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Rye Board is an online & ultimate visual work-space that specially designed to align your team and clients on a single page and communicate project content with multiple stakeholders using the innovative and straightforward card system & boards. It shares the documents with the clients through communication apps such as Slack and uses Google Docs like apps for real-time collaboration purposes… read more
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12 Rye Board Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Cr4yon

Cr4yon is an online and advanced whiteboard that provides the same feel as the real-life whiteboard for the sake of collaborative drawing with ease. It allows you to draw the sketch and add text including HTML canvas quickly and efficiently. It has a simple drawing interface that gives the necessary and advanced tools to draw your design with pen touch support.

The tool is available on desktop and mobile platforms such as android and iPad and compatible with the small and large-sized businesses to scale up the collaboration with an online whiteboard. The main focus of the tool is to provide access for remote teams to work on a single page efficiently.


2. IDroo

IDroo is an online educational whiteboard solution that provides instant and real-time collaboration with the help of your browser. The tool connects online students and teachers across the world. It gives you an editable and freely whiteboard, including freehand, documents, formula & equation facility as well.

The tool allows you to upload images and other documents with a simple drag-drop to board as well as pasting ability. IDroo uses the digital paper that enables you to use infinite and all directions of the page with the endless ink. It is available on all devices and screen sizes such as Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.


3. Stormboard

Stormboard is an interactive online planning and brainstorming solution that enables individuals and companies to build projects and allow them to participate in remote meetings with ease. It provides seamless remote collaboration to share your quick ideas, whiteboard and sticky notes with team members. The tool has certified data security with the support of 256 bit SSL connection of the internet.

Stormboard integrates with multiple third-party platforms such as google sheets, Microsoft products, Trello, Pipedrive and many more. It is available on desktop and mobile platforms like Apple IOS, Android etc. It allows instant meeting notes that enable your reporting instant and run in multiple ways as well as avoid blurry photos of the whiteboard.


4. OpenBoard

OpenBoard is an interactive and revolutionary whiteboard specially designed for schools and universities. It is available on mobile and desktop platforms such as macOS, Linux and windows and compatible with pointing devices and projectors. It supports the open education system and teaches differently using the current teaching tool.

It is an open-source and cross-platform solution under the GPLv3 and maintains by the GitHub community. The solution is easy to download and install without any registration and engage k12 students with multiple and interactive courses. It provides a handwriting tool that enables you to use interactive whiteboard including mouse, pen tablets to improve the writing experience with ease.


5. Conceptboard

Conceptboard is an online and advanced virtual collaboration tool specially designed for team collaboration and boosts the project management with ease. It is compatible with the medium and large-sized enterprises to scale up the productivity of businesses. It is a cloud-based system that handles collaborations with the team across different locations.

The tool allows multiple online whiteboards for the sake of developing products, conducting virtual meetings, feedback in real-time and project-planning. Conceptboard integrates with many third-party platforms to facilitate the seamless workflow including google drive, Dropbox, Trello and more. It accelerates your briefings and approval workflow to increase the project pace and track different versions.


6. Scribblar

Scribblar is an advanced virtual whiteboard solution that allow you to share images, play video, live audio and the facility to upload the documents form websites with ease. It is an online collaboration tool designed especially for teachers and tutors but it can integrate with the third-party website and companies for the sake of connecting team members with each other.

The tool provides multi-user collaboration where multiple members can upload and download documents and images easily. It allows the many chat features such as voice and text chat that is suitable for presentation and collaborative online meetings and you can access the features with the help of tablets and phones.


7. Whiteboard Team

Whiteboard Team is an advanced and online whiteboard that allows you and your team to work and stay on a single page to scale up the efficiency. It gives real-time support which helps you to share your changes with other participants within seconds. It can handle the visual feedback that enables you to collaborate with ease to increase productivity.

Whiteboard Team supports the infinite zoom-able canvas including the sticky notes and basic shapes to share your idea or thought in visual form. The tool uses for the sake of presenting something in batter way, brainstorming, planning of business, marketing purposes, and more. It can save your work by creating multiple boards and you don’t need to take a photo of the existing board.


8. Witeboard

Witeboard is an online and real-time whiteboard that allows you to create quick sketches according to your needs. The tool is available on mobile phones, tablets, iPads and also desktop or web-based platforms. It draws illustrations within seconds and gives the facility to collaborate with your team members with ease.

It provides a simple and straightforward interface to sketch with multiple options. The whiteboard is consists of unlimited space for the sake of big and long sketches having touch support. It allows writing using the touch pencil and chooses the text option to use the keyboard as well.


9. Scribble Online Whiteboard

Scribble Online Whiteboard is an advanced collaborative whiteboard solution that allows you to draw the sketch using the web-based or mobile platforms such as iPad/iPhone and Android. It provides the facility to draw the images or PDFs easily and export the board quickly. The tool adds an instantly shared whiteboard to call anyone or give the response to other’s call.

The solution has a scroll down facility using two-fingers to create instant and endless space on your board that sync all the data to avoid the loss. It can generate the canvas by starting with a whiteboard, then attach image or pdf and finally snap the picture and start doodling. This process needs only two taps, and after finishing, you can share the board as a PDF file.


10. Deekit

Deekit is an online whiteboard solution designed to share the work with remote teams with ease. It is available with the desktop as well as a mobile platform such as iPad and android. It is compatible with the small and large-sized enterprises to scale up the efficiency and productivity of businesses with remote access designing tools.

The main goal of the tool is to connect people to make online collaboration easy and visual. It consists of millions of notes, writings, and drawing for the sake of built-in availability of components. One of the core features of the tool includes exporting the boards where you can export your board as an image and share this image with the help of the auto-generating link.


11. Jamboard

Jamboard is an online whiteboard type tool with many advanced features that distinguish this tool form simple whiteboard. It has the ability to visualize your ideas in sketch form and allow you to collaborate with your team members easily and quickly. It provides connectivity and access to an interactive canvas with the facility to drag images, pulls assets directly from the web.

It gives the real-time co-authoring to unlock the potential of your team with the experience of unhindered productivity and efficiency. The tool allows you to use the multiple Jamboard on a single place or across the world with the help of Jamboard mobile and app. It has an accurate and responsive display with an original sketch and draws facility like traditional whiteboards that enrich you with a google search and google G Suite.


12. Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox is an online and advanced whiteboard that allows you to create quick sketches and share a virtual whiteboard with team members in real-time easily. It is a simple and easy to use solution that enables you to sketch within a minute and automatically, the share link will appear; you can send link to your co-workers to increase the productivity and work efficiency.

The tool has the ability to combine anti-graffiti, scratch-resistant materials for the sake of creating the proper sketch for you. The tool allows you to use the whiteboard features to sketch your idea without any installation issues and there is no need to create an account to get started. It provides fast sync facility to relay the changes you make with other participants in no time.

More About Rye Board

Rye Board is an online & ultimate visual work-space that specially designed to align your team and clients on a single page and communicate project content with multiple stakeholders using the innovative and straightforward card system & boards. It shares the documents with the clients through communication apps such as Slack and uses Google Docs like apps for real-time collaboration purposes.

It allows you to manage and organize to-dos, collect feedback from clients, store the content on storage platforms and whiteboard to explain the concepts of business. The Rye Board handles your team to stay on the same goal and focuses on the flexible structure using tags & spatial information, Modular content that sync edits automatically and share multiple boards, and finally connect content with connectors & track everything in real-time.

The core features of Rye Board include post content as a web page, preview standard file formats like PDF/PPTs, automatically arrange boards according to criteria of user-set, view and edit permissions for multi-users, and many more. It organizes your content using the flexible user tag system organically.

The tool allows you to view and save web pages with reader mode such as medium and Wikipedia. It is a part of the cloud storage and also the part of the virtual whiteboard app. The tool offers a free trial for a month and secure and straightforward pricing plans to unlock the pro features.