Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS and Castle Builder


Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS and Castle Builder Alternatives for PS Vita

#1 PulzAR


PulzAR is an Action, Puzzle, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita. The game takes place in an enchanting world suffering from grave danger. It introduces a brand-new type of gameplay that comes with augmented reality puzzle elements, requiring you to use your cards, head, and the camera of your device to succeed. There are different playable levels available, and each one needs the completion of objectives to reward you with in-game points.

The game features a well-written storyline, in which all struggles to divert the trajectory have badly failed, and the desperate last stand of humankind is on you. As the main character, your goal is to command a network of missiles carrying massive charges and attempt to blast the asteroids before they reach Earth. There are several playable stages available, and the player aims to save the Earth before the time runs out. PulzAR includes prominent features such as Detailed Graphics, Superb Mechanics, and Cool Controls.