Sleeknote Alternatives


Sleeknote is another Conversation Rate Optimization software that enables businesses to further improve their lead generation and conversation capability by providing them with a tool to create stunning crafted lead capture forms that they can embed on their portal within minutes… read more

12 Sleeknote Alternatives & Similar Software


1. UserTesting

UserTesting is a leading user research platform that gives digital marketing plenty of methods to test the website and the marketing campaigns. The software is created with the help of several powerful tools, each with different implications and the data collected over this process is used to formulate marketing idea that is then used to enhance the short-term as well as long-term marketing strategies. The ultimate goal of the platform is to make your website, mobile apps, and prototypes more user-friendly. It also allows you to experiment with alternatives and see the response from actual users. You can also be able to monitor your user’s activities through the videos. Also, UserTesting offers some DIY tools that are quite easy to use and give results in a very short time that you can share with your team. The solution offers a board range of services that work unitedly to enhance your marketing efforts. Its core features include a dashboard screen recorder, video player, rating scale questions, customer experience analytics and task etc. Try it out; it is an excellent marketing solution as compared to the others.


2. Hotjar

Hotjar is an ideal tool for some of the biggest names in business you will hear today. The tool comes with all the major and advanced technology to offers complete solution in one platform. It’s latest functionalities if offers, you can literally observe how their website visitors are behaving with your websites. Businesses owners have a right idea of their website’s strengths and weakness with Hotjar analysis tools. These modern tools allow users to look through the activities the visitors are performing like where they are clicking and spending time. Also, it collects feedback from customers through forms and surveys and enables testing through users testers in exchange for gifts and for participants help. Hotjar is an excellent marketing solution that gives you the real picture of your website performance, which helps you to determine what catches visitor attention and what does not easily. With all this data you can bring positive and powerful changes in your online presence. One of the most addictive facts about this platform is that it also you to collect feedback by asking to ask questions from the web and mobile visitors or collect deeper insight through the survey. Heatmaps, form analysis, block IPs, ready localized, powerful targeting and unlimited users etc. Hotjar is also a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and features.


3. Webtrends

Webtrends is an all-in-one marketing solution that serves more than clients across the worlds. The objective of the platform is to empower customer experience and make it meaningful regardless of where it might take place. This is why, the solution brings to some great marketing and personalization solutions for your web portal, mobile applications and marketing emails. It transforms the way you interact with your customers, Driven by customer behaviour and data tracking and gives you more control in segmenting out your audience and giving them what they desire. This marketing solution comes with all the major conversation rate optimization tools including Multivariate and A/B testing that gives you a fair idea about the success of a particular platform. Unlike other, you can also be able to access this solution on a mobile platform that to manage your work anytime anywhere. Webtrends includes prominent features such as simple segmentation, efficient security, visitor profile, third-party enrichment, data collection from almost any digital channel and customized reporting etc. Overall, Webtrends is the best marketing solution for all size of businesses.


4. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is a Conversation Rate Optimization software that comes with lots of A/B testing tools, easy to use interface and does not demand coding and HTML experience. As compared to all the other similar conversation rate optimization solutions it is a bit different and offers some new tools and services to deliver a complete solution in one platform. The software offers businesses the capability to design and implement their own brand of A/B testing by letting them choose from several testing campaigns and enable them to configure and add test criteria for more detailed results. Visual Website Optimizer is a simple and easy to understand the solution and has a powerful dashboard where you access it all features without any limitations. Its most prominent features include heatmaps, clickmaps, multivariate testing, targeting, ideal factory, visual editor, up to 5 users, segmentation of reports, API access and unlimited users etc. Visual Website Optimizer has three different price plans each plan has its own cost and core features.


5. Yieldify

Yieldify is a complete conversation rate optimization software that comes with lots of handy tools and services which enable you to turn more of your visitors into the customers by giving them what they want. The solution gives personalized user experience to your visitors making the website interface more interactive. It is an alternative to Sumo software and offers all the key features with some new tools and features. For customers who once visited but then left, email marketing works as well as a tool to bring them back. Personalized experience will engage them better, and they are likely to turn into the dedicated customer at your website. It has multinational campaigns that work equally well for desktop and mobile devices that make it better than others. Unlike all the other conversation rates optimization software it also has a simple dashboard where you access it all tools and features even you don’t need expertise programming. Yieldify key features include personalized content creation, QA testing, smart analytics, behavioural targeting, email marketing and segmentation etc. Try it out, if you need a complete conversation rate optimization solution.


6. Evergage

Evergage is a personalization solution for big and small business websites. It is an advanced level marketing solution that brings to you some highly engaging and customizable platforms that will boost your customer experience on your website giving you better conversation rates. The best thing about this platform is that it analyzes customer behaviour on your site that giving them the most relevant and dedicated platforms. In this way, your customers are more likely to avail services because they are getting what they want. Once customers land on your website, Evergage will take notes of each and everything they do there. Their session time desired links and much more. The solution also maintain all customer history to let you easily design a dedicated interface that delivers your customer what they want. It’s all done through modern automated machine learning algorithms. The great fact is that it publish your content for your website as well as design and promotes all the attractive stuff on your site to keep the customer engaged there for longer. With its e-commerce optimization, your conversation ratio is set to rise as more surface as likely to buy your product then. Evergage has three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


7. Clicktale

Clicktale is a powerful Conversation Rate Optimization software that is specially designed to give you the best user behaviour analysis and keep you updated with the latest happenings on your website. It is a complete solution that comes with some advanced features and tools that helps you to increase your website audience, numbers of subscribers and also increase revenue etc. Heatmaps, analytic integration, session and replays and mobile applications are also highly engaged and serve the purpose really well. There is also a reporting system that automatically generate reports with all the required details. In order to give you the best results, the solution provides you testing service as well, A/B testing and Multivariate testing enable you to run trial version of your site so that your final stuff is a comprehensive one. Clicktale also includes core features such scalability, powerful dashboard, error reports, project management and lots of tools etc. Overall, it is one of the best Conversation Rates Optimization solution as compared to the others.


8. Monetate

Monetate is an all-in-one digital marketing solution that offers comprehensive optimization, personalization and content marketing solution to all business needs. The idea behind about this platform is that to give customers powerful online experience. It enables you to provide a unique service to each and every customer. It is an advanced level solution that can speed up things and helps you to create, test and deploy web content by analyzing customer behaviour on your website. Just like Sumo and all the other conversation rates optimization solutions it also offers all the major tools and services for successful web content. The solution segments out your audience based on their preference. It groups them accordingly, letting you address the needs of each group in a much efficient manner. One of the most addictive thing about this application is that it offers mobile applications with lots of great tools that let you complete your work anytime anywhere. Monetate includes core features such as infographics, ebooks, data backed hunches, DMP, customer intelligence layers and much more. Try it out, it best for all size of businesses.


9. Plerdy

Plerdy is a comprehensive conversation rate optimization software that caters to professional online marketers and agencies, allow them to enhance website performance and increase revenue greatly. It is an alternative to Sumo and offers all similar services and tools. With this tool, users have a complete and robust approach to enhancing the conversation rate of their website and online stores as well as access to reliable, accurate and updated information. Plerdy is specially designed to automate work processes that ensure that each process is error free. Using heat maps in order to measure and evaluate the performance of your website, the software able to provide you with a different perspective on how to further enhance the usability of your websites based on your user’s perception. The solution shows you how your visitors interact with any element of your website and then analyzes the data to help you make the right decisions that will positively impact your macro and micro conversions. Plerdy is an advanced level conversion rate optimization solution and designed for all size of brands in order to help them to boost the conversation rates of their websites and increase revenue. It is a commercial solution and has five different price plans; each one has its own cost and core benefits.


10. Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is a leading Conversation Rate Optimization software that supports A/B testing, funnel analysis and heat maps etc. The platform is designed to empower businesses by enabling them to make sound decisions relevant to changes in their websites that cloud lead to enhanced conversations. All these features can be provided when using in conjunction with other Zoho sales and marketing software. The solution essentially helps users better understand the way visitor interact with their sites, their clicking habits and overall website activity. Unlike other similar solution, it also collects data which businesses can use to determine what site element need changing due to poor performance. It is also capable of determining what change has resulted in highest conversations through A/B testing. Zoho PageSense has the ability to create funnel analysis of the website. This will give users a view of web pages that get the most drop-offs. Such cloud leads to increased website conversation rates as pages with the most drop-off rate can be optimized for this purpose. Chrome extension, forecasting, role-based access, report sharing ad audience targeting these are a key feature of the solution. If you want to increase your website audience then try it out, it is an excellent option for you.


11. Sumo

Sumo is a Conversation Rate Optimization software that helps you monitor and steer your website with massive growth and success. With this solution, you can enhance the number of your signups, attract more audience, and encourage visitors to share your content and more. It is a simple and straightforward solution; you don’t need to be coding and expert to make Sumo work. The solution allows you to create stunning pop-ups, offers effective email captures and attract more visitors and get them to stay and explore your websites with displays that are optimized for desktop and mobile device. It also allows you to see what makes your website tick. There is an intuitive dashboard where you access it all features without any limitation. Sumo is a comprehensive solution that makes your website more attractive to visitors and encourages them to stay and ultimately become new customers and subscribers. The solution also includes core features such as welcome mat, customizable dashboard, a smart bar, scroll box, share pro, image sharer and contact form pro etc. Sumo is a commercial solution and has different price plans.


12. RichRelevance

RichRelevance is a cloud-based omnichannel personalization software solution designed to help Retailers, B2B, travel and hospitality, and branded manufacturers to personalize their customer experiences. It is an AI-driven platform designed for business of all sizes to utilize customer data in order to craft distinctive digital experiences that innovatively engage customers on their mobile device, tablets, website, and in the brick as well as mortar stores. RichRelevance streamlines the creation and delivery of personalized experiences on the full breadth of the customer lifecycle in order to spur unfathomable engagements that increase customer value. It’s an investment in big data, and dual-tier data-centers creates a reliable and well-structured spine for scaling and serving personalized customer experiences that make it better than others. Besides, the software’s revolutionary personalization engine makes it very easy to invent and convey brand-centric customer experiences around the customer lifecycle. There is also has a complete site optimization system that saves a lot of time, cost, and effort. RichRelevance core feature includes behavioral recommendations, data mesh, behavioral messaging, and unified customer profile, etc.

More About Sleeknote

Sleeknote is another Conversation Rate Optimization software that enables businesses to further improve their lead generation and conversation capability by providing them with a tool to create stunning crafted lead capture forms that they can embed on their portal within minutes. It comes with simple and straightforward drag and drops mobile editor along with other functionalities and features such as smart goat tracking and advanced targeting to ensure highest lead conversation rate. With the help of Sleeknote, the user doesn’t have to be programming experts to make it work. The tool is quite easy to use, and grants users total control on how they want their lead forms to look and function. Each element on this platform us customizable so you can easily inject elements of your company to achieve consistency and give your lead capture forms a very personalized look that reflects your brand and product. Sleeknote introduces a new feature known as Smart Goal Tracking that allows you to set up a particular task for your e-commerce and monitor the number of visitors who actually reach that goal. This feature also makes it easy to monitor their Sleeknote and how their visitor behaves or interact. There is also a lot of core features that make it better than other. Try it out.