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Shift Agent

Shift Agent is a smart employee scheduling solution that allows managers to assign employees to the shifts with ease while ensuring there are no overlaps and that preferred shifts are taken into the accounts. It is a simple but powerful solution that contains all the major features and key tools to manage all the major parts of scheduling and deliver the more realistic experience… read more
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5 Shift Agent Alternatives & Similar Software for Android


1. Planday

Planday is another employee scheduling platform that introduces lots of tools and functionalities for a manager they required to manage their employees better. It is quite simple and flexible software that empower both managers and employees to world smarter instead of harder. The best part of the solution is that it connects managers and employees across all devices through the shared overview of work schedules and shift swaps, punch clocks and absences etc. It also provides an advanced payroll export feature and location-specific clock in function with enables employees to clock-in from any device upon arriving to work, so that they will know the actual number of hours that should be paid to them. The solution has millions of users around the world who can access it anytime anywhere around the world. As like other similar platforms it also offers core features such as easy employee scheduling, payroll export, overtime and lieu tracking, shift swaps and free telephone support etc. Overall, Planday is one of the best scheduling platforms as compared to the others.


2. Staffvelox

Staffvelox is leading employee management and time, and attendance management software that is designed to make employee scheduling easies so you can your team can focus on becoming more productive and efficient while managing business growth at the same time. The software comes as the alternatives to Humanity Employee Scheduling software that offers all the same services with some enhanced features. The software allows you to instantly notify your employees of their schedules via email or SMS. It automates the scheduling process so that there will be no conflict in the employee schedules even if you are running various department and location at the same time. Staffvelox introduces a simple and flexible time and attendance management system with some advanced tools that manage your complete attendance system. Employees are immediately informed of their schedules via SMS and email notifications. The solution as includes core features such as the clock in and clock out from the web, mobile and Kiosk, time off management, schedules templates and much more. Try it out; it is a simple but powerful employee scheduling solution for all size of businesses.


3. ScheduleAnywhere

ScheduleAnywhere is an employee scheduling solution that saves time and money by helping companies and employees to communicate instantly and more effectively. It is a powerful web-based solution that’s the way it allows you to access it from anywhere and ensures proper staffing and automatic rotation of schedules. As compared to all the other similar platforms it is more powerful than others and enable businesses to efficiently manage staff requirement, manage request for off time and more. The software automatically alerts if a specific department, location or position is being under or overstaffed. ScheduleAnywhere is also known as a user-friendly platform that is easy to use while the latest technology behind the platform works hard to make the process employees scheduling simpler and hassle-free. The option to post schedules online allows the manager to post completed schedules that are instantly become available to employees with communication preference, while the solution also notifies via text. It is a complete solution and comes with all the major features such as custom schedules, skill tracking, open shift filling, custom reports, color-coded shift, and email and SMS notifications etc. There are five different price plans are available to use, each one has its own price and core benefits.


4. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is an Online Scheduling solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a powerful platform that allows managers to create, distribute and implement work schedules in minutes while employees can access the access the system and view their schedules. Shiftboard is a web-based application and not require anything to download or install anything in your system. In order to make use, it offers all the major services and features that help businesses get the most out of their team with the system’s smart scheduling and people management. The solution is also best for employees and allows workers to track all their information, performance rating and more easily. Aside from creating scheduling, managers can also swap in mere seconds, and for employees who open shift, the application allows them to indicate their availability or take shifts are open. With the help of this application, the employee can submit requests for time off without any hassle. Shiftboard also includes core features such as commutation between manager and employees, time and attendance, people management, easy to understand and more. Try it out, if you want to automate your businesses.


5. RotaCloud

RotaCloud is an all-in-one online Rota Management and Staff Scheduling platform with simple drag and drop interface for building rotas as well as tools for managing time-off requests, logging employee hours, track attendance and more. This cloud-based tool also allows managers to create, share and manage rotas and ensure that employee and staff are on the same page at all times. It can be accessed using any desktop or mobile device with internet connection and the native mobile applications for iOS and Android that enable employees to check their schedule and manage their shifts on the go. The rota planning tools within this solution allow HR professionals and managers to create staff schedules using the simple drag and drop interface, tacking into the account and more. With this users can manage and build rotas for multiple locations and unlimited numbers of employees. Staff roles can be assigned and color-coded in order to aid the user in understanding where staff shortages occur, and conflict can be avoided with the automatic alerts when an unavailable employee is added to the rota. Reminder, approve process control, time tracking, role-based permission, payroll management, API, employee management, automatic notification, and human resource integration these are core features of the solution. Overall, RotaCloud is one of the best online Rota Management and Staff Scheduling platform as compared to the others.

More About Shift Agent

Shift Agent is a smart employee scheduling solution that allows managers to assign employees to the shifts with ease while ensuring there are no overlaps and that preferred shifts are taken into the accounts. It is a simple but powerful solution that contains all the major features and key tools to manage all the major parts of scheduling and deliver the more realistic experience. With this scheduling programs, employees and managers alike can accept a request from their team, and they can easily review these on the computer or their mobile phones to make modifications on the fly. Shift Agent also ensures that everyone on the team is aware of the other people’s schedules. That is why the application makes the team calendar visible to everyone. This allows employees to take into account other people when planning their levels and to request shifts changes. It introduces a new team messaging feature of faster communication. Leaders especially can use this to send reminders and other similar notices. Shift Agent includes key features such as agent availability, templates, notes, day off trades, overtime monitoring and day-off awareness etc. Try it out; it is best for any size of businesses.