Linux) with Mendeley Web, an online social network for researchers. Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF organizer for students and researchers. It is best reference manager and academic, social network. Use Mendeley and make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, cite as you write and read and annotate your PDFs on any device. Free version of Mendeley is available for iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. It is a platform for all research in one place that allows the users to securely stored and access across devices to search and sort references, documents and notes in a location. With the single version of Mendeley, you can perform two functions very easily that are about getting the free reference and utilizing an advanced PDF organizer.

More About Qiqqa

Qiqqa is the name of a free research and reference manager that guides the users thorough their literature by understanding their research niche. It then highlights the most specific and most influential papers in that niche. It is one of the best reference managers for academic, students and researchers. It search and then read annotate the PDFs then review the work and write up and create the bibliographies instantly. Capture all your tags, comments, highlights and annotations while you read your PDFs inside Qiqqa, online at you workstation or offline. Qiqqa is surely a rich PDF viewer that supports annotating, tagging, notes, searching and cross-referencing. It features with filtering and reporting against your tags, auto Tags, and Tags; a full-text search across your complete PDF collection; the tagging of text annotations and the integrated annotation report features allow Qualitative research and Grounded theory methodologies against your PDF documents and scans. The application allows you sync your documents, metadata and annotations across various computers and to a personal online Web Collection. If you are such type of person dealing with a lot of PDFs and ideas during note taking or searching then, Qiqqa will be a great help for you because it will make you able to easily manage all of your researches and references. When it becomes necessary to use Qiqqa; when your PDFs littered across your PC or when you are unable to remember where you made those important highlights or when you can’t decide which of your hundreds of PDFs to read next or when you are in serious trouble in pulling your reading together while writing up. In short, this application is designed to perform all type of activities regarding research and references management.

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