Sega Bass Fishing


Sega Bass Fishing Alternatives for Xbox 360

#1 Euro Fishing


Euro Fishing is another Fishing Simulation by Dovetail Games. The game takes place in the various Europe’s lakes that immerse himself into the beautiful game world. No matter if you do not know about the fishing, the player can start the game by learning about basic of fishing within the game tutorial and get into the strange world to show skills. It offers customization option that allows the player to create his character, maintain water temperature, manage time and build his own fishing equipment. According to the gameplay, it allows the player to use his equipment, through into the right area of the lake and capture several fishes in order to progress. Euro Fishing includes core feature such as five different locations, upgrades, unlock new tools, various modes and much more. The game offers quite addictive gameplay, great, mechanics, and stunning graphics details.