Free is one of the leading platforms of the shared files over the internet. It collects all information shared by the third parties and then hosts the links and references to these platforms over its websites.

Millions of files are indexed in the database of this giant shared files offering platform, and thousands of files become part of this platform. The primary provider of the shared data is Uploaded, Rapidgator, Mediafire, Mega, and several others.

Searching from the database of is different from searching over the internet or on Google Search Engine. will only give you the links to third party websites, and from these sites, you can get your desired file downloaded.

This is how works for offering the best in the class information to its users. One of the best things about is that it only provides the real links, and the visitor can check in advance about the health status of the link.


#1 Searx


Searx is a privacy respecting metasearch engine that is probably the best alternative to the traditional way of searching on the internet. It is designed by an expert team and contains all the core features that make it better than others.

Here it is important to clarify that Searx does not offer personalized results as the other search engine offers. Still, it will be advantageous because it will fetch the result of the website that contains the solution to your issues.

It offers its users a dedicated searching platform for searching for anything from the world of the internet. It is merely one of the best means to search for files and data in the range of images, audio, music, videos, movies, and much more for free. Searx offers both regular and advanced search solutions to its visitors for the better results and authenticity of the data they were looking for.


#2 MegaDownload


MegaDownload is easy to way platform to search and download files from the leading hosting sites on the internet. It offers the data supplied by the two leading hosting platforms of the world, namely MegaUpload and RapidShare.

It also brings the search result regarding other hosting platforms as well, but the MegaUpload and RapidShare always remain on the high end. MegaDownload has recently launched a new service, and that is downloading files from Usenet. This platform has revamped the search process by offering the search from the leading platforms only.

The main advantage of using MegaDownload for file searching and downloading purposes is that it does not provide irrelevant information at all. That is why it is currently listed among the leading providers of the shared files over the internet. You must use this platform for a refined search surety of downloading the data you were looking for.

#3 FilePursuit


FilePursuit is probably the most sophisticated platform that is offering the best in the class file indexing and search system to its visitors. The database of millions of links and advanced search system will allow you to search for your file among the millions of records that are located on multiple web servers across the world.

One of the best things about the database of the FilePursuit is that it is daily replenished by its artificial intelligence system that crawls via free access to internet resources. It is powered by a database of those servers that holds a massive amount of information.

For the information of the readers, FilePursuit is don’t store content on its platforms, it offers the links of files like Google, and other search engines do. The interface of FilePursuit is straightforward that makes searching for data easier and organized. It also ensures the reliability of the links as well.


#4 Files Tube


Files Tube is the leading file sharing and uploading services provider over the internet. It was serving the most reliable searching over the internet. Files Tube was specialized in searching files and data from the leading file sharing, uploading, and downloading services providers, such as RapidShare, Depositfiles, Mega, Uptobox, and much more.

Its search sections were offering to search for anything from the internet like audios, videos, movies, music, lyrics, software, program, and much more. Before the discontinuation of this service, it was one of the most extensive free services for streaming licenses and independent movies and documentaries.

The layout and user interface of the Files Tube were much like YouTube that makes it easy for the users to surely search for what they were looking for on this website. The services of Files Tube are no more available, but still, there are many services similar to Files Tube that are readily available on the internet.

#5 FileCrop


FileCrop is a kind of search engine that works like most web search engines. However, rather than getting back the data from the overall web directory, it relies on the database of the shared file servers only.

Whenever you search for anything over the platform, it will return the result from the leading shared file servers like RapidShare, Hotfile, Mega, and several other kinds of the archive. FileCrop is also one of the best sources for getting real and verified links and torrent files.

Everything is organized for the users for better search and sure downloading of the data. In addition to finding the file from all file hosting websites, FileCrop also lets its visitors get their records searched from the preferred file hosting site as well.

It also permits its visitors to search with file size limits by opting for a file size range as well. If you want to enjoy the free search engine-based searching service for shared files, then FileCrop is probably one of the best options for you.

#6 FindFiles


FindFiles is a platform over the internet where the people come to find the specific files regarding any subject matter from the dedicated and specialized hosting servers only. This website is the database of thousands of files and downloads URLs that allow its users to freely download the data they are looking for on their device.

FindFiles offers both a simple and advanced searching system to its visitors. It makes them able to search for the number of files quickly. Its database for software and programs is comparatively more significant as compared to the other data it is offering.

FindFiles widely deals in searching for software and mirrors. Its database is not as more significant as compared to the other platforms, but still, it is the best option to use when there is no immediate solution provider.

#7 FileMare


FileMare is a featured rich file search engine that hosts the files and data of the leading FTP servers of the world. It is one of the best means for searching for images, audio, music, videos, movies, software, games, books, updates, cracks, patches, and much more.

Searching from FileMare is just as if searching from Google with the only difference it will bring the data from the dedicated platforms only. If you search for the game, FileMare will deliver the result from the servers offering files of games. In that’s the way it simplifies and concise the search of its visitors.

One of the best things about FileMare is that it indexes the data of anonymous FTP servers, so at any stage, you will not feel like being given malicious data at all. FileMare ensures the reliability of the links it shows on its platform. FileMare is simply one of the best platforms for finding what you are looking for.

#8 TraDownload


TraDownload is a two-way working platform that deals in uploading and downloading of shared files across the web world. This platform allows its users to share the data they have and find the data being shared by others. Its database also contains the files that it is getting from the multiple file hosting platforms.

At the moment, TraDownload is being backed by the leading file hosting servers like Mega, 4shared, Uploaded, and much more. It deals in a wide range of services in addition to uploading and downloading of data.

It is possible to get from here the streams, audio and video files, and much more from the leading storage platforms of the world. TraDownload is an excellent means for searching for shared files of all types on all leading file-hosts services. TraDownload has now integrated an MP3 converter as well that lets its visitors get their files converted from the leading video streaming and sharing platforms.


1 is a free online tool that lets you search links from dozens of file hosters, plus it also allows you to upload your links without any limitation. It works as a directory and searches engine for MediaFire, Upala, Mega, Uptobox, and lots of other giant file-sharing platforms.

It has millions of links that consist of a number of categories such as Music, Videos, Images, Books, Documents, Software, Application, and lots of others. Each one has its items and objects to free to view and download. is free to use a search engine, and no require registration to view and download its content, but if you want to upload your links, you need to sign up with an email address, name, and all the other required information.

It a secure platform that never shares your personal information with others. includes core features such as a search box, a simple Google-like interface, more than 10 million links, daily updates with new links, support multiple languages, and much more.

#10 SearchFTPS


SearchFTPS is also known as NAPALM FTP indexer, is one of the leading service providers of the FTP files on the internet. Using SearchFTPS is just like using an advanced FTP Indexer and FTP search engine service provider of the internet.

This platform is maintained by its active users who come here to share what they have to share. It is probably one of the largest platforms over the internet for searching and downloading files and data from the leading and anonymous FTP servers on the internet.

At the moment, millions of files are part of the index of the SearchFTPS that it is getting from almost ten thousand FTP servers. This free-to-use file searching platform lets its visitors search and download files located on the leading FTP easily and shared files servers. It’s time to forget Google and other search engines for finding anything on the internet because SearchFTPS is a platform that deals in dedicated searching only.

#11 DllDump


DllDump is the provider of free DLL files over the internet. This website ensures its users to browse and download the exact DLL file they are looking for and fix their problems within a few minutes. It has one of the largest collections of archives and data on the internet that is readily available to download for free. In addition to DLL files, now it has started offering the other files as well, like inf files, ocx files, and a lot of different data too.

When you move to the official website of the DllDump, you will see the organized tabs at the top fo the page from where you can search for the specific file by growing throw the specific category containing your data. Browse the list of files and download them for free. It does not involve any cost at all regarding its services.

#12 Entireweb


Entireweb is based on the concept of searching data from the entire web directory. This website allows its visitors to finds the results from the relevant sites only. By this, it ensures the reliability of the data it has in its database. There is no complicated procedure at all for finding anything via this website.

Entireweb is a website that offers search results from millions of websites on the internet. When you move to the official website of Entireweb, you will see there a unified search bar in the middle of the page.

All you need is to type the name of the file you are looking for, and the results from the relevant websites will be shown to you. It is just like Google, where you also get the same attitude. Now move to these links to get the file you were looking for. That is the simple working style of the Entireweb.

#13 UVRX


UVRX is an independent search engine for finding files from the leading shared files servers on the internet. Here you will get the results of Mediafire, Depositfiles, Easy Share, SharedZilla, Divshare, Zshare, 4Shared, and hundreds of other trusted platforms.

There are lots of online file storage and shared file hosting platforms on the internet. They have only the one theme, and that is to bring the links of shared files offering websites on a centralized platform.

UVRX is also such kind of platform, but it is emphasizing on those areas that make it sure the visitors are getting satisfied, and their data transfer needs are meeting correctly. UVRX deals in both free and premium facilities.

Being the premium users of its services, you will get enhanced security levels in addition to getting the speed of the data uploading and downloading system. The sizes of the files are also considerably small, and that is the thing that makes the UVRX the best one.

#14 SearchFiles


SearchFiles is the name of a premium level of file search engine that gets the data from the leading shared file servers of the world. The data at SearchFiles comes from platforms like Mediafire, Mega, Uploaded, Uptobox, and much more.

It is now offering the extension for Google Chrome as well so that you can quickly get to the file you are looking for without going to visit the official website of this service provider.

The developers of the website have kept its interface very simple and user-friendly so that the file finding system can be improvised. All you need to do is to provide the name of the file you are looking for. After that, lots of results shown on your screen where the data is being offered for download. You can move to more options for searching as well in case you want the print result.

#15 Limefiles


Limefiles is a different kind of resource finding website. In addition to hosting the files and data over its servers, it also collects the metadata for each file like file name, file size, its description, download URL, and much more.

It offers features like file hosting and torrents metasearch engine and downloader. This simple to use a file search engine is much like Google Search Engine that allows its visitors to find images, files, archives, documents, audio, videos, and other kinds of files and data over the internet.

It daily comes with updates of new links and sources from where its visitors can quickly get the data they are looking for. For the information of the readers, it does not host files or data on its servers at all. It just collects the metadata for each link available.

#16 SearchShared


SearchShared is working under the supervision of Rapidshare Search Shared files. It offers a vast range of database and links, SearchShared is widely called to be one of the best alternatives of the Megaupload as well.

This search engine is, no doubt, the perfect replacement of many files hosting servers and file storage servers as well. If you want to enjoy the refined and reliable searching, just like the searching of Google Search Engine, then SearchShared is a suggested platform for that purpose.

SearchShared is working along with a lot of file-sharing servers. That is why its database is getting huge with time. It offers two kinds of searches, such as an independent searching from all file-sharing server and searching for anything from a specific file-sharing server. SearchShared is simply one of the easiest ways over the internet to search shared file servers.

#17 Warez-BB


Warez-BB is a place for sharing apps, consoles, games, movies, TV shows, and various other media on a unique platform. It has a smart website module and allows the user to login freely. It uses the platform in the news forms and only provides a limited number of social applications to share the news.

The signup feature is free and does not allow any anonymous user to be a part of the platform. Every user must register to the site, even for reviewing it. Warez-BB can also be known as a dedicated discussion digital piracy platform that provides media tools. It also gives you various online services access so that users can use a single platform for every type of collaborative software, services, tools, and different other items.

Warez-BB has a simple interface with great design, and all the information is given on the home screen of the website. It will not show any information unless you have registered on the platform. Any user can see the forum and including topics and get guidelines on the system.


0 is one of the fastest-growing online cloud storage applications. It allows you to upload, track, manage easily, and download unlimited files. It comes as an alternative to Dropbox and offers almost all the core services with some new tools and features to quickly upload and track your files. The best thing about this site is that it allows you to access it on almost all internet-enabled devices.

The site comes with advance security and privacy features that help you easily store all your files securely. There is has a feature that allows you to automatically create a backup of all your essential files that make it better than others. Like others, it also offers more than 500 GB free when you sign up or allow you to choose one of its premium packages to get more than 10TB storage.

#19 AIO Search


AIO Search is a multi-purpose file-searching provider that allows its users to enjoy the searches of the search engines, file hosting service providers, search engines, and streaming websites from a centralized platform. If you are addicted to finding multiple files from multiple data downloading offering platforms, then AIO Search is a centralized platform to eliminate the need for using these platforms. Using AIO Search is just like using Google Search Engine for enhanced search.

AIO Search started its services as a torrent file provider, but gradually it began to give the data from other websites as well. AIO Search offers different kinds of search facilities to its visitors. In addition to the overall search, the visitors can searching files from specific file hosting services providers, torrent websites, or streaming websites as well. Too many features, functions, and options will surely make your day when you will succeed in finding what you were looking for.