RSA SecurID Alternatives

#1 Duo Security


Duo Security is a security company providing you with top-notch two-factor authentication and data encryption that adds a layer of security to your data and logins. Duo Security aims to secure a network of computers. For example, you can implement it in educational institutes to protect student logins, portals, and data access. Duo’s access solution mitigates data breach risk and helps comply data with NIST standards. Implementation in Law firms provides secure access to confidential client data with two-factor authentication.

Duo Security integrates into retails software to help secure customer’s credit card information and payment details. Duo Security also provides its solutions to Technology & IT department, Healthcare, and Financial service departments. The features that make you choose Duo Security over others are BYOD security for ease of data use on multiple devices and Cloud Security for integrating data security on-premises or on the cloud.

#2 Google Authenticator


Google Authenticator app elegantly generates two-step verification codes on your cell phones and tablets to bring a stronger security level. Google Authenticator is a fabulous product introduced in the market by Google LLC to enhance the level of safety for your Google Account by requiring a second step of verification while signing in.

The app helps you in generating verification codes without needing any internet connection and helps you get everything done offline. The app works elegantly with plenty of accounts and providers that you keep in your cell phones and tablets. Google Authenticator app supports Android Wear, Dark theme availability, and automatic setup via QR code.

#3 Authy


Authy brings one of the best ways of implementing two-factor security by receiving a text when you log in to an account secured by this app. It has a feature to pull back the codes from a cellphone and desktop. You will get a message on your phone when someone tries to access the account.

It creates a backup plan on the cloud so you will not lose the token (8 Digits) passwords forever and get codes after resetting the phone. It helps you to protect all your private as well as personal accounts from hackers with additional layer security systems. You can also generate a barcode to scan for login purposes.

#4 Ping Identity


Ping Identity is a platform that offers privacy and consent management and allows businesses to earn customer trust and comply with privacy regulations. The solution provides security to the customers and the workforce when it comes to their identities. It is a complete solution for all kinds of identity security services.

The platform helps businesses in providing their customers with easy-to-use registration, which helps them in acquiring and retaining customers. Moreover, companies can deliver personalized multi-channel experiences to enhance their revenues whenever customers interact with them. Companies can allow customers to gain full insight into their data to help them in building trust.

#5 OneLogin


OneLogin is a leading Identity and Access Management software specially designed to simplify business logins while improving the security and efficiency of your systems. Thousands of businesses and individuals use the solution because it is fast and easy to implement and helps in streamlining numerous of a user’s workflows and processes, resulting in enhanced productivity without compromising security.

With the help of OneLogin, all applications, users, and all the other devices are unified in a deeply integrated cloud-based system. It makes IAM (Identity and Access Management) fast and easy, providing users with the correct implementation of your policy while reducing the load of your IT and make it work on its identity first strategy.

#6 Microsoft Authenticator


Microsoft Authenticator is a free multi-factor security application by Microsoft that gives stability and security at an additional level, launched in June 2016. It generates codes based on the Two-Step authentication system. For accessing your account, the password is not the only required thing, you also need a code sent by the authenticator.

The authenticator will send you a shortcode of six characters called OTP (One-time password) to further access (generates this code after every 30 seconds). Microsoft Authenticator also supports fingerprint on your smartphone that brings ease for users who have phones with fingerprints sensors. This authenticator also supports one-tap notification that brings an excellent way to prevent yourself by hackers from breaking your passwords.

#7 Myki


Myki is a secure password manager, authenticator as well as password generator designed with ultimate privacy in mind. Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator is a fabulous product introduced by Myki Inc. that helps you focus on securing all your important stuff. You can securely log in to all of your accounts with a fingerprint and enjoy its point-to-point ultra-safe encryption technique.

It is a private app designed in a way that prevents all the third party hackers and crackers from accessing your accounts. Myki – Offline Password Manager and Authenticator app does not store your passwords in the cloud or does not place it anywhere else. It intuitively relies on point to point encryption military-grade encryption to push your passcodes from your cell phones or tablets to PC securely.

#8 FreeOTP Authenticator


FreeOTP Authenticator precisely brings a second, secure layer of security for your online social or private accounts. The app works by generating one time passwords (OTP) on your cell phones that can be used in the combo with your ordinary passcodes to secure your logins highly.

Free OTP Authenticator is a superb tool developed in the market by Red Hat Inc. that helps its global users to enjoy extreme safety over their online passcodes. It is a sleekly designed productivity tool for you to add a 2nd layer of security over accounts.

#9 Yubico Authenticator


Yubico Authenticator enables its global users to use a YubiKey to store the TOTP as well as HOTP supported credentials and keep it always with them everywhere. Yubico Authenticator is a superb tool presented in the market by Yubico Inc. that allows its users to store OATH credentials as used by Google Apps, Amazon, Hotmail, Dropbox, Microsoft, and plenty of other platforms.

You can precisely secure all your credentials after storing the credentials on an OATH enabled YubiKey, even if your cell phone is compromised. These OTPS are used for on 2-step verification with plenty of major services. The app keeps on changing the OTPs after 30 seconds, and you can also change them on request.

#10 LastPass Authenticator


LastPass Authenticator is an elegantly designed two-factor security authenticator for your LastPass account as well as plenty of other supported Google Apps. LastPass Authenticator is a fine product developed in the market by LogMeIn, Inc. that enables its global users to get all the security without any frustration through its secure cloud backup support as well as one-tap verification.

The app allows you to add more security by safeguarding your Lastpass account by getting 2-fac authentication codes whenever signing up to online accounts. The app elegantly enhances your digital security b protecting your account with an additional yet secure login step.

#11 WinAuth


WinAuth is an open-source portable software that works as an authenticator for Windows to provides time-based common implementations such as the Google Authenticator. The platform acts as a safeguard to users for their online accounts, and users can attach the software with their online files.

It helps users to access their accounts from any place other than home securely and it keeps users’ data safe. The software comes with a clean and simple interface, and users can adjust the size of the window according to their needs and according to the number of accounts on the software.

#12 Authenticator

0 Authenticator lets you get an instant, free, and super-secure access to Two Factor authentication solution for your online services as well as the account. The app secures all your online accounts on websites that support 2-factor authentication. It elegantly generated 6-digit, Time-Based OTPs (one-time passwords) as well as push notification truly based on one-touch (OT) authentication.

The app lets you grab verification codes without having any internet or cellular connection, and you can get verification codes whenever you want after its configuration. You can elegantly connect the authenticator to your account for 2-factor authentication by scanning the QR codes at setup time.