Real Cake Maker 3D – Bake, Design & Decorate

Real Cake Maker 3D – Bake, Design & Decorate is an Adventure, Fantasy, Cooking Simulation, and Single-player video game published by Coco Play. The theme of this edition is to play the kitchen controller’s role and try to introduce new recipes of cake, making it unique and tasty as well. During the long play, manage the kitchen, convert simplest ever cakes into delicious ones by topping with new items, and eatables.

Add some new tastes by putting some fruits and in-game bakery items, choosing to decorate the cake, and making it yummy while preparing it for the bride. Start partying with your friends, customize the best cakes, put on competition against your friends, change the outfits of different avatars, and enjoy the stay. In the line of adventure, there are several features such as point-and-click controls, colorful world, non-linear storyline, and hundreds of stages including unlockable ones.


Real Cake Maker 3D – Bake, Design & Decorate Alternatives

#1 Lemon Cake


Lemon Cake is a Management, Role-Playing, Business Simulation, and Single-player video game offered by Eloise Laroche. This edition has a special theme in which you are playing the role of a female chef who owns a bakery shop, manages the farm in the backyard, and makes new types of recipes for different dishes such as cake, pastry, and cooks other multiple foods.

During the gameplay, enjoy arranging all the activities, make sure to get into the hotel business line, and interact with multiple customers, make new delicious foods available, and try to win extra points. While making the cake, keep the recipe in your mind, pick up some lemons and try to add a new flavor, make it available for the customers and have feedback, apart from the cake you may also cook cookies, burgers, bake multiple items on demand, and earn a handsome living.


#2 Cake Mania 3


Cake Mania 3 is a Time Management and Single-player Cooking Simulation available to play on the PC. The game introduces a female character, but it doesn’t mean that boys shouldn’t play this game. It adds fast-paced gameplay where you control a chef, who is a female, and struggle to cook yummy cakes as fast as possible because hungry customers can’t wait anymore. Your aim should be focused on collecting money to become the business tycoon and open more restaurants to defeat rivals.

There are several levels, and each one comes with something new to discover. The game increases the difficulty level and will introduce a challenging level, which may difficult to complete for beginners. Using the point-and-click interface, you can control the movement of a girl who has to collect ingredients to make yummy cakes. Different types of customers will appear with varied requirements, and you have to fulfill each one to become the master.

#3 Cake Mania Main Street Lite


Cake Mania Main Street Lite is an Adventure, Time-Management, and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Strategy game elements. The game puts the player in control of Jill Evans, the protagonist, who needs to run her a bakery of her grandpa. The player starts the game with a tutorial level and once done, additional levels will appear to complete. The game delivers a stunning environment, in which the player has a chance to reveal his cooking skills by cooking something unique like never before.

To prepare food, the player needs several ingredients; some of them are rare and hard to collect. There are many levels, and each level will improve the cooking skills of the player. The completed objective will provide the player with rewards in the shape of points that he can use to upgrade his bakery and unlock more resources. After having a well-established restaurant, the player can build another bakery with new features and appearance to expand his business.

Cake Mania Main Street Lite includes prominent features such as lots of new resources, a real-time environment, make multiple recipes and unlockable achievements, etc. With the immersive gameplay, great mechanics, and brilliant graphics details. Cake Mania Main Street Lite is an excellent, fast-paced Time-Management game to play and enjoy.


#4 Cake Mania 2


Cake Mania 2 is a Single-player Time-Management Simulation created and published by Sandlot Games. The game puts the player into the role of series protagonist Jill to create her fantasy bakery. The gameplay is similar to other titles, in which the player has an opportunity to create her bakery to earn money. There are lots of new recipes available which the player uses to make yummy cakes and serve customers to impress them.

There are several levels, and in each one, the player can cook different dishes to take his gaming experience to the next level. After completing the number of challenges, the player becomes able to unlock new ingredients and can upgrade her bakery using his experience points.

Cake Mania 2 offers core features such as share his recipes on social networking sites, create her bakery with different items, bonuses, and more. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, enhanced mechanics, and beautiful visual details, Cake Mania 2 is an enjoyable Cooking Simulation to play and enjoy.

#5 Cooking Dream


Cooking Dream lets you have the finest experience of cooking awesome dishes on your cell phones and tablets right using your fingers. Cooking Dream: Crazy Chef Restaurant Cooking Games is a fine game developed in the market by iKame Games Inc., where you can enjoy cooking without any efforts and serve customers in the best possible way.

You can enjoy cooking restaurant pasta, fried chicken, pizza, pastry, desserts, Chinese food, donuts, pasta, grill cakes, and plenty of other dishes to have ultimate fun. The game contains fun and challenging levels of cooking and restaurant management.

You can precisely cook your dream yummy street food with food games and also extend the restaurant game system to the globe. Cooking Dream: Crazy Chef Restaurant Cooking Games allows you to cook plenty of tasty dishes and serve crazy customers like cooking tycoon to become the best chef in the world.

#6 Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake


Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is a Fantasy-based, Strategy, Puzzle, Single, and Multiplayer video game developed by Titan Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a sequel to the original game of Fat Princess, in which the ultimate task of the player is to rescue the Princess and taking her back to the team’s base. The gameplay is a little bit change to its main game in which the player can collect resources such as wood to bake the cake and feed his princesses, which make her heavier for the enemies to carry back to his own castle.

Different kinds of powerful enemies will try to stop the player. The player must use his weapons and kill all the deadly creatures for progress. Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake includes core features such as new character classes, six new and challenging levels, unlockable achievements, upgrades, different modes, addictive gameplay, a well-written storyline, and beautiful graphics details.

#7 Cake Mania Collection


Cake Mania Collection is a Fantastic Time-Management, and Strategy video game developed and published by Sandlot Games. The player takes on the role of a female protagonist who is trying to run her bakery.

The game offers various challenges such as dealing with the customers, make different types of cakes, and bake multiple kinds of foods that are required to run her bakery and earn money. When the player starts earning a good amount of money, the game allows him to open more bakeries to grow his business.

Cake Mania Collection includes core features such as different types of baking machines (frosting machine and microwave), various kinds of foods, purchasable Upgrades, and Unlockable Achievements, etc. With stunning and wholly immersive gameplay, a well-written storyline, fantastic game mechanics, and brilliant visual details, Cake Mania Collection is a fascinating game to play.

#8 Tasty Chef


Tasty Chef is a widely used cooking game developed by Cooking Games & Girl Games – Revolx Inc. where you can prepare the best food for your respected customers and become the best chef of all time. You can intuitively cook and serve the best of you to make your clients happy. It lets you choose the most organic ingredients to cook the best junk food.

The game lest you do all the activities that you do for making your favorite meals and dishes. Tasty Chef – Cooking Game lets you heat the oven, prepare the classic pancake dough, pour it in the pan, add toppings according to the requirement, and cook the best eco pizza.

It allows you to mix and tap tasty shakes and drinks fast and funny. You can enjoy cooking everything from fresh meat to quality fish. Tasty Chef – Cooking Games 2019 in a Crazy Kitchen lets you serve the most quality food in less time to get tips from happy customers.

You can engage your customers with fresh meals and drinks and serve some tapas as well. Tasty Chef – Crazy Kitchen in a Restaurant Game allows you to challenge yourself in the kitchen and boost your kitchen skills in this fun and exciting time management cooking game.

#9 Rising Super Chef


Rising Super Chef app lets you dive into the master chef’s fever of cooking delicious meals, feeling the cooking craze of serving customers, and dash for cooking yummy burgers and pizzas in a kitchen right over your cell phones and tablets. Rising Super Chef 2 – Restaurant, Bakery, and Cafe Game is a fine game to enjoy making all kinds of foods and meals to amaze your customers in the best possible way.

It is a time-management cooking game with over 1K exciting and engaging levels to indulge yourself in a fun cooking game. Rising Super Chef – Craze Restaurant Cooking Games is a fine product introduced in the market by Mini Stone Games Inc. that lets you earn new cooking skills from the cooking academy and manage your restaurant.

Rising Super Chef 2 – Cooking brings more than 25 maps over 600 food (from the cook and bake to real recipes), more than 200 ingredients, over 1K fun craze levels, and hundreds of upgrades for dresses and kitchenware. You can also enjoy cooking offline and do whatever you want without any hurdles.

The app lets you enjoy tasty recipes, such as fruit salad, king burger, hamburger, coffee, toast, omelet, sausage, grilled fishes, green salad, tacos, waffles, cakes, pizzas, ice creams, scrammed egg, and hundreds of other meals. Rising Super Chef 2 – Restaurant, Bakery & Cafe Game lets you experience cooking yummy food and drinks in a food truck around you.

#10 Kitchen Life


Kitchen life is a fabulous cooking game developed in the market by Funmotion Casual Game For Kids Inc. that brings classy graphics, amazing gameplay, stunning sound, engaging levels, and awesome scenarios to enjoy cooking elegantly. On this platform, users can either run a Western crazy kitchen or Chinese restaurant to experience the madness of cooking.

Kitchen life: Chef Restaurant Cooking Games lets you cook amazing recipes and food meals such as hamburgers, yummy cake baking, seafood, sushi, noodles, pizzas, stakes, and plenty of other stuff right away. You can simply tap to cook yummy and delicious food recipes using your in-game cooking skills along with the highly addictive time management experience.

It lets you cook and serve in your diary of the cooking games to have more fun in food making with this cooking simulator in my café. It never lets you miss any opportunity to become the best chef in the world. Kitchen life: Chef Restaurant Cooking Game lets you fulfill all your cooking needs and create or manage your own scramble in the kitchen has it.