Scrivener Alternatives



Lots of word processing tools are available in the market, which enables the authors and writers a management system for their documents, notes, and metadata. Scrivener is also a word processing software, which facilitates the writers to manage their work according to their requirements… read more

14 Scrivener Alternatives & Similar Software


1. FreeWriter

FreeWriter is a distraction-free writing platform to assist the creative writers in writing the long documents within go. The emphasis of FreeWriter is more on the management of writing so that its users can enjoy more writing and editing functions.

Either it is about writing stories or novels. FreeWriter can be used to write anything that is in your mind. It always put its users in the first place to write whatever they want. Writing stories and novels is a hectic task because all you need to build the interest of your reader till the last line.


2. Celtx

Celtx is free and professional level scriptwriting and all in one production program for the expert authors and writers. It is built-in with multiple features, and you can organize and create various media projects such as screenplays, documentaries, comics, games, stage plays, audio plays, and videos.

It is equally use-able for authors, writers, filmmakers, and media creators. Besides providing you a writing platform, it also offers creative ideas regarding story development, storyboarding, standard scriptwriting, and report writing.


3. WriteWayPro

WriteWay Pro is a commercial web processing software for MS Windows designed by the most famous writers of the world. Either you are a beginner or a professional, from start to end, this will provide you comprehensive features like book organization, story notecards, notecard templates, dynamic outline, count tracking, research folders, task manager, etc.

Download it for the 30 day trial period, and after that, you will like to use it for creative writing. It embeds all those professional level of tools that you will surely want to have to accomplish your story ideas from best start to a powerful finish.


4. WriteRoom

WriteRoom is the name of a distraction-free writing system for the Mac OS X operating system. In this word processor and text editor platform, you can enjoy the writing in a full-screen environment by hiding all its tools and features.

The availability of keyboard shortcuts will reduce your dependency on the extra tools and functions to much extent. If you are looking for the replacement of MS Word, then WriteRoom is the best option for that purpose because, in this program, you will first get a full-screen writing environment so that you can focus on your work.


5. Byword

Byword is a simple yet professional and effective word processor and text editor for the iDevices. Four main areas of functioning of the Byword is writing, synchronization, export, and publish. The writing part is for making writing more enjoyable.

All tools about writing and making the writing professional is already integrated into the writing part. Either it is about word counters, keyboard shortcuts, or something else about writing, you will get all from the Byword. Then comes the synchronization area of the Byword that is too featured rich.


6. Ommwriter

This simple text editor and writer has made the process of writing simple, just like its simple interface. By using this text processor, you will enjoy the writing in an entertaining and pleasurable style.

Ommwriter has no concern with focusing more on its features; instead, it makes sure that its users are getting the best output by using the Ommwriter. First of all, there is a distraction-free writing environment of the Ommwriter where there will be an empty page only.


7. PageFour

Here is a professional writing platform for the novelist and creative writers. By using PageFour, you can work on four novels at the same time, and all features will be equally available for all tasks. The font and formats range is also very extensive.

You can also scan your documents for grammar and phrases checking. Forget to worry about losing your work if you are making major changes during editing or simply re-writing your previous work. It’s snapshots, and archiving features will enable you to undo the changes made by you.


8. Write

Write is the name of a distraction-free text editor whose interface is little similar to the MS Word, but features are much different to the MS Word at the same time. Writing, editing, publishing, and synchronization are some highlighted areas of activities of the Write.

Check out the stunning features of Write that are covered into the areas of native cloud, writing sessions, quick document publishing system on websites, preset text styles system, note-taking, text formatting, cross-document search, markup, focus mode to eliminate the all elements except editor, productivity counters, intelligent spell checker, autocomplete system, magic font rendering and much more.


9. WriteMonkey

WriteMonkey is a full screen enabled and distraction-free writing platform for those creative writers and novelists who only need a complete screen enabled writing platform with must-have features and functions alone. You will be provided with a full empty screen in WriteMonkey, where you can start writing simply.

Currently, it is available for the Windows operating systems with an incredibly stripped-down user interface leaving you alone with your thoughts and words. It is a free writer that will provide you must have innovative professional writing and editing tools.


10. FocusWriter

FocusWriter is the name of a professional writing platform for the authors, writers, journalists, translators, and all those who are directly or indirectly linked to the writing field. It is a simple and distraction-free word processing tool, which makes the work of the author easy.

It is available free for Linux (Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu), MS Windows (XP to 8.1), and Mac OS X. It is available in 20 international languages. By this software, you can set daily goals, timers, and alarms. It is capable of supporting TXT, RTF, and ODT file format. You can open multiple documents at the same time.


11. iA Writer

iA Writer is a simple yet elegant writing platform for creative writers and professionals. This distraction-free writer is for the iDevices and Android mobile devices. Having a better tool doesn’t enough to produce the best material, but the availability of the user-friendly working tools makes a better craftsman.

iA Writer based on the same idea. Instead of delivering the bulk of features, iA Writer believes in providing those that are important for a writing point of view. Still, the features and functions included in the iA Writer will make sure that you are concentrating more on the writing instead of the program.


12. NisusWriter

Designed by writers for the writers, NisusWriter is a clean and powerful word processing system where you will enjoy a lot of features and functions. Currently, it is available for the Mac OS X operating systems.

The exceptional about NisusWriter is that it is a highly customizable writer where you can configure most of the features and functions to meet the specific writing requirement. The other quality is about assigning own keyboard shortcuts to enhance the functionalities of this program.


13. yWriter

yWriter is writing software for beginners and professional writers. This word-process allows its users to breaks their writing material into chapters. Besides working as a writing tool, it will also suggest many creative ideas during work. Either you are a beginner or professional, it will equally help you to write an outclass novel or book.

The software is that an author developed it and understand the essential requirement for writing. Either you want to organize your data or want to add scenes, chapters, or locations, all will be done by yWriter. You can track your progress via its statistical tool.


14. SmartEdit

SmartEdit is an MS Word supported word processor and writer for the creative writers and novelists. If you want to improve your writing by highlighting the deadly mistakes, then SmartEdit will be surely a great help for you because it will assist you in improving your writing.

For the information of the readers, SmartEdit is not a standalone writer. It is available in some add on for the MS Word. So, if you want to use this, then first, you are required to have MS Word installed on your system.

More About Scrivener

Lots of word processing tools are available in the market, which enables the authors and writers a management system for their documents, notes, and metadata. Scrivener is also a word processing software, which facilitates the writers to manage their work according to their requirements.

By using the Scrivener, you can edit multiple documents at once. It features a lot of choices for viewing and editing. Scrivener is a way to grow your ideas in a new style. It is said to be one of the best powerful and content generation tools that will make you able to concentrate more on structuring and composing and deal with complicated documents in a more professional manner.

The best about Scrivener is that it will deliver you full command control on your documents by helping you get your document in a style you are looking for. Some of the features of Scrivener are regarding edit multiple documents, corkboard, outlining, collections, etc.