Rhythm Heaven Fever


Rhythm Heaven Fever Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 WarioWare Gold


WarioWare Gold offers you a perfect mix of Music, Rhythm, and Party game elements, introducing with both Single-player and Multiplayer options. It serves as the 9th marvelous title in the series of WarioWare, in which the player needs to achieve consecutive at increasing paces. The newly introduced version includes both new microgames from the past titles of the series. While playing the game, the player requires to complete tasks within a limited time by playing mini-games.

During the gameplay, if the player succeeds, the game proceeds the player to the next stage. The difficulty level increases as you completed the assigned stages successfully. Control your favorite character from available and start achieving objectives to become the master. Further content will be unlocked as you reach to the targeted location. The storyline revolves around a greedy Wario, who decides to organize a gaming tournament after having run out of money following the treasure.