Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS and Castle Builder


Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS and Castle Builder Alternatives on Steam

#1 BattleTime


BattleTime is a single-player action, Adventure, and Strategy video game developed on the idea of fighting with your enemies. In this indie game, you will play the role of a general and command your army through different maps available within this single-player game. You will be able to get access to different locations to make sure to attack the enemies at the possibly perfect time.

The game features about four hundred breathtaking battles with plenty of fortresses and states to conquer. Besides a general’s role, you can also adapt to other featuring roles and be the first to discover new features of that particular character. Make your army stronger and build it in a large quantity. The graphics of this game are far better from a unique top-down camera view. Discover new islands throughout the gameplay and conquer them by building your strength through creating your strongholds and castles in this video game.