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QTAC Payroll

QTAC Payroll is auto-enrolment based payroll software that will make you able to pay your employees quickly in a simple and easiest way. The ready to use payroll management system of QTAC Payroll will make you able to pay all of your employees with on click… read more

18 QTAC Payroll Alternatives & Similar Software


Intuit Payroll

Intuit Payroll is the payroll service by the QuickBooks that is known as delivering the accounts and finance management solution for the small and medium size businesses. QuickBooks in its Intuit Payroll system is offering multiple payroll management services in which the most popular are basic payroll, enhanced payroll, full-service payroll, payroll for QuickBooks, payroll for the accountant, household payroll, and some others.

Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is the payroll management system by the leading account and finance management system Sage. It is for the large enterprises to manage their payroll and salary systems fully in a more systemized way.


Namely is basically multifunctional HR software that also provide the solution of payroll and employees’ benefits. By using this payroll management software, you can easily manage the record of your entire workforce.

Payroll by Wave

Payroll by Wave is a payroll management system by the Wave that provides its management solutions to the small businesses only. Just like its other management systems, Payroll by Wave is also for the small businesses only.

RTI Payroll software

RTI Payroll software is the name of a fully featured and HMRC PAYE Recognized and RTI compliant payroll software for the small and medium size business only. It is for those people who want to create a paperless environment in their workplace.


Payroo is a web-based payroll and auto-enrollment system making its users able to complete their weekly, monthly and other pay frequency pay runs and auto-enrolment from anywhere on the Mac, PC and smartphone devices.


EasyPAY is the name of advanced and simple yet powerful payroll management software designed for businesses of all types. It is user-friendly payroll software that will make you able to customize it according to the need of your own business and organization requirements.

Marg Payroll Software

Marg Payroll Software entirely skills in handling each and every system like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System and so on. Almost every Organization practice payroll for its workforce;


GreytHR comes with a collection of wholly built-in modules that permit HR and finance groups to work together seamlessly. Say goodbye to rework, confusion, knowledge duplication and inconsistencies! Put in force greytHR and watch systems automatically fall in place.

Saral PayPack

From the very beginning of getting the candidates interviewed, recruiting as staff, fixing the range of earnings, appointment, income processing, and appraisal, etc., HR personnel has to go through a pile or bundles of papers for doing all these matters manually.

Nitso Payroll Software

Nitso Payroll Software is a very easy, flexible and user-pleasant payroll administration program that takes care of all your necessities regarding management of employee’s payroll. This payroll program offers person defined earning / deduction / mortgage heads & calculation tables.


With AccuPay’s fully built-in, cloud-based system offering payroll, HR, and time and labor administration, you can control your staff reliably and efficaciously by way of the entire employee “lifecycle.” Partnered with the employees of certified professionals in payroll, HR, healthcare sectors, QuickBooks, and accounting, the AccuPay body of workers’ administration solution is unmatched in the industry.

nQativ Activity Payroll

ActivPR is the approach to the essential venture in payroll: the must produce problematic paychecks in the shortest time viable with restricted resources. Complexity and consistent alternate create virtually unsolvable issues for the payroll division in any company.


ENETPayroll offers simple, powerful payroll administration via a relaxed, cloud-based utility. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. With software services that can be customized to your certain hindrance, it is the ideal system of payroll for businesses that require flexibility for their payroll requirements.


Most HR and payroll program piece together separate modules for advantages administration, recruiting, efficiency management, time & attendance, and more. DATIS is not like most HR based payroll programs. It offers to offer an entirely unified solution that acts as a single source of fact for your whole institution.

PayDay! SaaS

PayDay! Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-formed payroll solution exceptionally designed for SMEs.   PayDay! is a handy-to-use, 100% compliant and 24/7 on-line payroll solution. It helps to run payroll in three effortless steps and not requires any technical knowledge or changing guide payroll processing.


IOIPay (Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc. Pay) is a firm that provides payroll and employer outsourcing services such as payroll processing, human-resource administration and tax filing to help your company maximize efficiency while reducing bottom line costs.

Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll is an all-in-one leading payroll management solution that is designed to help small businesses to simplify their payroll processes as well as stay compliant with taxes and deductions. With this user can easily track and manage vacations, features, and overtime accurately and efficiently and allow offer users with quick access to accurate pay stubs and reports.

More About QTAC Payroll

QTAC Payroll is auto-enrolment based payroll software that will make you able to pay your employees quickly in a simple and easiest way. The ready to use payroll management system of QTAC Payroll will make you able to pay all of your employees with on click. If you have employees that have set salaries and additional pay elements that require no change in any period, then organize the companies into sections and pay that section in one go. The main quality of QTAC Payroll is its user-friendly and straightforward dashboard that will make the process of processing large to small payroll easy for you. Via this, you can be sure your payroll management will be stress-free. The other best thing about QTAC Payroll is its web portal integration system that will make you able to give your employees online access to their payslips and other reports. QTAC Payroll will also make you able to manage auto-enrollment opt-outs/opt-ins and other employees’ data gathering needs. A new feature named email payslips has been now integrated into the QTAC Payroll making you able to email your employees their payslips directly from the software. No more third party applications are required to separately manage all these. The CIS management system of QTAC Payroll will make you able to calculate, verify, manage and submit your CIS employees without the need for additional plugins or software.

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