Scrubly Alternatives for iOS

#1 Cloze


Cloze or Cloze Relationship Management is a tool that allows users to view all the important information about their clients, such as email, phone conversation history, and much more. It acts as your assistant for your professional relationships that prompt you at the right moment and remember what you don’t.

The app pulls from your applications to automatically create one view of every person and company, all their contact details, your meetings, notes, and messages, etc. The app offers smart AI technology that makes sure you never miss necessary follow-ups.


#2 AllClients


AllClients is an online CRM and marketing automation tool designed to manage the contacts records for business and personal purposes. It is compatible with the small-sized business by providing the marketing tool, an easy to use the database, and an online contact manager. It allows you to organize contacts and generate more leads with ease.

AllClients supports multiple third-party integrations with google account and APIs that handle the sync data easily. It has a customization feature that enables you to add custom fields, custom categories, and create custom deals according to your requirements. It provides a mobile-friendly version and support so that you can browse form mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones.

#3 Stinto


Stinto is a simple yet powerful Contact Management software that is specially designed for businesses who want to build and sustain a professional network. With the help of this solution, you can easily manage contacts across your businesses. It comes with a system that allows you to create and design digital contacts of all your contacts and integrate them with all your business solutions, including CRM and Payment Gateway.

It also automates a variety of tasks to save time and effort. All its digital cards are up-to-date and fully interactive, so employees can quickly make calls, SMS, and even send emails from the card. When a contact is created with this solution, the notifications for GDPR compliance are exchanged automatically.