Rome: Total War


Rome: Total War Alternatives for PS3

#1 Guardians of Middle-Earth


Guardians of Middle-Earth is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. The gameplay of the game is inspired by The Lord of the Rings series with multiple tie-ins to the movie series of the same name. The game offers multiple characters, and each character of the game has its own abilities, weapons, and fighting behavior. Choose his best character and get into the game world to engage himself in the 5v5 battle arena. The game allows the player to interact with the other online player make the team and start his journey against the other online player’s team. It has a verity of modes, and each mode of the game offers more enjoyable and challenging of the last one. Guardians of Middle-Earth includes core features such as different game world, lots of upgrades, multiple characters, and unlockable achievements, etc. The game offers quite addictive gameplay, fantastic game mechanics, and beautiful visual details.