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RedUsenet is known as the form of NZB indexer that has been settled with the fantastic and powerful browse all along with some of the exciting search features. This makes it a lot convenient and easy to use. This product is much natural and hence uses friendly, and its membership is not a concern at all… read more

10 RedUsenet Alternatives & Similar Software


1. NZBIndex

NZBIndex is easy to use a web-based Usenet search engine that offers quite a simple interface and contains all the web search tool you have ever used. You need to enter a keyword, click search, and it scans 888 most popular newsgroups within a minute. It is a smart search engine that has a strong set of search filters. With this, you can choose files by age, poster, size, or whether they have an NFO file. There is also has an option that allows you to search in specific groups only and has lots of options to hide all the incomplete uploads or suspected spam. Heading of the group’s areas displays a list of the indexed groups with some useful stats such as the number of collection in the group and the time it was last indexed etc. Clicking any group in screen its contents in the same format returned by the standard search, and you can easily browse and download its files in just the same way. NZBIndex is a perfect and specially designed for beginners who will be finding their way around the site in just a few minutes.


2. Binsearch

Binsearch is a Usenet Search Engine that allows you to search and browse Usenet newsgroups. It is the most popular platform that gives you the freedom to an excellent binary Usenet search engine. Currently, it supports more than 1100 days of binary retention in up to 400 newsgroups. Both Usenet provider and newsreader software you will need to download from Usenet. The service will help you find what you are looking for across millions of newsgroups post without the need to download any headers. Along with the search function, you can easily browse any individual newsgroups. In order to use its service, you need to search for your subject of interest. Once you find the binaries choose the file or file by clicking the box to the left of each one. After selecting the files, you need to click Create NZB button to download the associated .nzb file, then open the file into the newsreader. Depending on how your Usenet client is the setup you may be able to simply double click the .nzb file and have to open up and download the contents automatically. Overall, Binsearch is the best Usenet Search Engine as compared to the others.


3. NZBClub

NZBClub is a most leading NZB search engine that provides a fast and customizable way to search the top 300 Usenet newsgroups quickly and return NZB files. The search engine automatically indexes Usenet binaries and makes them available for download via the NZB format. As compared to other similar search engines, it offers a clean interface in order to search for Usenet binary files. With this, you can search more than 500 days of binary retention in popular newsgroups as well as also filters which groups you would like to search or choose options such as max/min age, file size and poster name, etc. NZBClub also gives you lots of advanced options including the ability to hide password protect the post, spam, and adult content. Also to NFO search options and the ability to choose the specific newsgroups. It is a comprehensive web-based solution that will help you find what you are looking for across millions of newsgroups posts without the need for downloading headers.


4. Newshosting

Newshosting is a fastest-growing Usenet search engine that offers a strong set of features for a very reasonable price. The service claims more than 3357 days retention of over 1 million uncensored newsgroups. It runs its own multi-gigabit server farms in the US and Europe in order to maximize performance and optimistically stating that guarantees you the fastest Usenet access available from any Usenet server. One of the best fact about this fact is that it offers the highest number of simultaneous connection that allows users to enjoy maximize all bandwidth that their ISP offers. Newshosting is a commercial platform and offers three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and benefits. Its most prominent feature includes unlimited data transfer, VPN service, more than 30 connection, free newsreader, 256-bit SSL encryption, unlimited speed, 3993 days retention, and 99% completion, etc.


5. is the fastest-growing Usenet search engine that updates every 15 minutes. It requires registration with username, password, and email, real name field are optional for everyone. Unlike other, it also offers quite a simple interface and allows to access it anywhere around the world. When the search result is returned, users can read the info file if they have included and view image previews. is also available to use in both free and commercial version; all the free users are limited five NZB download per day, while the pro user can access its service without any limitation. Its API is compatible with Couchpotato and Sickbeard, along with other similar software that makes it better than others. With the help of this, users can search by platform and file type, including specific game console, video quality, and audio format. An advanced search includes parameter such as age limits, size limit, and poster, etc. also offer functions that make finding a reputable file much easier. There is also has a feature that allows you to sort files into collections, so you don’t need to search for individual parts of any files.


6. NZBFriends

NZBFriends is an all-in-one Usenet search engine that comes with a unique algorithm and some advanced features. Clicking on the link for more search options enables you to sort your results by different criteria and also allow you to sort your results by the age of the posts and more. Unlike NZBindex and all the other similar Usenet search engine it also allows you to specify the size of the file name you are looking for. One of the most interesting facts about this Usenet search is that it offers more than 1200 days of newsgroup retention that make it a perfect solution for expert and professionals. Currently, it has more than 7288125 files from up to 2000 groups around the world. In order to make it fast and deliver easy to use experience, NZBFriends offer multiple sections including recent Usenet post, top 20 groups, recommendation and poplar keyword, etc. It is available to use in more than 3 different languages, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.


7. BiNZB

BiNZB is a new NZB service that comes with some new features that make it a fast and reliable way to get NZB files for the content that you want. It is designed to connect through paid NNTP access and scans all binary newsgroups. The platform uses a system that employs server catching that is hosted in the Cloudflare service, which offers dynamic server management. BiNZB also allows users to get an IP that’s identical to their country of origin and if you are in the US for instance, you will get a US IP. The best thing about this solution is that it uses RIAK that allows the service to split the NZB files into the nodes that boils down the service having unlimited capacity to store NZB files. As compared to all the other Usenet search engines, BiNZB is more powerful and offer quite a simple interface where you get all the trending stuff. It also includes core features such as more than 11, 680, 796 NZBs from more than 2000 newsgroups in the database, the search result with the mix, retention of more than 1550 day and simple interface, etc.


8. OZnzb

OZnzb is a Usenet indexing community platform that provides SSL and integration for Couch Potato, Headphones, and SickBoard, etc. The interface of this Usenet indexing community is quite impressive and offer all the key services and features. It is not quite the same as another similar search engine because it totally depends on individuals to drive the quality of the site and this way it assembles a community around the site. You can utilize this site for free with a few limitations, and the main limit is that you can download 5 NZBs a day. With its premium version, you can download more than 100 NZBs a day alongside 1000 API calls and five invites. One of the most interesting facts about this NZB search engine is that it offers custom made release rating framework that makes it better than others. OZnzb also includes core features such as NewsNab based customized NZB site, RSS feeds, more than 140 Usenet groups, preview search result, clean, fast, and easy to use interface, etc.


9. AltHUB

AltHUB is an enhanced adaptation of, which relocated to the present area in March of 2015. Alongside the relocation came the execution of a few upgrades to the administration, which make it more vigorous and adaptable, yet exceptionally reasonable? You can agree to a trial account at the landing page, and initiation is a moment. There are two levels of enrollment that you can purchase if the site is to your loving. They’re both lifetime choices for which you just pay once. The movement included massive security redesigns, and additionally enhancements in failover assets, the usage of better gatherings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The administration offers SSL security. Amid the movement, misconfigurations were altered and different issues, for example, circles and some copy hostnames, where dealt with, also. Ordering was enhanced, and the inquiry highlights on the site have been overhauled. Notwithstanding the client discussion, there’s an IRC channel where you can talk about the administration.


10. NZBGeek

NZBGeek is a community-based NZB forum that is designed to help each other. The platform was launched in late 2012 and had a lot of excellent features that make it stronger than others. It is free to use, but you will have to register first. As compared to all the other similar Usenet site, it bit different and depended on members to drive the quality of the site and this way assemble a community around the site. You can enjoy its service with few limitations such as only download 2 NZBs every day, and with the premium package, you can increase unlimited access to the site alongside API key and guest invites. To get a start, you require an NZB application and need to open an account with UsenetServer. Through this, you can easily search what you are looking for on the dashboard using the key phrase on the Usenet search. Its search will load many files from which you can get the NZB files by tapping the NZB icon. NZB content an either be video, sound, eBook, and essentially more, you can easily store your content into your PC without any limitation. NZBGeek also offers prominent features such as update, everyone, 10 minutes, completely free, browse by category, up to 5 million NZB indexed and dashboard, etc.

More About RedUsenet

RedUsenet is known as the form of NZB indexer that has been settled with the fantastic and powerful browse all along with some of the exciting search features. This makes it a lot convenient and easy to use. This product is much natural and hence uses friendly, and its membership is not a concern at all. This site is paying enough attention to the movies as it is coming out to be perfect for the cinephiles that are not a big fan of the RedUsenet. The main features are it is much easy to browse through the movies, and it has free account access, it is offered with the VIP account settings. It has the retention of around 1000 days of binary. It makes you offer with the big collection of amazing films. It offers you with constant updates. It is completely ad Supported. All in all, we would say that RedUsenet is settled to be much slick and hence easy to use as well. It has been adjusted with excellent browsing features. You can easily download them at just one click button. It is not meant for the USENET purists, but it is perfect for the people who are not using the platform of USENET in so many various ways.

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