Shadow Of The Colossus


Shadow Of The Colossus Alternatives for PSP

#1 Zenonia


Zenonia is the best mobile Role-playing game with intense Action, Combat, and Single-player elements. It is available to play on Android, iOS, and PlayStation platforms developed by Gameevil. It offers fast-paced, and action-packed gameplay that may include various character classes, including Paladin, Assassin, Warrior, and Druid. It lets the player select one of them and dive into the game world. Each character has its unique skills, abilities, and fighting style.

In the game, the player can get into the role of the protagonist named Regret, and his main goal is to find the reason for his father’s death named Pardon. There are a hundred types of weapons and skill trees for each character class. Explore the game world fight against enemies, take revenge from evil, and defeat them using weapons. The game includes exciting realms and lets the player explore them and reveal the secrets behind the portal.