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Restaurant City Alternatives on Steam

#1 Restaurant Empire II


Restaurant Empire II is a Strategy, Time-Management, and Economic Simulation created and published by Enlight Software Limited. It is the sequel to Restaurant Empire and introduces a new theme of the restaurant, the new variety of external and internal furniture and decorations. The game lets you a chance to open your restaurant and customize it with dozens of items and decorations. It takes place in the beautiful world consists of Los Angeles, Rome, and Paris.

The ultimate task is to attract more customers, provide them all the facilities, and earn lots of money. You can open new restaurants, coffee shops, and a dessert house by collecting enough money. The game unlocks further features and levels as you fulfill the requirements. Hire staff, select their uniforms and colors, and lead them to serve different dishes to the customers.


#2 Hotel Dash


Hotel Dash is a Casual, Time Management, Strategy, and Single-player Simulation by PlayFirst. The game takes place in the fantasy world named DinerTown. The game puts you into the role of the protagonist, a female named Quinn send on an epic adventure to create and run different hotels all over the world. You have to start from the two-star hotel and provide the best facilities to your guests to keep them happy and rank up.

Manage your staff, keep the room clean, provide extra towels, deliver luggage, and complete a series of levels to earn experience points. As the game progresses, you can unlock further content in it to explore. Discover new recipes and unearth rare dishes. Decorate your hotel, rooms, and hall, to attract more customers using the customization options.

#3 Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning


Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning is an Adventure, Time-Management, Strategy, and Single-player Simulation developed by GameHouse. The game offers exciting gameplay in which you assume the role of a female protagonist named Emily, who is trying to reopen her place.

There are a variety of levels, and each has its unique challenges. It offers similar gameplay to Diner Dash and lets you create and design your beautiful restaurant. Once done, you can choose a menu that suits your taste and attract more customers to earn lots of money. It includes a variety of locations, and you can explore each one to complete a set of levels.


Restaurant City Reviews

written on June 23, 2020

Restaurant City permits me to invite different Facebook fellows to become my neighbor or even act as a visitor. I need to do some tasks, including offer various discounts and other cheap packages to promote my restaurant. The game requires me to provide some sweet dishes as well as search out some secret recipes to create customer value. Such a game assists me in becoming the wealthiest business tycoon and earn social capital.

written on April 26, 2020

Restaurant City permits me to traverse the entire area, come across thousands of surrounding players, make some new friends, and attempt to have a good time with them. The game offers me a good chance to experience the life of my favorite superstars and other famous personalities. Such game targets a large number of little kids who need to imprint their society. I can engage myself in building and decorating different units by utilizing multiple items and accessories.

written on January 24, 2020

Restaurant City is a fantastic video game that asks me to remain engaged in performing numerous tasks and actions to get a reward in different forms. I need to accomplish various quests, missions, and a series of objectives to gain a significant amount of money. I can utilize such earned money in numerous ways, such as unlock various decorations, several kinds of required furniture, core features, and many more. I have to capture the attention of more profitable customers who are looking for some delicious dinner.

written on December 4, 2019

Restaurant City is one of the best video game which requires the player to manage time and explore the virtual environment to find out lots of items and objects. Such game lets a large number of players to become a part of a community and remain engaged in performing their role. The game is also accessible by the player on Facebook. The player is capable of participating in exciting gameplay.

written on September 25, 2019

Restaurant City is a fantastic simulation that permits me to manage and coordinate numerous activities to develop the entire restaurant. I am also capable of becoming a part of some mini-games as well. Such game obliges me to create and design a new restaurant in a significant way. The game requires me to use multiple items, accessories, equipment, etc. to decorate the entire restaurants according to my style.