Rez Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Voez


Voez introduces a brand-new Rhythm and Single-player Music video game developed by Rayark for Mobile Devices and Nintendo Platform. Lots of challenging levels are there, and each one lets you experience exciting gameplay like never before. The game displays you a horizontal line at the bottom, and the notes of the song will fall from the screen top on the line.

The line will be moved horizontally depending on the song you selected to play and its difficulty. During the gameplay, you need to either hold, tap, swipe, or slide the notes accordingly. You must tap the note when it reaches the horizontal line and makes it disappear to earn points. The game features a beautiful cast of characters, including Sasaki Yuko, Chelsea, Lance, Ocean, and more. It offers many key features as the following: Dynamic Tracks, Free-to-play Gameplay, Progression System, Occasional Updates, and more.