Sky Surfing


Sky Surfing Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Xenoraid


Xenoraid is an Action, Space, and Single-player Shooting video game developed and published by 10tons Ltd for Mobile Devices. It takes you to a massive space environment where you can move from a top-down perspective, and your goal is to become the master of every ship. Participate in a thrilling space shooter gameplay where you experience a classic action and modern features. According to the plot, aliens are invading your land to valuable mine resources.

Up to 10 challenging campaign missions are there, and each one puts your quite reflexes to test. There are four different fighters available, and each one requires the completion of objectives to reward you bonuses and other achievements. Experience the dynamic shooting gameplay with no level memorization. Xenoraid includes core features such as Campaign Mode, forty Missions, Four Boss Fights, Three Endless Survival Stages, Online Leaderboards, Shooting Mechanics, and more.