QuitNow! PRO

QuitNow! PRO brings plenty of amazing features as compared to its normal version, developed in the market by Fewlaps Inc. QuitNow! PRO – Stop Smoking app lets you provide the app with your basic stats in its first step of coming on the journey… read more

What are best QuitNow! PRO Alternatives for iOS?

#1 Smoking Cessation Hypnosis


Smoking Cessation Hypnosis app brings an emerging edge system to overcome addiction to cigarettes and other kinds of smoking. Smoking Cessation Hypnosis – Quit Cigarettes with Hypnotism is a significant tool developed in the market by Hyptalk Inc. app that lets you become healthy and smoke-free by following a straightforward path as well as utilizing the power of your subconscious mind.

The app lets you unlock all the robust sessions from within the platform that is almost four in numbers. Smoking Cessation Hypnosis allows you to become a nonsmoker with the soothing and hypnosis, yet the robust voice of hypnotherapists or hypnotist.


#2 Smokerstop


Smokerstop is a significant app that enables all global smokers to remove bad habits using their cell phones and tablets, developed in the market by Titus Brinker Inc. Smokerstop app uses a science-based motivational approach to help you stop smoking in an effortless way.

The app helps all the chain smokers to quit their habits by following a straightforward approach that the app contains. It elegantly individualizes your quitting attempt by enabling you to set personal goals. Smokerstop app intuitively helps with effective and motivation with advice and reminds its smokers of the advantages of smoking along the way.

#3 Ornament


Ornament is an elegantly designed health and fitness tool that intuitively analyses and stores your lab results without letting you make any prior effort. Ornament – Monitor your Lab Tests app lets you take a pic of the sheet along with the report of the laboratory, and the app will provide tests after some time.

It intuitively recognizes lab test results in PDFs as well as common image formats. Ornament – Monitor your Lab Tests is an easy to use app that lets you find any of your desired text without any efforts. It precisely converts all test values to a single system so that different units are no longer a problem.


#4 Personality Development App


Personality Development App is an elegantly designed app that aims to enhance your personality through a set of specific expert advice with plenty of training stuff, significant tips, skill-sharing, and motivational quotes. The app is truly based on real surveys and focuses on how to improve your desired personality aspects.

You just have to read sensibly, follow advice, start a process of self-development, and even improve your personality significantly. It is an elegantly developed personality training guide that contains a massive content on real-life situations and advice from experts that you can imply over your own lives. The app brings personal guides and training for developing your personal skills intuitively.

#5 QuitGuide


QuitGuide is a free app for smartphones and tablets that helps you to quit smoking and lead a healthy life for the rest, developed in the market by ICF International Inc. QuitGuide – Quit Smoking lets you intuitively track your cigarette moods and cravings as well as discover dozens of reasons for quitting smoking. It enables you to monitor your progress towards achieving all the milestones regarding smoke-free life.

The app enables you to identify smoking triggers and develop strategies to manage them in a highly professional way. You can precisely get expert guidance on the guide towards quit smoking and address nicotine withdrawal to access a diversity of strategies to help you successfully stay and become smoke-free.


#6 Remente


Remente is a fabulous app that lets you improve your health as well as your life by helping you reach your goals and reflect your mood every day. Remente – Self Improvement app provides a bunch of tools for its global users to elevate their lives, truly based on their desires. The app carries an elegant day planner that brings to-dos daily and even long term goal tasks and actions.

Remente app is just perfect for new year’s resolutions, boosting skills, improving knowledge, and maintain your mental wellbeing. Remente – Goals, Habits & Journaling app enables you to live a healthier and productive life with more self-worth, self-esteem, and less anxiety and stress.

#7 Unique Daily Affirmations


Unique Daily Affirmations is a fine tool developed by Gopher Apps LLC that helps you start your day off right every morning with a fresh and highly curated daily affirmations. Unique Daily Affirmations – Start your Day Positive is a creative affirmation tool that assists its users in enriching their endeavors, make positive changes in their lives, and bring them out from under the clouds.

It enables you to press the large gray button available over its sleekly designed interface and use it by repeating the statement out loud. The app lets you make all your positive declarations become truth in your mind as you think about it through your day. You can intuitively access your today’s affirmation and start your day with positive vibes towards a healthy life.

#8 Deepstash


Deepstash is an excellent tool for you to have a personal library of knowledge as well as thoughts and enjoy plenty of exclusive stuff in a way like never before. Deepstash – Self Improvement, Motivation & Care app lets you enjoy a daily source of life-changing and inspiring stories and ideas. The app helps you in reading articles, get productivity tips, learn skills, and discover life hacks right from one platform.

The app lets you have the best collection of stories around the web, including a massive amount of articles, podcasts, and videos, etc. You can precisely learn new and readymade articles, read smarter, remember everything, save inspiring ideas, achieve anything, and get productive.

More About QuitNow! PRO

QuitNow! PRO brings plenty of amazing features as compared to its normal version, developed in the market by Fewlaps Inc. QuitNow! PRO – Stop Smoking app lets you provide the app with your basic stats in its first step of coming on the journey. You can intuitively unlock the health screen to get to know how much time you need to complete all the health improvements and keeps on updating you respecting everything.

The app carries 52 more achievements to complete and provide plenty of years to complete. It carries a superb community of people and real-time notifications support that helps you in your way towards quitting this habit. You can also get to know all the conversations with the pro version of the QuitNow! PRO app.

The app also carries a fully customizable widget that makes your desktop shine, and you can customize everything in the way you want. QuitNow! PRO – Stop Smoking is also available in the paid version that lets you enjoy an ad-free experience while having all the significant things in the same yet improved manner.

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