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Work anywhere, literally. Simple Phone Co is another powerful cloud-based business VoIP system for all kind of small to midsize businesses. The system introduces drag and drops call flow manager in order to configure all the service features. You can edit an unlimited number of users, groups and devices regardless of plan size… read more
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16 Simple Phone Co. Alternatives & Similar Software


1. ShoreTel

ShoreTela is a unified communication solution for conferencing, mobility application, collaboration and all the major features that cater to businesses of all sizes. It is a commercial solution that has thousands of users around the world who can use it to manage their business need. Just like the others similar systems it also offers full customization system to match the business needs, and in order to create your own system, you don’t need any professional IT skills. The solution communicator extends UC application to both mobile and desktop devices. With the help of its mobility, you can easily participate in multi-party video conferences with tablets and smartphones. ShoreTel also includes core features such as agent manager, user-friendly interface, call reporting, communicator and much more. It also has different price plans, and each plan has its own features, services and cost.


2. CorvisaOne

CorvisaOne is another cloud-based communications suite that is specially designed for companies that need features for managing inbound or outbound call centres. It offers all the major and prominent features that manage your complete system such as queue and skills-based routing, ACD, IVR, real-time reporting and call recording etc. The suite comes with an integrated cloud phone system with some additional services and functionalities. The best part of this suite it that it is fully customizable to fit a company’s current work processes through its Corvisa’s Summit Platform that enable company code-level access to the suite. As like the others it also supports integrations to third-party systems. CorvisaOne is also suitable for all kind of B2B and B2C businesses in any industry and is recommended to the organizations that will need up to five users. The suite can be applied without IT involvement and offers assistance to the companies that want customization. CorvisaOne includes core features such as integrate with Salesforce, stay compliant without losing efficiencies, automate your workflow, 24/7 monitoring and much more. Overall, it is a simple but powerful call centre software for all size of businesses.


3. Five9

Five9 is a leading call centre software that allows agents to manage inbound, outbound and multi-channel contact centres. It is an easy to use, an affordable, secure and reliable solution that offers all the major services and task in order to manage your complete an agent activity. The smart dialer features help agents handles your live perspective, the agent can contact customers by mobile or landline phone, online conversation, monitoring and report performance metric. In order to use it, you need internet-ready computers and headsets to use Five9, and the service can be adapted to suit businesses that need to accommodate seasonal demands, peak call times, and seasonal demands more. The five9 solution can also be integrated with various customer relationship management applications. It is more than just a call centre software also allow you to handle, manage and report on each customer integration from every communication channel and match them to the best resources. Five9 also has a list of core features that make it more interesting and better than other. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful solution.


4. NICE inContact

NICE inContact provides worlds #1 cloud customer experience solution that makes it easy and affordable for organizations to provide exceptional customer experience while meeting key business metrics. It is a SaaS-based call centre solution helps businesses to maximize that quality of leads and minimizes the cost of client interaction. It comprises many features required to process inbound requests and also helps businesses in order to connect with customers via multiple channels including email, inbound/outbound voice, voicemail, chat and social media etc. NICE inContact also introduce various call routing features such as IVR, ACD, and workforce optimization capabilities like e-learning, hiring and WFM that attract the more audience around the world. As with all the other similar solutions it also integrates with popular CRM applications, Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud. The solution can be used by small business and large enterprise, available to use in more than hundred countries and has two thousand users. NICE inContact is a commercial solution and available to use on Mac OS, Web, and Windows Operating System.


5. Amp Telecom

Amp Telecom is a powerful all-in-one cloud-based business Voice Over IP and calling platform for any kind of midsize and large enterprises that comes with crystal clear calling, 24/7 reliability and can help you save more than 60% off your monthly phone bill. The solution includes key features such as call routing, interactive voice response, monitoring, voicemail-to-email, conferencing and extension directories etc. Amp Telecom is compatible with Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, and lots of other SIP/VoIP telephone providers. One of the most interesting thing about this solution is that it offers Transport Layer Security and adheres to Secure Real-time Transport Protocol to encrypt the communication channel between the callers and the customers. The solution also offers admin and user portals which show calling status, reviews, recordings, voicemails and stored communications. All the features of the solution can be combined and customized to suit your business. Some most prominent features are admin and user portal, business continuity, API access, automated attendant, call barging, call blocking and caller ID etc. All in all, Amp Telecom is one of the best solutions as compared to the others.


6. Business Voice

Business Voice developed by PanTerra. It is a business VoIP system that allows you to take or make calls from your office phone number, communicate with your team, access files and much more. It is another alternative to Vonage Business that introduce some additional features to make more powerful espionage. The solution contains an array of features including IM, unlimited calls, mobile applications, cloud sync and softphone, other applications such as automatic call distribution, call recording, internet fax and video conference etc. Business Voice also interfaces with existing CRM applications such as Outlook, Salesforce and many others. It utilizes by small to large businesses across a massive range of industries such as finance, healthcare and legal services etc. The solution also has lots of prominent features that make it more interesting. Overall, Business Voice is one of the best VoIP solutions as compared to the others.


7. RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a world’s leading cloud-based business phone solution that offers business communication tools for fax, video, voice and text. It is a similar solution to Vonage Business and offers lots of new services. The solution’s core features such as conference, unlimited long distance and local calling and audio recording etc. RingCentral Office is also a fully integrated mobile based phone or VoIP system that helps keep employees connected via the variety of business and personal devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops. It is also is known as the all-in-one VoIP system that helps you to connect customer, colleagues and employees from any time anywhere. Additionally, it integrates with basic email platforms and other applications including CRM, Google Doc and Dropbox. RingCentral Office is a complete solution that gets businesses up and running within minutes. All phones are ready immediate use and setup. You can manage your own phone preferences without any IT helps. Essentials, Standard, Premium and Unlimited these are price plan of the solution, each one has its own cost and core benefits.


8. MegaPath

MegaPath is a VoIP system that works with medium to large-size businesses in any industry. It offers companies internet connectivity, manage network services, unified communications, security services and more in order to make it more powerful. With the help of this solution, a business can use one provider to stay connected with customers on a secure network. MegaPath system’s functionality includes the Internet, business phone, cloud IT, PBX, Broadband Internet, Call recording and conference etc. In addition, the solution also offers some additional tools that manage your various business tasks including customizing reporting system. MegaPath starts with very basic level, and now it has thousands of users around the world. The solution also includes softphones, SIP trucking, internet faxing and auto attendant functions. MegaPath is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, and it deployed on the web so you can access it anytime anywhere.


9. FluentStream VoIP

FluentStream is another VoIP or business phone solution that is specially designed for companies of all sizes. It is one of the best alternatives to Vonage Business Solution and offers lots of new services such as call monitoring, telemarking, reporting and IVR etc. The system is available both in cloud-based and on-premise deployment options. Its powerful auto-attendant functionality enables you to record call greeting messages and play it for the callers. This interesting feature works as a virtual receptionist and directs calls directly to the information, teams or individual as per your request. Just like other similar VoIP solutions it also offers conference system that comes with a virtual conference room in which any number of users can call in the joint meeting. You can also be able to record the full meeting and customer calls and use it for all training, quality assessment and reference. Another amazing fact about this solution is that it offers customized reporting system that attracts the audience around the world. If you are looking an all in one business phone solution than try it out, it is specially made for you.


10. 8×8

8×8 is a leading collection of comprehensive web-based business VoIP solutions that comes as the alternative to Vonage Business and offers all the similar services with some new features. Enterprise-grade phone service, mobile application, virtual meetings and lots of others are available to help companies in virtually any industry optimize your communications. The solution is best for all size of businesses and offers some additional services in order to make it better than others. Virtual Office offers PBX, mobile support, softphone, video conference, internet fax and a myriad of other application within the suite. One of the most interesting and enjoyable thing about this application is that it integrates with lots of other systems including outlook, Sugar CRM, NetSuite, and Zendesk etc. Virtual Office by 8×8 has different price plans, and each plan has its own core features and cost. Try it out.


11. Jive Voice

Jive Voice or Jive Communication is a cloud-based unified communication solution to organizations of all sizes across the U.S. The solution includes integrated products for Business VoIP, contact centre and video conference which are all cloud-based that can be accessed using web-browsers on the internet that allows the device or by installing a desktop application Windows and Mac devices. It also offers a PBX call routing system, call recording, automatic call distribution, internet fax, softphone and mobility that make it better than others. Its products are suitable for a board range of organizations for all the small businesses to enterprise, K12 to higher education institutes to government, hospital and higher education institutes. Jive Voice is also known as one the best cloud-based phone system which offers both local and long-distance calling. With the help this platform, you can fully customize your calling schedules and control various aspect of calling from a single portal. Its video provides cloud-based video conference capabilities that allow you to connect with your clients and co-workers face-to-face. Jive Voice also has lots of services and tools that make it better than others. Try it out; it is best for everyone.


12. Nextiva

Nextiva is a VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) solution for small business enterprise-level telephony services, helps them to streamline company’s communications and establish an in-house business VoIP phone system. It is a simple but powerful platform that also comes with lots of advanced tools and some new functionalities that manage your various tasks. The solution offers integrated and scalable PBX trunks, host call centre and online faxing solutions etc. Nextiva also includes lots of prominent features such as advanced call routing, mobile integration, caller ID, conference and much more. With the help of this solution, you can easily manage all of your options from the Nextiva Office Manage, a powerful web-interface. It also can be accompanied by VoIP phones and hardware accessories if needed. Just like the others similar platforms it also has different versions such as Call Center Pro and Call Center Enterprise, each has its own costs, tools and core benefits. Do try it out, if you really need a powerful VoIP system.


13. Vonage Business

Vonage Business is a cloud-based communication platform that is suitable for all kind of small and midsize companies. It offers a unique business phone system that allows businesses to connect their VoIP phone system to any internet source and communicate via speech, text, or video conferencing. The solution offers flexible plans which can fit the needs of any business, and their service requires no contracts. It is a very simple and easy to use application that comes with lots of new tools and commutation functionalities that attract the audience around the world. Its basic package delivers the key features available in any simple VoIP system such as call announce, screening, multiple devices on the single extension and do not disturb to name a few. All the calls on this platform are managed through the admin portal where managers can easily review call recordings, adjust dashboard visibility for employees, set up dialing restrictions, and view billing information etc. Vonage Business is also available to use on mobile application that gives users another method for accessing the service from any time, anywhere. The platform also offers desktop plug-ins in order to customize the system that delivers all the basic services for free. With the help of this solution, users can also integrate their contacts from Google, Outlook, and all the other popular CRM systems.


14. 3CX

3CX is a powerful software-based PBX that works with SIP standard-based IP Phones and VoIP Gateways. It complete secure and reliable system that makes installation, management and maintained of your PBX so easy that you can effortlessly manage it yourself whether on an appliance on your servers or in your cloud account. Price of the solution is based on the number of calls that the system supports. 3CX solution are tailored to different business sizes that is range from those with four or fewer employees to enterprise with more than 1000 employees. The software-based PBX including clients for smartphones, Mac and Windows that allow you to use your office extension from anywhere. Additionally, it offer web-based video conference for free for up to 10 participants. 3CX also includes core features such as management console, web meeting, presence information, self-installation and management and much more. Try it out, it is a powerful software-based PBX solution for all size of businesses.


15. LANDesk Service Desk

LANDesk Service Desk is featured-rich process-driven software that allows users to effectively manage as well as automate the complete life-cycle of every business operations such as initiation, updating and closing. With the very powerful core, users can be sure that every business process is not circumvented. With the help of this powerful help desk solution, businesses have the tools and the capabilities to easily deliver consistent and reliable IT to other businesses across the enterprise. The highly configurable platform can be deployed as an on-premise option or a cloud-hosted system. LANDesk Service Desk work similarly as compared to other help desk solution, but it offers lots of new tools and features in order to deliver a more realistic experience. The prominent feature includes mobile ITSM, IT self-service, social ITSM, ITIL processes and lots of others. LANDesk Service Desk has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits. Try it out, it best for all size of businesses.


16. 8×8 Virtual Office

8×8 Virtual Office is a complete business communication solution that extends the traditional phone services to powerful unified communications. With all the advanced capabilities such as web conference, smartphone integration, internet fixing an online dashboard that gives complete call management controls and connects with the people that matter more. 8×8 Virtual Office is specially designed to harness the power of the 8×8 communication cloud and make secure business calls from anywhere around the world. With the help of this solution, you can easily get access to all of your personal and business contacts, even allow you to add more contacts without any limitation. In order to make it a comprehensive solution, 8×8 Virtual Office introduces a feature-rich FAX management system that makes it better than others. The solution also includes core features such as make secure business calls, simple interface, conference calling, leverage HD voice, access all your business voicemails and unified team messaging, presence and collaboration, etc.

More About Simple Phone Co.

Work anywhere, literally. Simple Phone Co is another powerful cloud-based business VoIP system for all kind of small to midsize businesses. The system introduces drag and drops call flow manager in order to configure all the service features. You can edit an unlimited number of users, groups and devices regardless of plan size. Voicemail can be set up to be delivered to phones, smartphones and email and fax can be sent and received through email. You can easily create custom conference call bridges utilize unused lines. Just like the others, similar solutions mobile phones can be added to the platform, and you can access the phone system, dial extension and mask caller ID from any other phone. Call flow, faxing, hot desk extension, conference, advanced voicemail, time of day, DISA dialling and ringing groups these are also features of the solution. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this stunning platform.