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SaveClipBro Alternatives

#1 MP3Fiber


MP3Fiber is a free web-based service that lets you convert YouTube videos into Mp3 as well as download high-quality videos without any limitation. The site comes with a simple interface, and no require any skills to convert or download MP3 or video files. You need to copy and paste the URL into the search box, choose the format, and hit the download button within a few minutes your file is ready.

The site also allows you to download videos and Mp3 files from Facebook, Dailymotion, VK, and Metacafe, etc. You have the option to choose the quality that you want. The higher the quality, the greater the file size, and when you choose the high-quality, the system extracts the best quality possible from the audio or video file. Its core feature includes a simple interface, convert and download unlimited videos and audio, convert AOL videos to MP3, support multiple formats, and much more.

#2 MP3 Grabber


MP3 Grabber is a free-to-use online application that allows you to grab YouTube videos to mp3. It is a feature-rich solution that reads audio and allows you to save them to your computer device in a variety of formats, including WMA, MP3, and WAV, etc. To convert your video, you need to copy and paste the YouTube link into the text bar, choose format, and hit the convert button. Within a minute, your mp3 file is ready to download and share.

MP3 Grabber is also known as an audio converter or converter mp3 that allows you to convert mp3 and other files from one format to another which makes it better than others. MP3 Grabber also includes core features such as integrated audio player, edit mp3 meta tags, quick conversion and free for everyone, etc.

#3 FetchMP3


FetchMP3 is a web-based application that allows you to convert video into an mp3 file and download it without any limitation. It is free to use service, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world. The application supports almost all the leading Mp3 format and no require registration. You need to copy the URL from YouTube or any other video hosting platforms and add them to FetchMP3’s search, choose the format, and hit the convert button.

Within a few seconds, your track is ready to download. Unlike most of the leading online video converting applications, it also offers a recommendation system and recommends all the latest trends to convert and download freely. FetchMP3 also allows you to convert your video into an audio format that makes it better than others. The application also includes core features such as a simple interface; no registration required, fast conversion, support multiple formats, and free for everyone.

#4 FLVto


Convert YouTube to Mp3 with the best quality. FLVto is a free YouTube converter that makes converting streaming videos to mp3 online faster and easier than ever. It is a simple application and specially designed for music lovers who want to enjoy their favorite tracks anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. With the help of this, you can easily convert your favorite videos from YouTube into the most popular formats. Paste the link of your video into its music downloader and download high-quality tracks without any limitation.

FLVto also allows you to convert videos from lots of other platforms such as Facebook, VK, Dailymotion, and lots of others. It also suggests all the trending and most downloaded content that saves you lots of time. As compared to most YouTube to mp3 converter applications, it is more powerful and offers fast conversion speed and best quality.

#5 YouTubeGet


YouTubeGet is a powerful tool that allows you to easily and quickly grab your favorite videos from YouTube and convert them into the desired format or view them within the application. With the help of this tool, you can easily download YouTube videos and turn them into different forms such as Mp3, 3GP, MP4, and WMV, etc.

It also offers a separate conversion tool from FLV to AVI, MP4, and 3GP. The interface of the devices is based on a regular window and a different drag zone for quickly performing a task. You can easily create a new task by pasting the YouTube link and specifying the output format and directory.

#6 Anything2MP3


Anything2MP3 is one of the most popular free online SoundCloud and YouTube to Mp3 converter and downloader that allows you to download and convert your favorite tracks in high quality without any cost. It is a web-based application and offers unique and specialized web tools that make your music more perfect.

The app supports almost all the major audio formats such as Mp3, WMA, AAC, and OGG, and favors all the higher bitrates such as 96K, 128k, 129k, and 320k. As compared to all the other primary converting solutions, Anything2MP3 is more powerful and offers a fast conversion and downloading experience. First, you need to search for the video or audio you would like to convert, copy the link, paste the URL, and hit the convert button. Wait a minute, and your mp3 is ready to download.

#7 Dirpy


Dirpy is a web-based service that allows you to download and transcode YouTube videos. It is a free-to-use service that takes content from online streaming videos and converts them into a variety of formats. With the help of this site, you can easily download and convert range any size of YouTube videos in both Audio and Video formats.

The site supports almost all the major audio and video formats, which means you can easily save your media in different sizes. Dirpy is quite a simple and easy-to-use service. You need to go to its official site, place the link and get to the convert button, within a second your media file is ready to save. Through this, you can see the video title directly, add artist names, and much more. There is also a list of core features that make it a feature-rich YouTube video downloader.

#8 TubeOffline


Enjoy YouTube videos without an internet connection. TubeOffline is a convenient service specially designed for those people who want to enjoy full-length YouTube videos without internet connecting or those who have a low internet connection. You can use this service to convert the media to different formats such as AVI, FLV, or MP4 and download it to your device to watch it at any time anywhere.

To deliver a comprehensive experience, TubeOffline also supports lots of other streaming platforms based on YouTube. You can enjoy great content from your favorite place without worrying about buffering. The best thing about TubeOffline is that it no require additional software to install or sign up, go to the site and enjoy it all feature without any limitation.

#9 Video2mp3


Video2mp3 makes it easy for users to download YouTube videos and convert them into MP3 music files. The converting of YouTube videos into mp3 requires no technical skills, and anyone can do it with a simple browser and an internet connection. The best feature is that users require no registration to convert or download videos. Users are only required to copy-paste the URL link of the YouTube video they want to download in the URL box present on the website.

After placing the link, they just have to click Convert to Mp3, and it will be converted within no time. Video2mp3 allows users to select which format they want to download their files, whether in MP4 or MP3. Users can save these downloaded files in their system, which they watch afterward without the tension of ads or buffering.

#10 AVI YouTube converter


AVI YouTube converter is free to use an online platform that allows you to convert and download YouTube videos in both Mp3 and Mp4 formats. It is quite simple and easy to use the platform that no require registration. Simply copy the URL of your YouTube video and paste it into you the text bar, choose format, and hit the convert button. Within a minute, your content is ready to listen, download, and share. Its premium YouTube converter offers high-speed downloads and superior quality conversions that make it better than others.

The best thing about this solution is that it is fully compatible with all the modern browsers and you can enjoy its service anytime anywhere around the world. Its most prominent feature includes high-speed conversions, no installation requires online video portals supports and unlimited free conversation and downloads, etc.

#11 HDConvert


HDConvert is an online video converter that allows you to convert videos in any format such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. With the help of this application, you can convert video to a smaller size or convert to full HD and 4K quality at high speed up to 60x faster. It is quite a simple and easy-to-use application and does not require any skills to enjoy its service.

As a cloud-based solution, first, you need to upload your files to the cloud server and then easily convert them at high speed in the cloud without allocating resources on the client-side. All your upload and convert files save in the cloud for at least 24 hours, so you must be log in and get access to all data from any device. It is specially designed for a team of professionals and offers all the core features and tools that save you lots of time.


-1 is an online video converting application that allows you to convert YouTube video into MPEG4 format. The app supports multiple videos and audio formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, and 3GP, etc. It uses a compressed domain transcoder technology that quickly converts your video without any limitation. It is quite simple and easy to use for an online video converter; you need to place the URL into the search bar, select format, and hit the convert button.

Within a few minutes, your video is ready to watch and download. is 100% free to use online conversion, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world. One of the most interesting facts about this application is that it offers a recommendation system that perfectly recommends videos base on your interest.

#13 TheYouMp3


TheYouMp3 is an all-in-one web-based solution that allows you to convert your favorite video from all the leading video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion to mp3. It is a simple yet powerful solution, and you need to enter the URL of your video. It will provide you with a download link to the mp3 file within a few seconds.

The application claims to offer the fastest conversion speed in the market and supports almost all the major audio formats. With this, you can easily convert anything from YouTube to mp3 in just a matter of seconds. To make it a comprehensive solution, it also supports all the leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, etc.

#14 HDDownloader


HDDownloader is an excellent platform that allows you to download and convert your favorite videos. It is integrated with YouTube, Dailymotion and lots of the other similar platforms and you can download videos in 1080p and 720p HD formats,

It is a small and lightweight tool that is specially designed to lend you a hand with grabbing video clips in high quality that can run on the latest smartphones. The application offers a straightforward installation process, and you are welcomed by a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to understand. You can hint from the functions available in the toolbar; you can either paste the desired URL directly or add several links at the same time.

#15 ListenToYoutube.Online


ListenToYoutube.Online is a free web-based application that is designed to allow you to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 files so that you can listen to them anytime. It is an excellent option for those who use YouTube as a means of finding music as the other conversation-based shows. As compared to most of the similar service providers, it is more powerful and feature-rich.

All you need is a YouTube video link or search keywords. With the help of this service, you can easily convert any size of videos, different audio, and video formats without any limitation. To enjoy it, service you need to enter URL from any YouTube page, and the service will quickly retrieve the video file and extract the audio as a downloadable mp3 file. Or type the search keywords to find the video you are looking for and forget about all those annoying video links.

#16 OnlineVideoConverter


OnlineVideoConverter is one of the best video conversion tools that allow you to easily convert any size of video into any format without any cost. It is a web-based conversion solution and no require registration, go to the site and enjoy all features without any limitation.

Just like most of the conversion solutions, OnlineVideoConverter also offers both options to convert video. Such as convert a video link where you need to place a link of a video, and the second option is to upload a video and convert it into a different format. The site supports almost all major video and audio formats to deliver a complete experience on a single platform.

SaveClipBro Reviews

written on July 28, 2020

Video downloading is easy on this platform. It should update the interface because it is now the 21st century, and everything is responsive, and it should be available on your mobile phones. I am just saying that I should work on something. It is one of the oldest websites I have been using it is aching for an upgrade. Developers! Please do something about it.

written on June 25, 2020

It is fast in duty, provides so many features, just like you’re regular emails from all other email service providers. The features are easy to understand, and I will say they have outdone themselves by providing such a beautiful platform. I hope there are many alternatives to this website. The support feature is brilliant because I had to accept my email again after the disposal, and the technical support provided me with all my details and initial login to my email portal again. You use the platform for your temporary requirements.

Angus Lon
written on June 20, 2020

I downloaded many videos from YouTube, and it is very easy to download them from this website. It is sophisticated, Of course, it will provide ads and popups, but I will face the challenges because it works fine for me, and it has been giving many types of videos and converting features, and I can also download audio files. They should make this site available in every country and boost their business. In my opinion, you should use it because it is intuitive. At least you should use it at least once.

written on June 8, 2020

I like to point out the fact that this website does not work properly and in some countries, it is not available, as it is not accessible in my country. As far as working is concerned, I am all for it, and it has provided me with different types of options to view and download videos. With the converting services, I am satisfied because I can run the file on all my devices. I like the interface, but they have to work on the domain, so it is available to everyone.

Brady P.
written on May 30, 2020

Only because of the video converting feature I am using this platform. Otherwise, it has nothing more to it. I can download any video I want directly to my phone. But when I have to play them, it does not support certain formats but using this platform, and I can convert the video right from their web-based services. And now I can easily play all the videos on my phone. In my opinion, it is just okay you should use it and give your views so that more users know about this platform.

written on May 28, 2020

Besides giving you a quick and disposable email address, it will provide quality assurance, load testing, email receiving testing, and more. You will find all of these things on Gmail or Yahoo account. If you are going to talk about interface, I will let you know that it is very interactive, and it is providing a great infrastructure in interaction. Contact support is always ready, and if you want to log in, you can, but you do not need it to use it for one or two times.

written on May 22, 2020

It is the best platform from I have ever seen because I have to log on to manage website regarding my research paper, and they require you to enter your email address and click links that require registration. I do not want my original email address to get so many spam messages that I am not going to use or see or read in the future. They have outdone themselves by providing this web service that allows you to create an email for one use and then depose it.

written on May 19, 2020

Have you ever need an email address in an emergency that you are not going to use in your future because you already have made tons of other legitimate and working email address. It is a platform that will provide you with a solution to that problem. If you are going to do something shady, you should use this facility because it will allow you to create an email, use it once or twice, and then dump it. It is just as simple as it sounds.